September 30, 2007
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September 27, 2007

Ruthless and brilliant, Vishous son of the Bloodletter possesses a destructive curse and a frightening ability to see the future. As a pretrans growing up in his father's war camp, he was tormented and abused. As a member of the Brotherhood, he has no interest in love or emotion, only the battle with the Lessening Society. But when a mortal injury puts him in the care of a human surgeon, Dr. Jane Whitcomb compels him to reveal his inner pain and taste true pleasure for the first time- until a destiny he didn't choose takes him into a future that cannot include her.

Where to start? How to start?
The words are tumbling through my head and I don’t know what to write first!
There was a lot going on in this fifth installment of the Black Dagger Brotherhood and I’m still trying to get it together in my head.
I liked the book even though the intensity was less than I had expected and V was not the V I expected him to be from the previous books but still, I laughed, I sympathized, I cried (not as many as with the other books though), I was outraged, I was touched, I was humbled, I was curious...I went through it all while devouring every chapter, page and letter.
Where in Lover Revealed there weren’t many things that surprised me and I had a pretty good idea where the story was headed, in this one every chapter had me gasping at the turn of events hitting me with info I really didn’t see coming. And there were some fascinating teasers concerning John Mattew, Blay and Qhuinn. On Phury it wasn’t so much as teasers as more big chunks of info in preparation of his coming book.

Jane and V were endearing and lovely together and there is were some of the less intense part comes in concerning V. Things just were too endearing and too lovely, going very smoothly and quickly, no big heavy turns and twists, just immediate mutual falling in love and bonding with little to no heavy complications.
In my opinion V shouldn’t be lovely but fierce and I missed that fierceness in him from the moment he realized Jane was his and he loved her. There were moments I would really think: “Come on V, snap out of it and stop being this sappy, that doesn’t fit you!”
The overall vibe I got from reading the parts on V and Jane was distance and detachment. In the other books it was like I was seeing the events and actions through the Brother and his shellan themselves, in this one it was as if the both V and Jane were standing on the outside watching things happen to them.
The HEA Ward made up for them was unconventional and totally different from her previous books but it worked for me. The connection between V and Jane throughout the book is more on an emotional level than a physical one, they were attracted to each others mind and spirit and not so much the physical aspects of each other even in the sexually oriented scenes. This made his HEA acceptable for me because in the end they are together.

V and Butch are to each other what everyone would wish for in a best friend and they were back to their familiar bantering after things put out in the open between them. Things that have been lingering since Lover Revealed and were now spoken out loud, letting them get back to the way they were with each other in the beginning of the series. I knew V and Butch were and are close and there is a real connection between the two but the intensity of V’s feelings blew me away. That was the kind of intensity I expected him to have for Jane.
John Matthew had me tied in knots with every scene he was in.
And his transition hit me like a ton of bricks! Another something I wasn’t expecting in this book...I knew it was coming but thought it would be in Phury’s book.
The Scribe Virgin amazed me both positively and negatively and brought out some ambivalent feelings because on the one hand I sympathized with her but on the other I wanted to curse her at some point. And she really wasn’t the Scribe Virgin I had come to know in the other books, even coming across as a bit more human and therefore showing a vulnerability that bordered on weakness in my opinion.
And then one thing I never thought I would say but I somewhat missed the whole Lesser-part in the book. Where in the other books up to Lover Revealed, it distracted me from the love-story and I wasn’t really into the whole Lesser-thing, here because the love-story was less intense I really found myself realizing that I would have liked a Lesser scene as there have been in the passed...

The world Ward has created is intriguing and she is definitely taking another path down the road of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. In this book changing the focus from the love-story between a Brother and his shellan to showing us more of the world that was created for the Brotherhood. The only disappointment is that Ward had to sacrifice V’s fierceness and intensity to do this.

