December 30, 2007

When Coralee Whitmore, a reporter for the fashionable London ladies’ gazette, Heart to Heart, learns that her sister’s death has been dismissed as a suicide, she vows to uncover the truth. Suspecting the notorious Earl of Tremaine was Laurel’s lover--and the father of her illegitimate child--Corrie infiltrates Castle Tremaine, posing as the abandoned, destitute wife of the earl’s distant cousin.

But Corrie finds the handsome earl is not all he seems...nor is she immune to his charms--however much she despises his scandalous ways.

And the deeper Corrie immerses herself in her role, the more certain it becomes that someone is bent on ensuring her questions go unanswered--forever.

Coralee Whitmore writes of a gossip column in the weekly ladies' magazine Heart to Heart. When her sister dies and the authorities write it of as suicide, Corrie doesn't believe this and starts her own investigation to find out the truth. In order to discover the truth about her sister's death she goes undercover, as a country ninny, into the home of the man she suspects of being involved, the Earl of Tremaine: Grayson Forsythe. She soon discovers that with Gray she gets more than she bargained for while fighting her attraction to him and solving the mystery of her sister's death...

I adored Corrie and was utterly fascinated by Gray. They captured me right away.
Corrie is lively, determined and courageous. While reading I almost felt her energy and determination coming of the pages. She's intelligent, outspoken and stubborn. Giving Gray a run for his money. Gray is a hero as I like them: dark and intriguing, loyal and strong. But he also possesses a wicked sense of humor, with which he teases Corrie whenever he can.

There were numerous scenes in which the attraction between Corrie and Gray was tentatively explored. These scenes were lovely and well written.
The secondary characters are kept in the background as Corrie and Gray take center stage and I liked this. It's their story and the secondary characters contributed to it in a nice way.

I truly enjoyed this book and closed it with a very satisfied feeling. It was a nicely balanced mix of regency, suspense and romance, occasionally touching some social issues. Light and playful in the first part of the book and halfway through turning a bit more touching and emotional causing a smile on my face in one page and then a serious lump in my throat on another.

Though it wasn't anything intense or mind-blowing it was still a very compelling story with characters you can relate to easily. With a believable and well-written plot. Some things in the plot were predictable but still there were a few surprises in the conclusion. It was nicely written in a fast pace, keeping me reading and finding it very difficult to put the book down. The story build-up was perfect, both in the romance as in the mystery. Bit by bit the information needed to find the one responsible for Laurel’s death is revealed. But the love between them also grows gradually, from attraction they both want to ignore for obvious reasons to a strong love that melts even Gray’s blackened heart. The love scenes are lush and tasteful, beautifully written

This was the first book I read by Kat Martin and I can honestly say I've gotten a taste of something I want to explore further.
The writing style is pleasant, fluent and easy to read. Providing descriptive and background information with so much ease it blends
effortlessly into the story without being interruptive.

This is book two in the Heart Trilogy. The little tidbits of information on Krista and Leif made me anxious to go and get their book (book one: Heart of Honor) and I'm really looking forward to Thor and Lindsey's story in book three (Heart of Courage).

With Heart of Fire, Kat Martin gives the reader a delightful and captivating book full of love, passion and mystery.

She might not be a woman of great intellectual capacity, but she set fire to his blood, and should she wind up in his bed, he wouldn't waste time talking.

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December 15, 2007

Master spy Emily Redgrave hasn’t been the same since a night six months ago when she was cut down by a would-be assassin’s bullet. Though she is physically recovered, she’s still haunted by memories of the trauma and regrets for what almost happened. She’s desperate to re-enter the field and regain her confidence. When she’s assigned to follow and protect Grant Ashbury, the Earl of Westfield, she reluctantly accepts, knowing this ‘babysitting’ duty could very well lead to more advanced cases.

What she doesn’t know is that Grant is a troubled spy in his own right. And he’s just been assigned to follow her by his own superior officers. But as the two chase each other around London, they inadvertently uncover a real case and a magnetic desire that draws them together in shocking, scandalous ways. Can Grant and Emily overcome their past traumas and work together?

And just who is the mysterious Lady M?

As the last single lady spy, Emily Redgrave feels her only devotion is her work for the Crown but since her injury her fellow spies and superiors watch over her constantly, making her feel incompetent. She's thrilled when she finally gets a case again: protecting Grant Ashbury, Lord Westfield, and finding out who's threatening him. When she finds out the latest assignment is a ruse in order to protect her, and the man she's protecting turns out to be a fellow spy, she's furious. During the case she stumbles upon a real and dangerous case and partners up with Grant. Who knew the partnership would grow into something so much more than she intended to...

What a wonderful ending to a great trilogy. This is truly a case of saving the best for last!
The story starts relatively slow and easygoing, building up gradually to a satisfying conclusion with a nice twist at the end, where all questions are answered and you're not left wondering. Maybe just hoping for some connecting books with some of the secondary characters from the three books.

I loved Emily and Grant to pieces...Their interactions were intense and sparkling. Their blossoming love was palpable despite the fight they put up to deny it. They were true partners in the case as well as in love. The really complemented each other, finding in each other what they didn't know they were looking for.
And the secondary characters are perfect. Visible enough to be complementary to the storyline and the main characters but never overbearing. I liked the bond between Grant and his brother. The bond between Emily, Anastasia and Meredith is strong despite Emily feeling left out after their marriages and her injury.

The plot was thrilling. The romance was so emotional it had me wiping tears at the end.
The case they had to solve was well written and intriguing. The mix of action and emotion was perfectly balanced
Jenna Petersen's writing is easy to read and fast-paced, despite the strong emotions displayed between hero and heroine. It pulled me in bit by bit until I just couldn't stop reading and kept reading to find out what would happen next, either with the case or with the relationship.

The Lady Spies have gained themselves a place on my list of favorite heroines being strong, brave, fiery, sensual and loyal. They certainly are no regular Regency ladies.
And their men are downright yummy, being strong and manly but also unafraid to show their emotions when it comes to the woman they love.

I loved all the installments in this trilogy equally. Every book has it's own uniqueness and together they form a perfect whole. This is a first for me. In series/trilogies there is always a book I like more or less. This proves to me the consistency of Jenna Petersen's writing and I wonder what she has in store for us next.

He wanted to walk across that room, back Emily into a dark corner, and press his body against hers until there was no space between them. He wanted to fill himself with the scent of her hair. Taste her skin until he was drunk on its flavor.

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December 11, 2007

Lyra Collins has made a life for herself in a sleepy artists' community in Arizona . Having escaped from a cult five years ago, she keeps a low profile, making a living as an artist. But when a mysterious man with a dark, dangerous look appears on her doorstep, she knows it's time to run again.

Former cop Dare Lancaster didn't mean to lead a bunch of fanatical cult members straight to Lyra's door. But now that he's gotten her into this mess, he's determined to get her out. The frantic heat their bodies generate whenever they're together makes him want to save her.

Neal Barker's grandfather was the first Prophet Jericho, and Neal now rules the Temple of Light commune unchecked. According to his visions, he and Lyra are destined to produce the new Messiah, so he will stop at nothing to make her his own. But soon Dare will discover just how far he'll go to protect Lyra-and never let her go.

When the cult she was trying to escape hunts her down and finds her. Lyra is afraid she will be dragged back to the hell on earth she was running from.
The leader of the cult has pronounced her the chosen one to give birth to the new Messiah and tough she managed to escape him and his followers, she wasn't able to stay hidden enough for them not to find her.
But fortunately the private investigator who found her, Dare Lancaster, proclaims himself her protector and with his help she manages to escape a faith she fears like nothing else. In the process of running they find it unable to run from the feelings and attraction between them...

After reading this book I had an ambivalent feeling. It was good and I liked it but it wasn't mind-blowing.
I loved the action and the love scenes but it was the character development that I found a bit lacking. The romance between Dare and Lyra starts of gradually but at some point it picks up speed and in my opinion things go to fast from that moment on. Considering Lyra's past I couldn't get a grip on the way her feelings for Dare all of a sudden were as deeply as described. It went from being afraid of being intimate with a man to having no limits whatsoever almost overnight. And this was something that didn't go well with me.
But still I liked the book.
The love scenes were beautiful and sensual, intense and very explicit but not distasteful.

The suspense was exciting in a nicely paced and action-filled plot. Cheyenne McCray has a vivid and flowing writing style and does a great job of accurately describing the ways of the cult and the anxiety Lyra feels being hunted down by them.
The main characters are very compelling, despite the little discrepancies concerning the development of their relationship. Dare is a true former cop, rough and rugged. Guilt ridden because of his past and because he's the one who led the cult to Lyra.
Lyra is brave and strong, not willing to be used by Neal, the cult leader. Neal is a seriously depraved man. There were scenes with him that really gave me chills. McCray did an excellent job of penning down evil in its truest form. Nick, Dare's partner, is an intriguing character and I'm very curious to read his story. There certainly much more than meets the eye with him. His story will be part of a new series by McCray (release TBA).

In conclusion although I enjoyed myself with this book and I loved the plot and the action, I must say I liked McCray's paranormal Magic-series better.

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December 7, 2007

Josie McCall has been raised to be a soldier, and she could be the best—if she wanted it. Instead, she left her dad’s mercenary school behind for a normal job in computers. But now that someone has torched the school and her dad is MIA from the hospital, Josie’s going to use every bit of her merc training to find him and hunt down the culprits who took him. Josie knows a lot about explosives, hand-to-hand combat, and tracking. What she doesn’t know about is sex. She has no idea what to do with the volcanic attraction she feels for her dad’s new partner, Daniel Black Eagle. And that feels more dangerous than any bomb…

Daniel knows exactly what he’d like to do about that attraction. The brooding explosives expert can’t get within five feet of Josie without wanting to touch, taste, and protect her—even if he’s sure she would happily drop-kick him if she knew one sizzling moment of his fantasies. But he’ll save it for later. Right now, he’s got his hands full figuring out who set that bomb and took Josie’s dad. Daniel’s sure of one thing, though—he’s not letting Josie McCall out of his sight for a single second. Convincing the cutest, most desirable trained soldier he’s ever met that she needs a bodyguard isn’t going to be easy. But if she’ll let him, he’ll show her he’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep her safe, and along the way, he’ll make her feel every inch a woman…

Two tough mercenaries down, one to go!

When her father's training facility blows up, her father disappears from the hospital and her own life is threatened, female mercenary Josie McCall has no choice but to team up with her father's former student and now his partner in the facility, Daniel Black Eagle (Nitro). She has known him since she was a young girl and always hid her feelings for him thinking he didn't return them. But now while searching for her father and the person responsible for the destruction of her father's facility, she has to work closely with Nitro and she discovers things she could never have imagined.

The prologue set the stage and promised another heart wrenching story. And it was. An emotional gem dressed in a coat of suspense and passion.
Another nicely balanced mix of suspense and romance.
This trilogy seems to have a recurring theme: the feelings of not belonging overcome by finding an intense and strong love.

Josie is both innocent and tough at the same time. This makes her a lovely character. She's very capable in the field of bombs and fighting, and yet at the same time so naïve where sexual desires are concerned. But she's a quick learner. The way Nitro introduces her the world of sensuality and desire is breathtaking and to die for. No gallant knight could have done it in a better way. It's the way any woman would wish to have been introduced into the pleasures of lovemaking.
Nitro is tough and at the same time so caring and gentle for Josie. But he has to sort out his emotional heritage before he can accept his love for Josie.

Nitro and Josie are perfectly matched main characters. The chemistry between them is magnetic and hot. It seemed to start in book one but in the first chapters you realize their attraction started much earlier. Danger and fear accelerate the mutual attraction and feelings into sexual tension and eventually into an intense love.
They are drawn to each other like moths to a flame, unable to resist yet still trying to protect their hearts, trying not to be vulnerable because they are supposed to be hardened "soldiers." But it's inevitable.

Contrary to book one this book focuses more on the developing relationship and passion between the main characters and a bit less on the suspense. This provides a nice diversity in the trilogy; giving each installment it's own unique vibe, not only in characters but also in the "touch and feel."
The book provides both romance and suspense, both intense emotions and fun moments, both beautiful love and steamy lust, both tough soldiers and caring soul mates.
The love scenes are exquisitely written. Hot and sensual but intense and emotional at the same time. Lucy Monroe knows how to write those scenes like no other.
The secondary characters were enjoyable and a true addition. Especially Hotwire was a treat, oozing with southern charm and I can't wait to dive into his story.

In the field of romantic suspense I have discovered a trilogy that satisfies my appetite for strong alpha males, lovely heroines, steamy passion and a suspenseful plot. Thumbs up for Lucy Monroe!

Even less had she anticipated the leashed force of his passion vibrating from his body to hers combined with a kiss so caring and gentle, she was ready to melt in a puddle of devastating emotion right there on the footpath.

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December 3, 2007

To rescue the world from an overwhelming evil, Poseidon's warriors have risen from Atlantis. Chief among them is Ven, serving as the King's Vengeance by birthright and by battle challenge. None can conquer him - except perhaps for one human female...

The warrior...
Ven's mind is filled with duty. He must serve as Atlantean liaison to the humans in a war waged against the vampires. A sword is his weapon -not diplomacy. But on a mission to recover the Nereid's Heart -a ruby of immense power- it will take every ounce of strength he possesses to resist the sexual allure of the beautiful witch chosen to work with him.

And the witch...
Erin's heart is filled with vengeance. She lives only for the chance to punish those who murdered her family. Now she must partner with a legendary Atlantean warrior whose dark desire threatens to crash through the barriers she built around her emotions -and her heart. Caught in a trap of shifting alliances, how long can Ven and Erin resist their awakening passion?

The thrilling ride continues with a vengeance. Alyssa Day has certainly delivered on the promising first installment of this amazing series. Giving me, as a reader, everything I was anticipating and even more.
This is book 3 in the series, the second full-length book and it left me with a very positive and urgent feeling of wanting and hungering. As the alpha-males in the books say: "MINE", all I can say is "MORE" and "NOW"!
I'm still dazzled by the genius plot, the unexpected turn of events and the compelling characters. Miss Day knows how to pen down a book that takes you far and deep into an enthralling and action-filled world combined with magic, love and humor.

From the first page the action grabbed me along with the instant and strong attraction between Ven and Erin.
The wit and bantering between the characters was very entertaining. Especially between the warriors, underneath all the bantering and teasing you can feel their bond and care for each other.
Ven caught my attention in Atlantis Rising with his sharp sarcasm and utter alpha attitude. He's a true contradiction. So tough and big bad warrior one moment and so caring and protective of Erin the next. But still, and this is what amazes me in Alyssa Day's male characters, without coming across as weak or wimpy.
Erin is his perfect match, carrying a tougher front than she really is, hiding her hurt and power deep inside.
The attraction between Ven and Erin is raw, pure and elemental and the way it is described is absolutely fitting, combining the most sensual love-scenes and great sense of humor with such ease. Hot and steamy one minute and funny the next.
I loved all the characters; they all have their place in the big picture. They are all strong, brave and all possess that tantalizing wit, be it main or secondary characters.
The men are alpha-males, dominant and territorial but in a great way. The women are gifted and fierce, not ready to play the lady in need of rescuing but playing their part as efficiently as the men. Not ready to be dominated but treated as the equal they are. I may have said it before but I really love Alyssa Day's heroines and I'm very sure she has some more where Riley and Erin came from.
There are some secondary characters that really fascinate and puzzle me. What will become of them? What is their agenda? What is there more than meets the eye?
Absolutely fascinating! Waiting for these answers will be pure torture!

After the introduction and world-building in the first book and Bastien's short story Alyssa Day takes us further into this intriguing battle against evil and this unique world of Atlantis she has created. With unexpected twists and turns, wonderful characters, a delicious hero and a fierce and gifted heroine.
Thought you can read all the books as stand-alone for the full picture it is better to have read the previous installments, especially Atlantis Rising. As some of the secondary characters of that book play crucial roles in this book.
More fascinating concepts, characters and plotlines are introduced and worked out. But also some surprising and puzzling family-connections, leaving you eager to know how things are going to progress. Storylines are subtly set up and you just know will be revealed in future books, but still leaving plenty of room for some speculation.
The world and the story are captivating and the action never slowed down, keeping me on the edge of my seat, wrapped into this thrilling and magical read, fast-paced and action-packed.

In my book-collection Alyssa Day has most definitely earned her place with this series.
Her talent of combining a unique and utterly witty sense of humor with an action-filled and original plot and still leaving room for an enthralling and intense love-story speaks for itself and just says it all.

"Don't think that what happened between us gives you any rights over me," she said, careful to keep her voice low. "I will sit wherever I choose and do whatever I want."
Deadly calm washed over his expression, belying the suddenly feral look in his eyes. "If you wish to force me to call battle challenge on my friends and brother warriors, feel free to push me in this matter. Be advised that battle challenge is almost always to the death, so choose carefully which of them you wish to see die."

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November 23, 2007

Louisa Shelby's carefree life of elegant balls and beautiful frocks ended when her father died, leaving her penniless. With no hope of securing a proper marriage, the vivacious young miss accepts a position as a companion to an elderly viscountess. But temptation in a most unexpected guise awaits Louisa in the dowager's home...

Once, Simon Wade was London's most eligible bachelor and most able seducer. But a tragic accident forced him into seclusion, away from prying eyes and questions. He thought he'd never again experience the tender touch of a beautiful woman. But while he yearns to hold the enchanting Louisa and taste the intoxicating nectar of her kiss, he will accept no woman's pity.

Louisa never desired a man the way she burns for Simon. And now her chance at happiness may rest in her ability to convince the stubborn viscount that her passion is real...and her love is true

This is the third and final book in the Sisters of Willow Pond-trilogy and tells the story of Louisa Shelby and Simon Wade.
Louisa is the youngest Shelby-sister and Simon is the friend of David Thurlow who is the hero of book 1 and now married to Louisa’s eldest sister Victoria.
This book contrary to book 2 gave me the same vibe as book 1 did.

I can't say I didn't like the book, because I did like it and that was because of the characters, both hero, heroine and secondary characters.
They were well written, having depth and their development throughout the story was very nice to read.
I liked Simon because of the way he tried to deal with his blindness. His independence and his way of trying to protect the people he loves.
I liked Louisa's compassion and her desire to help people she cares for with their problems and difficulties.
They are both genuine and very loveable characters you can easily relate to and have sympathy for. They learn to trust each other with their fears and doubts caused by actions of their parents and peers
The tentative flirtations between Simon and Louisa lead to deeper feelings and they slowly fall in love. This is written in a very believable way and as a reader you grow into the relationship with them
Of the secondary characters I loved Manvil, Simon's valet. He was witty and impertinent, not afraid to tell his employer what he thinks. His sense of humor matches Simon's and was very refreshing. I also loved Georgiana, Simon's sister. She grew as a character throughout the book.

The story did lack a plot, which was something I really appreciated in book 2. It gave that book that little bit extra. Unfortunately in this book there was too much focus on secrets, lack of trust, misguided assumptions, hiding true feelings and lack of courage to be open and honest. It all lingers too long in the story and causes unnecessary misunderstandings.
This bothered me in book 1 and now again in this book, but the characters and character-development did make up for this.
The recurring element was the effect parents and their actions have on their children and how their outlook on other people turns out to be.
This is a wonderful theme and I can't but think that it could have been brought out even better with less focus on the misunderstandings and assumptions.

In conclusion I thought this an average but enjoyable trilogy with an average start, a better and lovely second installment and an endearing last book.
For me book 2 was the best one if you look at the plot and book 3 was the best one if you look at the characters and their development.
The theme throughout the trilogy is trust: trust in yourself and others, especially the ones you want to love and the ones you think you can always trust, in this case: parents.
Even though the books weren't very exciting or thrilling they each suited the different sister's personalities, as did the heroes. The combination of the characters was done in a great way.
This made it an acceptable trilogy. Uncomplicated and simple, with no intricate plots but genuine people overcoming their insecurities and issues by finding true love and the ability to trust their feelings in the hand of others.

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November 15, 2007

The Duke of Thanet may have hired her as a governess to his six-year-old son, but there is something…different about the devilish rogue standing before her today. He seems to study her with intensity she never noticed before, and he is certainly more charming than the last time they encountered each other. Was there always an alluring glint in his dark eyes? But the duke has a notoriously scandalous reputation, and Meriel will not let herself succumb.

Masquerading as the duke was not the simple solution Richard O'Neill had envisioned. When his ailing half-brother, the real duke, asked him to protect his young heir from a greedy enemy, Richard agreed. But he never thought he'd be attracted to the inquisitive governess, or that each moment in her intoxicating presence would tempt him beyond all reason. And letting down his guard could prove dangerous…especially to Richard's own heart.

This was the second installment in the Sisters of Willow Pond-trilogy.
I found it a lovely story of finding love when least expecting it. I certainly enjoyed it more than book 1 in the series.
Maybe because there was a real plot involved where it lacked in book 1 but I also think the characters of the hero and heroine were more appealing to me.
Meriel is practical and logical, forcing herself to lead her life by her intellect and not her emotions after her parents' betrayal and lies.
Then she meets Richard and nothing she's caught changing her views on love and trust.
Richard is not happy impersonating his half-brother since his personality and behavior are so different from his own but he does it regardless for his nephew's safety and future.
The chemistry between Meriel and Richard is apparent from the beginning and the development of their feelings is very nicely written.
The nephew Stephen is an adorable boy and a very loveable character in the book, providing endearing parts in the book with his regular six year-old mischievous behavior and the plain honesty and simple look on life all children have.

Even though the plot seemed a bit far-fetched in the beginning Gayle Callen pulled it of by focusing on the feelings and emotions between Meriel, Richard and Stephen.
The betrayal of Meriel's parents linger in the back of her head and makes it hard for her to completely trust Richard and his motives. And Richard is so concerned for the well being of his nephew it takes a while for him to confide in Meriel.
But it's all worked out in a nice way. Especially after Meriel discovers Richard's true identity and confronts him. They start working together after that to accomplish his task.
But that is also when the difficulty in resisting each other starts. And this is where the book really grabbed my attention.
I liked the regular change of perspective so you have both Meriel's and Richard's point of view on the evolving love-story and the plot. This made it easy to relate to both their characters.

Gayle Callen has provided an easy and enjoyable read with a well-written plot and genuine emotions and feelings. It was not very intense, fast-paced or action-filled but still it strung a cord with me being wonderful in it’s simplicity.

Again he said, "Resist me, Meriel, because God help me, I don't want to resist what you make me feel."

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November 9, 2007

Love slave...
Saba Watanabe’s enslavement to the black dragon Malcolm left the powerful witch shaken and vulnerable. But when she's assaulted by a white dragon in human form, the only one who can help her is the dangerously seductive Malcolm. With his attraction for Saba still a feverish high; Malcolm agrees to help her track down the white dragon terrorizing the San Francisco streets.

Dragon warrior...
But Malcolm, too, has become vulnerable -victim of a spell cast to drain him of his strength- and Saba may be the only one who can rescue him. The key to their survival is in a mysterious book hidden in the world of Dragonspace. When its profound secrets fall into the hands of the enemy, the life of every dragon in existence is threatened, and Saba must not only battle her desire for Malcolm but learn to use her rising powers to save his kind.

The story of Malcolm and Saba started in Dragon Heat as a subplot but one with a real potential and this potential was certainly met beyond expectation in their own book.
I just love it when expectations created in a first book of a series are adequately met in the following installment and Allyson James did just that with this book.
In book 1 of the series we meet both Malcolm and Saba and you just feel the have a story between them that, if well-written, will have a great impact on you.

Despite the fact that there is a lot going on in the book like the introduction of a new "type" of dragon (the white dragon), murders, magic and a lot more it was never chaotic or hard to follow.
It was action-packed, magical, sensual with humans, witches, dragons, both good and evil. And next to a wonderful love story full of sensuality that survives time, space and species, you also receive a vast amount of knowledge on Japanese and Chinese traditions and culture, computer programming and database knowledge.
This combination of both mystical and mundane things at the same time was perfectly balanced which made it a pleasure to read and a real keeper for me.

Both Saba and Malcolm are complex and layered characters. The connection between them is very intense and strong and one they both can't escape as much as they try to.
Especially Malcolm who is an extremely powerful and intelligent dragon. So mathematical and dispassionate to the point he analyzes and calculates everything including his love for Saba, which is something that can't be analyzed. He is used to everyone obeying him without difficulty or questions and he is fascinated by Saba who resists his mark and control.
Saba is a witch more powers than she would imagine and she is much stronger than she thinks. Her insecurity leads her to doubt herself and her love for Malcolm shows her that she is powerful in her own ways.
The secondary characters are a special and nice addition to Saba and Malcolm. There is a distinction between more and less important secondary characters. This distinction leads my speculations to new heights wondering which characters will have their own book in future installments of this series. I'm really hoping for a book for Axel, the intriguing, witty demon-god with a great sense of humor.
Of course Lisa and Caleb make an appearance and have an important role in the unraveling of some subplots. It was lovely to see how they were doing after their own book. The interactions between Malcolm and Caleb were as witty as in book 1. They are both territorial dragons and their bantering shows this in a real funny way. But still when necessary they will work together to save their loved ones.

Allyson James has a way with plots that are able to draw you into a world so life-like and realistic despite the magic and fantasy. Almost making me believe these worlds she creates are really out there somewhere.
The plot kept me glued to the pages. Fast-paced, fascinating and well written. Every turn in the plot stirring up more angles and questions leading up to a climax in which every piece of the puzzle falls into the right place. Entwining several subplots into one major plot with ease and simplicity.
Her writing style is a delight to read, making complicated and unfamiliar concepts clear and easy to take in.
Her skills in world building are amazing were dragons and witches are concerned. With The Black Dragon she has layered and deepened the series and I'm eagerly anticipating the next installment in this enchanting dragon-series.

Allyson James is masterfully skilled in creating this world that takes you away for many enjoyable hours, regretting it when the book comes to an end because you want to stay in this magical and mystical world of witches, dragons, humans, gods, evil, sacrifice and love. All I can say is: sit back, relax and enjoy this magical ride to the fullest!

Malcolm raised his head and found her smiling at him. Smiling at him for punishing her for using his true name. Smiling at him for losing himself in her. He’d snarled at her, shouted, mistrusted her and made love to her to regain his power over her – and she smiled.
Her smile was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen in his long life.

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November 7, 2007

Cole has wanted Tess for years. And he's warned her of this several times. He's also warned her HOW he wants her. Tied down in his bed, under his domination, surrendering to his desires...

Tess Delacourte is the daughter of Jason Delacourte and Ella James.
Jason and Ella are divorced and the bitterness of her mother and guilt trips by her father have Tess stuck in the middle.
Her father has remarried and her stepmother’s brother, Cole Andrews, is the man who stole a kiss the last time she was at her father’s house.
Now Tess has to go back there for a party and she knows she will see the man again who rocked her world with just one kiss and ruined her for other men.

Cole is determined to show Tess that she is the woman for him and he the man for her. He is very sure of himself and dominating both inside and outside the bedroom.
Tess is feisty and outspoken. She wants what Cole wants but is afraid to give into it. Eventually she can’t resist Cole and her love for him.

In the span of a short novella containing only 62 pages Lora Leigh manages to write a story with strong characters and super hot erotic scenes.
It lacks a plot but that’s to be expected and understandable because it’s too short to be able to mix a real plot into it.
The story mainly covers the way Tess and Cole give into their feelings, the emotions between them and their sexual desires.
The content and language are very in your face erotic, not for the faint of heart. Use of toys, ménage a trois and light BDSM are involved and there is quite some use of explicit language. But it served the intensity of the story, making it vivid and lively. Because despite of the story being very short it really did have potential.
Prior to this novella I hadn’t read anything by Lora Leigh but if this is an indication, she is definitely on my list in the erotica department.
Nothing too complicated but just hot and raw eroticism nicely combined with a powerful emotional journey.
I know the next stories in this series are a bit more elaborate and recently Leigh also released a full-length novel in this series, so I’ll be looking out for that one to see if she can fulfill the lingering expectations created in this first story when she has more pages to do it in.

She was burning, inside and out, a wave of fiery lust tormenting her loins as she fought the depraved pleasures of the spanking.

Tess was everything to him. His heart, his soul, the happiness he had always believed he would never find.

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November 5, 2007

As a writer, Lise Barton is used to coming up with wild scenarios for her characters, but the one that’s playing out for her right now is no fiction—it’s frighteningly real. Someone is stalking her, someone who knows where she lives and what she does. Someone who has even threatened her family—her brother, his wife, and their precious baby girl. Lise isn’t about to let someone hurt them, so she packs up and leaves Texas for the anonymity of Seattle. And then the threats start again…

Joshua Watt’s mission is simple: Go to Seattle and bring Lise home for Thanksgiving or he’ll never hear the end of it from his sister. It’s not like “Aunt Lise” to stay away from their adorable niece, and Joshua’s pretty sure he’s the reason for it. He’s spent months trying to forget the taste of her lips, the feel of her soft hair in his fingers. Yeah, okay, he wants her—badly—but family comes first. But the minute he sees the fear in Lise’s eyes, his survival instincts kick in. The former Army Ranger isn’t about to let some creep terrorize an innocent woman—not on his watch. He’s going to do what it takes to protect Lise and try to keep his personal feelings out of it. Because if there’s one thing he’s learned, it’s that sex and work don’t mix. Not ever. So far…

They’re the good guys fighting the bad guys. They’ll get the job done—if the price is right and so is the cause. And what cause could be nobler than the heart’s desire? Rough and ready, tough and tender—when it comes to love and security, these hunks are definitely for hire...

And this is the first tough guy that has been gunned down by a love that conquers all! Even a hardened mercenary, nicknamed "Wolf" determined to never let himself fall into the trap of romantic love. He's been burned once and isn't ready to be trapped into the claws of betrayal ever again.
But he didn't count on Lise Barton. A heroine you just have to love for her bravery, her sassy comebacks and her pure loving heart. She first comes across as demure and shy but under the influence of her love for and the protection from Joshua she turns out to be his equal in every way, his own she-wolf.
Joshua is to die for! He's a tough soldier turned mercenary but with a heart of gold and when he finally admits how much he feels for Lise he's absolutely adorable.

I really think I'm starting to repeat myself where Lucy Monroe is concerned but her writing just gets to me on a level I really haven't encountered in any writer of contemporary romance so far.
Even in this book, where the focus is more on the suspense (finding the stalker is the main focus of the story) than on the romance.
It didn't bother me because the suspense was killing and Monroe did an amazing job of building up the suspense and gradually luring you into the mystery of the stalker and his motives.
And next to that there was the love story between Lise and Joshua flowing of the pages and effortlessly mixing with the suspense.
If I must mention something that was less satisfying it was the capture of the stalker. I would have liked that to have been more elaborate since it was a bit wrapped up quickly after the superb build up. But this did not affect my opinion in the least because Monroe more than made up for that with the love-scenes. They were every bit a breathtaking as the suspense was.

Two important secondary characters in the book were Nitro and Hotwire. They are Joshua's buddies who help him protect Lise and find the stalker.
The three of them can really knock a girl of her feet...Nitro is intense and brooding, Hotwire is all charm.
They are also the hero's of the other two books in the Mercenary trilogy and I can't wait to read their stories. If they are half as exciting as Joshua's...I'm really in for a treat!

Lucy Monroe wrote a delightful book that keeps you on the edge of your seat with the suspense and warms your heart with the romance.

Lise to Joshua:
But most of all, I love the man your past has made you to be, the man who looks at the present with the eyes of a protector and the heart of a warrior

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November 2, 2007

Highland warriors sworn to protect Innocence through the ages….
A golden man, he is called Black Royce—a battle hardened soldier of the gods. His vows are his life—until he is sent to New York City to protect a Healer from those who would use her powers for themselves. The moment Royce sees beautiful, feisty Allie Monroe, he knows she will be his only weakness—and he is right.

Destiny is a dangerous thing.
Allie Monroe is more than an heiress. She is a Healer, willing to do anything to save victims of the evil that lurks in the city at night. But alone, she can do only so much—until destiny sends her the darkest Highlander of them all. Then evil strikes and Royce is destroyed before Allie's eyes. Now Allie will do anything to save Royce—even if it means going back in time to a dark, dangerous world to be with him. And confronting their enemies could cost not only their lives, but also their love—for all eternity.

This installment of the Masters of Time brings us the story of Black Royce, Malcolm's (from book 1) uncle.
After failing to protect his wife from a demon Royce vows never to trust or love a woman again, but that is until he meets heiress and healer Allie Monroe. She doesn't want love or a man interfering with her healing and the hunting down of evil, which is her calling in life. And then she meets Royce who has come from the past to protect her, as is his task as Master of Time. In a great plot they hunt an ancient and evil demon but also fall in love. A love Royce fights with all his might but eventually has to give in to in all the time-periods he and Allie are together. This is all I'm going to say about the plot and the story because more would spoil the story.

The little information you get on him in Dark Seduction doesn't even scratch the surface of the complicated and intense man Royce is. He is not called Black Royce for nothing.
He was a fascinating and compelling character in the book and for me he saved the book from being a true disappointment.
The heroine Allie, starts of as a lovely, pure and innocent person but when she gets to Royce's time I just couldn't shake the feeling of her being used to getting her way and when not getting it, she became a bit annoying and thus less sympathetic to me.
Where I did connect with Royce and his feelings I just couldn't totally connect with Allie. On one page I found her easy to identify with but on the next she would annoy the daylights out of me. I just couldn't combine the selflessness of her healing and her want to heal living beings with her at times selfish behavior.
This combined with the lack of intensity I did find in the first book that started the series in a magnificent way leaves me a bit disappointed.

Brenda Joyce delivered a tale with a gifted heroine, a delicious alpha hero and a wonderful plot but she lost me with the chronological chaos with the time leaping and the inconsistencies in the heroine's character.
Do not get me wrong I loved the book and eventually the chaotic time leaping makes sense when the plot is unraveled but it still was something that bothered and confused me throughout a major part of the book.
I really liked the secondary characters, the other Masters, especially Aidan. I think he’s going to be my favorite Master next to Malcolm.
Claire and Malcolm also make a guest appearance and I loved seeing them back.
But Allie's friends Brie, Sam and Tabby were equally fascinating and in the book it's clear that there is a bigger role for them in the future.

He stared at her now, as if enchanted.
This one could tempt the Pope and seduce the devil

Rating: 6.5 out of 10
October 31, 2007

A sexy CPA goes undercover as a male stripper in the mobster’s Vegas club to nail a Mafia kingpin. The perk? The club’s owner. Sure she’s got some unsavory connections, but how can anyone with those legs be all bad?

She’s got a head for business, but is out of practice in the pleasure department. If anyone can strip her of her inhibitions it’s the new guy who’s stirring her wildest g-string fantasies. But besides the sizzling sexual chemistry they have in common, they both have secrets. They learn quickly that, with the mob closing in, what gets exposed is as irresistible as it is dangerous.

What a ride!
Shelley Bradley knows how to write intense sensual and emotional love-stories like no other. She takes you on a journey of emotions and feelings that leaves you wondering afterwards what the h.ll just hit you.
And for this book I'm not even talking about the smoldering love scenes, the fast-paced and suspenseful plot or that yummy alpha male Mark who goes undercover as a stripper and the feisty and smartass owner of the strip joint. Together they just make the dialogues combust in flames, not to mention what they make the love scenes do. Don’t get me started on that because then this review would never get finished and it certainly wouldn't pass any PG-13 rating...

I had an amazing time reading this book and to think I picked it because I wanted something contemporary so it would be an easy, uncomplicated read. Uncomplicated it sure wasn't, it was intense, fast-paced, emotional and hot.
With a plot that was well written, be it a little bit predictable as to who the bad-guy is, and a love-story that brought tears to my eyes at the end.

The characters were wonderful and you just feel there's a story coming for some of the secondary characters.
I really fell hard for Mark; he is a true alpha with a capital A, both inside and out of the bedroom. Who could have thought an accountant could be so hot and yummy! Because of his past he's determined never to trust a woman ever again and loving a woman is definitely out of the question. Until Nickie storms into his life, setting his whole world upside down. His determinations starts crumbling bit by bit despite his efforts not to give in.
Nickie is feisty, hard to the bone and a real smartass. Giving as good as she gets she manages her strip joint with an iron fist. She really doesn't know what to do with her feelings for Mark and tries to resist him but fails miserably at it.
They are so good together! Talk about a perfect match. Their interactions both in and out the bedroom are sizzling and filled with intensity.

Shelley Bradley wrote an erotic romance including mafia, embezzlement, strippers and strip joints and managed to keep it intensely emotional and sizzling hot at the same time without getting raunchy, just for that she deserves to be at the top of my auto buy-list.

Miss Bradley did it again. She enticed me with her first Shayla Black novel and has continued the thrilling ride with this one!

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October 29, 2007

Like father, like daughter.
That’s what businessman Alex Trahern thinks about Isabel Harrison. If the prestigious headhunter thinks she can steal his top employee, just like her father stole his dad’s ideas, she’s dead wrong. Alex is always a man with a plan, and his plan is to get revenge on John Harrison through his daughter. But there’s no contingency plan for the impact Isabel’s sparkling green eyes and honey brown hair have on the decidedly non-business side of his brain…

If at first you don’t succeed, change the game.
After some relationship flameouts, Isabel’s decided to leave love out of it and approach her search for a husband like finding a suitable job candidate. And according to her list of requirements, Alex Trahern certainly has potential. He’s sexy. (Check.) Forceful and fascinating. (Check, check.) Also arrogant, obnoxious, and way too hot for her own good. (Erase. Start over.) Now, if only she could find out what he’s really after…

Hatred and love truly are two sides of the same coin and this book proves that.
Alex is dead set on getting his revenge on the man he blames for his father's death and even achieving this through the man's daughter is not beneath him. But what he didn't count on was the attraction and later love he develops for Isabel and thus messing up his initial plans. The choice between having his revenge or having love, trust and a family is a hard one for him but of course in the end he makes the right on.
But the road to this right choice is a long, hard and sensual one, dealing with a woman who is loving, trusting and innocent but certainly isn't willing to be used as a means to an end.
Isabel develops throughout the book from being introvert, practical and self-protecting to the open and passionate woman that was lurking inside her but never had the chance to come out.
Because of disappointing relationships in the past Isabel has made a list of requirements her future husband should have, but never in her wildest dreams would she expect that the man who met al these requirements was also the man who was bound on revenge on her father.

Lucy Monroe does an outstanding job again with the plot and the characters. They both have issues, big issues and slowly but surely she works them out in a way that leaves you breathless with every turn of the page. She has a way of taking people who at first glance are so no right for each other, putting them together in a setting of suspense and making it work. I can see the scenes so vividly in front of me while reading it's as if I'm watching an episode of a series on television.

The contemporary books she writes (I haven't read her historical or paranormal books yet) are delightful, recognizable and on such a high level emotionally they really pulled my heartstrings on many occasions. The interactions, dialogues and love scenes between the hero and heroine are finger licking good and touching at the same time.
This was a love story that really touched me. Alex trying not to let his feelings for Isabel get in the way of his revenge and failing miserably.
Isabel trying to make the very best of the relationship once she's given into it but running into Alex' suspicions and mistrust every time.

With this book Lucy Monroe is on her way to the top of my favorite authors list, making romantic suspense one of my favorite genres.

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October 27, 2007

Enter a mythical world of dragons, demons and Nymphs…enter a world of dark seduction and powerful magic…enter Atlantis…
Females young and old, beautiful and plain crave Valerian’s touch. None can resist his blatant sensuality and potent allure…until he steals Shaye Holling from a Florida beach and holds her prisoner in his underwater kingdom.
The cynical Shaye wants nothing to do with the mighty warlord, but she’s inexplicably drawn to him. For underneath the the warrior’s arrogant beauty lies a complex and powerful man. A man whose caress is like fire…
Now Valerian must fight for the privilege of claiming her as his own. Because ther’s one thing Shaye doesn’t know…That when a nymph discovers his true mate she’s his for life.

I don’t know how she does it but Showalter did it to me again:
She enchanted me with another story of Atlantis.

The Atlantis of the Nymphs this time, creatures of sexual desires and power and Valerian being their king is an exquisite specimen.
Valerian is self-assured and a bit arrogant but Shaye hold’s her own with him and they both have their reasons for their attitudes.
Valerian enjoys his freedom to enjoy the females he entrances and doesn’t have any need to find his mate so finding her knocks him off his feet.
Shaye certainly is not interested in men or love because loving someone only means rejection and hurt.
But they both get what they want the least anyway and they grow to accept it after some struggling.
Shaye is as endearing as she is cynical and Valerian finds out that the tables are turned on him now that he is left craving and wanting in stead of being craved and wanted.
With this change of roles Valerian is the one instantly accepting Shaye as his lifemate and Shaye is the one fighting this to the bone, determined not to give an inch of leverage.
Determined not to give in to the lure and temptation of the physical attraction Valerian poses for her at first and the emotional attraction as the lovestory unfolds.
The more Shaye gives Valerian the cold shoulder, denying her attraction to him in order to protect herself from getting hurt or rejected, the more Valerian shows patience and gentleness, killing her coldness with kindness.

I laughed, I cried, I empathized, I got angry, I got hot and bothered, in short, covered the whole spectrum of emotions again.
The interactions and dialogues between Valerian and Shaye were delightful and sizzling. Both Shaye’s resistance and Valerian’s determination were never annoying or irritating.
Next to their lovestory we also have the love triangle between Shiwavn, Joahim (Valerian’s cousin) and Brenna, a secondary storyline just as intense as the main one but never taking over the focus.
And of course let’s not forget the plot of the wars between the different “people” of Atlantis, in this book especially the on between the Nymphs and the Dragons after the Nymphs took over one of the portals to the surface meant to be guarded by the Dragons.
The secondary characters were again complementary and as well-written as the primary.
Showalter has a way with dialogues and characters that is very appealing to me. Fluently, well-developed, well- written, fun and entertaining.
She is definitely at the top of my favourite list with all her series and not in the least this Atlantis series.
She kept me flipping the pages until I closed it and left the world of Atlantis eager for the next installment, which will be the story of Layel, king of the Vampires.

Gena Showalter delivers another lovestory oozing with sensual pleasure, a fierce heroine, a scrumptious hero and an action-filled plot!

All six the warriors were suddenly looking at her as if she’d make a tasty meal, no silverware required. Strangely enough, she wanted to splay herself on a table, naked, offering her body as the dinner buffet. All you can eat. No charge.

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October 25, 2007

Eight brothers, born in four sets of twins, two years apart to the day-they fulfill the Curse of Eight Prophecy. To avoid tempting their destiny, the brothers are exiled to Nightfall Island, where women are forbidden. When a childhood friend seeks refuge among the brothers, it triggers a confrontation with their mysterious enemy.

Alys arrives desperate and afraid, but welcomed by Wolfer, the second-born brother who harbors deep feelings for Alys. But she harbors a secret: her own uncle is tormenting the exiled brothers, and seeks to kill them to secure their ancestral inheritance for himself.
Confessing her uncle's plan to the brothers puts them at even greater risk, for their resistance against the evil mage has stirred his wrath. Alys fears her uncle is determined this time to exterminate the brothers once and for all-destroying the star-crossed lovers as well.

In this second book of the series we get to know more and more about the world of Katan, the gods of Katan and the way of the mages other than the brothers. But we are also drawn further into the world of the brothers, their prophecied disasters, their characters, their secrets and the whole big picture begins to unravel and things become more clear bit by bit. But still there is so much more lingering under the surface I really can’t wait to get the complete story, which won’t be until Morganen’s book of course.

Wolfer and Alys captured my heart right from the beginning. They were such lovable and endearing characters where Saber and especially Kelly were fierce and a bit overpowering. But this fit them all and I wouldn’t want it otherwise. This is an example of Johnson’s talent in writing characters that are perfect for each other and at the same time maintaining a measure of uniqueness to each plot and book. She has a knack for writing very compatible characters and I’m curious to know what she has in store for the other brothers.
Wolfer and Alys being less fierce than Kelly and Saber also made this book less intense than the first book but this was satisfactory made up for with the utterly romantic undertone that was seeping from every page.

Again Jean Johnson ensnared me into this magical fantasy world of the Sons of Destiny. Keeping me captivated with her imaginative powers, weaving a great plot with hot sensuality and heartfelt love.
Her characters and storylines are suberbly done. Her worldbuilding is addictive, making you want to get your hands on the next book just to know how it will all continue.

This installment of the Sons of Destiny is a feast if you’re a sucker for a romantic lovestory and an imaginative plot, topped of with some magic and fantasy!

Wolfer wanted it to go on forever, but he was made only of weak, male flesh, not fervid wishes and erotic dreams.

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October 17, 2007

Eight brothers, born in four sets of twins, two years apart to the day-they fulfall the Curse of Eight Prophecy. To avoid tempting their destiny, the brothers are exiled to Nightfall Isle, a land where women are strictly forbidden. But, when the youngest of the mage-brothers rescues a woman from another universe, their world is altered forever.

Kelly Doyle wasn't just having a bad day, she was having a bad decade. Threatened, attacked, and accused of dabbling in witchcraft, Kelly has just about had it with her narrow-minded neighbors in her small town. And now she has somehow landed in another, magical dimension—the only woman in a magical realm inhabited by eight men who are desperately in need of a woman's touch.

Now, with Kelly in their midst, Saber, the eldest of the eight, is forced to confront the curse that plagues them-if he falls in love, disaster is imminent. But in the aftermath of a mysterious attack, Saber and Kelly find themselves drawn to each other, despite the threat of the looming Prophecy. Their passion only grows stronger, and they soon give in to temptation. If only the fates didn't take such things so seriously...

Jean Johnson knows how to treat us to delicious males, a feisty and strong heroine and a magical fantasyworld blended into an original, unique and well-written plot, sprinkled with sensual tension and erotic love scenes.

This was a perfect combination of magic, fantasy, 21st century girlpower, a bit of history, intriguing, exiled mage-brothers of which hero Saber is the first to fullfill his dreaded and prophesied destiny, and of course love, a beautiful, profound love.

The story kept me intrigued and fascinated from the first page to the last. There were so many things I loved about it: the storylines, the intensity between Kelly and Saber, the worldbuilding and last but not least: those brothers, twins but each unique and special in their own way.
I really wouldn’t mind being swept away to this Isle of Nightfall and having eight magical brothers at my beg and call.
I adored the witty, sarcastic bantering between all the brothers and the battle of wits between Kelly and Saber.

The characters in the book, both main and secondary were all very likable and easy to relate to. I really appreciated it that Johnson had Kelly doubting her feelings for Saber not immediately falling head over heels but gradually acknowledging her feellings for him truly were feelings of love. Johnson does this in a writing style that’s really believable and admirable.
The bond and love for each other between the brothers is one of the things that I found most attracting and it matched perfectly with the way Kelly is almost immediately embraced by all the brothers despite her fiery character and the way she starts ordering them around.

My favourite scene in the book was the wedding.
The ceremony was lovely, the vows were touching, the exchange of gifts was endearing and the weddingnight was steaming.

This book was so much more than an average fantasy romance.
The story- and worldbuilding was perfectly done, taking the reader slowly but surely to an ending that only promises more to come.
With all the information on the curse, the prophecy and the brothers, given little by little, perfectly dosed, you know it’s all far from done. This book is just the beginning, the tip of the iceberg.
From the very start you know there is much more than meets the eye. This just makes the anticpation for the books to come greater because you know none of them will be able to escape his destiny. Though in my opinion destiny and prophecy receive a little magical helping hand.

In short, an intriguing, fascinating and compelling book and defenitely a series to treasure for it’s ability to swep you of your feet.

His lips nipped hers, his tongue flicked in a taste, and her onw opened to tangle with him in a hot, wet, oh-my-good-morning! kind of kiss.

“Excuse us, dear Brother, but we did not go to all the trouble of fixing up your bedchamber just to have you go at it like rabbits right here in the chapel.”
(Koranen to Saber after the wedding)

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October 13, 2007

He Took Her By Surprise
When a naked earl climbs through the window into her bedchamber, Lady Elizabeth Runyon does the proper thing: She screams. Loudly. And then…well, Lizzie has had enough of being proper. She wishes to be bold. Wanton, even. She won’t be commanded to put on her nightgown. Just this once, she will be absolutely daring…

She Returned the Favor
Robert Hamilton, Earl of Westbrooke, has no intention of being tricked into marriage by a detestable female, and if he has to flee naked across a rooftop, he will. Jolly good there’s an open window waiting--as well as an undressed, slightly drunk, and alluringly beautiful Lady Elizabeth. Oh, dear. If they are caught together, he might have to marry her. The idea is delicious…and the temptation is irresistible…

And again I thoroughly enjoyed another installment in the Naked Nobility series.
After reading about them in The Naked Duke and the Naked Marquis they finally took center stage in their own book, Robert Hamilton (Robbie), Earl of Westbrooke and Elizabeth Runyon (Lizzie), sister of the Duke of Alvord.
They have been in love with each other ever since they were children. But ever since a humiliating experience in a brothel Robbie has trouble performing bedroom duties and he considers himself “defective”. His secret problem also prevents him from offering marriage to the woman he’s loved forever: Lizzie. Still he is extremely and endearingly jealous of every man who dares even to look in Lizzie’s direction.
However a plan to trap Robbie into marriage and humiliate Lizzie, both part of an act of revenge, backfires and sends them straight into each other’s naked arms and eventually into a marriage.

Two elements that come back in all the books are: nakedness of either or both hero and/or heroine and revenge on either hero or heroine. These elements provide not only the connection between the books but are also the things that make them different from each other, therefore making it a series that you won't get bored with quickly.
I must say that Ms Mackenzie’s plots and writing style gets better with each book she releases. Where in The Naked Duke it was a nice plot and story, I must classify The Naked Earl as intriguing and exciting.
While Robbie and Lizzie's love-story is the main focus, the secondary characters and subplots are present enough to intrigue you into wanting to know more about some of these secondary characters but never so overbearing that they take over the book. In short, it proved to be an excellent mix.

In this book MacKenzie also sets the stage for the next book where secondary characters Meg and Parks are the main characters. Like she did with Robbie and Lizzie in the previous books.
Unfortunately I have to wait until next year to enjoy the next story in this series.

I highly recommend this book and series if you’re in the mood for a witty story filled with funny situations and dialogues mixed with well-written characters and sensual love scenes.

She tasted of life, of hope, of all that he wanted and could not have

“Did I hurt you?” (Robbie)
“No.” She flexed her hips again and wiggled. He gasped. “Stop talking and move!” (Lizzie)

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October 10, 2007

D’Anu witch Silver Ashcroft knows she walks a perilous line by practicing gray magic. But it’s the only way to protect herself from the evil that surrounds her. After the horrors she has witnessed, Silver thinks she is ready for anything...until the most intensely arousing being she has ever encountered swiftly—and sensuously—proves her wrong...

Hawk is a Tuatha D’Danann warrior—powerful beings descended from the Fae. And for him duty has always come before pleasure. Then, clad only in moonlight, Silver Ashcroft welcomes him to her city of San Francisco and makes his blood sing with a passion beyond compare. She is the embodiment of fantasies he never knew he had, but the terrifying reality of his mission lurks in every shadow...

Only the strongest will survive the upcoming battle, and the forces of darkness are more powerful than ever. Now, warrior and witch must trust in their hearts above all else—for to claim victory, they first must claim each other...

Silver Ashcroft is a witch in the D’Anu Coven of San Francisco. Her Coven practices white magic and white magic only but secretly Silver practices gray magic, this is magic that uses forces outside the witches themselves and using this magic entails the danger of succumbing to black magic, the evil kind of magic.
While saving a child from warlocks’ blood magic rituals she meets Hawk, a warrior of the Tuatha D’ Danann who is sent to her from Otherworld because the seer of the Elvins had a vision of Fomorii being summoned by warlocks to destroy and take over the world. The Fomorii are the former seagods, now demons who will stop at nothing short of taking over Earth. Only Silver has the power to summon the D’Danann Enforcers for help in the battle against them.
From their first meeting the attraction between them sizzles of the pages but widower Hawk has no place in his hart for another woman but the wife he lost and although he doesn’t fight the attraction he has a hard time admitting that he’s falling in love with Silver.

In this book no one is who they seem to be and little by little McCray lifts up the veil covering some of the characters.
I liked all the characters in the book, both primary and secondary. Silver and Hawk had a nice chemistry going, both strong, proud and filled with the need to protect their loved ones.
The witches and warriors were essential additions to the story and the Balor High Priest, Darkwolf and Fomorii leader Junga were interesting representatives of evil, especially Darkwolf. He’s obsessed with Silver, and not only for her magical powers. I have a feeling he hasn’t quite resigned to the fact that Silver is Hawk’s woman. But while reading I also got this nagging feeling that they were just the tip of the iceberg where evil is concerned.
Some of the secondary characters already have their own books written, but I’m very curious to know if Jake, the human captain of the PSF (paranormal special forces) team will be paired of with one of female D’Danann warriors.

I thought this was a very entertaining story.
Introducing a world of D’Anu witches, Balor warlocks, Fomorii demons, Elvins and Fae warriors of the Tuatha D’Danann.
A world of black, white and gray magic fighting against each other for different reasons: world domination, power, protecting loved ones.
The book is not fast-paced but certainly action-filled and intriguing.
With a lot of details on witchcraft and magical beings.
You can sense from reading the book that McCray has researched the magical world thoroughly, which results in an in-depth, well written description of the battle between good and evil magic.
And in the midst of this battle she manages to write a sensual, erotic and wonderful love-story between D’Anu witch Silver Ashcroft and Tuatha D’Danann warrior Hawk. The mix between plot and erotic scenes is balanced out quite nicely. None of them to overbearing but just right.
I tend to classify this book as erotica because of the explicitness of the sex-scenes, not the abundance of them. The erotic parts blend into the story perfectly and never take the focus away from the story at hand but rather complementing the developing love between Silver and Hawk.
There were some interesting twists in the plots I didn’t see coming and this made the book more than an average paranormal love-story.
Although the book ends with a HEA (happily ever after) for Silver and Hawk you sense that the battle between good and evil has just begun and will continue in the following books.

For me Cheyenne McCray has created a compelling and intriguing world that captured my attention from the first page and kept it with her perfect mix of action, sensuality and magic.

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September 30, 2007
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  • Unforgivable - Laura Griffin
  • Snapped - Laura Griffin
  • Darkness at Dawn - Elizabeth Jennings
  • Sizzle and Burn - Alexis Grant
  • No Mercy - Lori Armstrong
  • Animal Magnetism - Jill Shalvis
  • Crazy for Love - Victoria Dahl
  • Kink - Saskia Walker/Sasha White
  • So Sensitive - Anne Rainey
  • Dark Taste of Rapture - Gena Showalter
  • The Darkest Secret - Gena Showalter
  • Vampire in Atlantis - Alyssa Day
  • Vampire Dragon - Annette Blair
  • Captive Spirit - Anna Windsor
  • Chosen by Blood - Virna DePaul
  • Rebel - Zoe Archer
  • Stranger - Zoe Archer
  • A Taste of Desire - Beverley Kendall
  • Mistress by Midnight - Maggie Robinson
  • To Desire a Devil - Elizabeth Hoyt
  • To Tame a Dangerous Lord - Nicole Jordan

Digital TBR Next

  • Driven - Jayne Rylon (reread)
  • Shifting Gears - Jayne Rylon
  • Beg Me - Shiloh Walker
  • Tempt Me - Shiloh Walker
  • Jazz Baby - Lorelie Brown
  • Playboy Prankster - Pamela Britton
  • Just Like That - Erin Nicholas
  • Sweet Inspiration - Penny Watson
  • Breathe - Donna Alward
  • My Gigolo - Molly Burkhart
  • Scent of Persuason - Nikki Duncan

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