Even though many things weren’t as I expected them and I’m left again with a lot of questions wandering through my mind, I still closed the book with a satisfied feeling but not on a high like I did Lover Revealed...because the feeling I had after that book being really about Butch and Marissa wasn’t here, I see this mainly as a transitional Black Dagger Brotherhood novel with a little V and Jane on the side.
But still I have to give credit were credit is due. It takes serious guts to take a series that was heading a certain direction and making it a totally different ballgame. For some it will be unacceptable, for me I find it gutsy and I’m curious as to where this all will lead...starting with Phury’s book next April.
I was going to give this book 4 stars inspite of some disappointing elements but then I started reading another book by a total different writer but also in the paranormal genre and thought: “This is what a 4 star book should be like.”

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September 23, 2007

Eden Black walks among humans, protecting them from the murderous evil of other-worlders who abduct and enslave. And though she appears to be human herself, Eden is an alien, a Raka, distinguished by her golden hair and skin, and gifted with the ominous ability to kill without remorse -- and with total accuracy. That is, until the fateful night she has one shot to eliminate her target, a human slaver -- and misses.

"Failure" is not in Eden's vocabulary. Neither is "partner" -- but that's what she is forcibly assigned after recovering from her disastrous mission. A sexy, steely-nerved human agent, Lucius Adaire enjoys nothing more than sparking the fury -- and rousing the desire -- of the fiery female assassin too proud to admit defeat. Locked in an assignment they cannot afford to lose, Lucius and Eden find themselves bound in two high-stakes, heart-pounding games: the sensual web of kill or be killed, and the erotic dance of seduction.

Book 2 in the Alien Huntress-series can be read stand alone very well but I also understand why it’s connected to book 1. Showalter continues to pull you into a futuristic world that’s not only inhabited by humans but also by all sorts of otherworldly creatures like Rakas, Mecs, Morevvs (who happen to have a very special anatomic feature), Targons and many more.
This seems a lot to swallow but Showalter pours it all into a perfect mix of action-packed scenes and a fair amount of romance that you take it all in in one gulp. The plot at first seems a bit tame but then takes some unexpected and great turns keeping you intrigued to the very end.
And on top of that she creates heroins in this series you only wish you had half their courage and strength and not to mention some of their kicking ass-abilities.

Eden Black is one tough Raka, with nothing on her mind but her job: assassinating predatory other Otherworlders who break the earthly laws.
She is smart, cunning, strong, couragious and tough as nails with a sarcasm that cuts anyone off not strong enough to handle her. Oh...and did I mention she seriously kicks butt...There a quite a few action-filled fighting scenes in which she firmly stands her ground...
The hero Lucius, a human who is kind of a hitman for hire, unfortunately doesn’t really stand out in the book but I think this is because everything is viewed from Eden perspective, the book being written in first person. This causes Lucius to seem a less powerful character I suspect he actually is. Of course this is a logical consequence of books written in first person. The focus is mainly on the person through whom’s eyes you receive the story. It’s the reason I prefer books in third person but it’s a big plus for Showalter’s writing and storytelling abilities that I’ve enjoyed these books thoroughly inspite the form in which they were written.
Nonetheless, Lucius does a great job of teaching Eden that there’s more in life than the next target. And in the midst of all the inhuman, alien species it was nice to have a hot alpha human male.
The interactions between Eden and Lucius, be it combat-training, verbally fighting, seducing or otherwise are deliciously intense and witty. At first can't stand each other and attack each other with both fists and vicious sarcasm. But there is also immediate attraction, so the rejection soon changes to affection and even love.

Of the secondary characters I just loved Devyn (hope he’ll get his own book some day), the King of the planet Targon. He’s was tough, funny and endearing at the same time. Giving Eden a rough time but in the end proving to be a very honorable alien.

I know from Showalter’s website that Eden and Lucius will make an appearance in book 3 of the series and so will Mia (heroin from book 1) so I’m already looking forward to reading how everything will progress in this fascinating world of Alien Huntresses.

Lucius: “Listen cookie,” he said, his voice rough, low as if his vocal cords had once been damaged. “The day I need you to save my ass is the day I’ll find me a new job. Maybe cloning flowers. Maybe walking robotic dogs. I’ll decide when the time comes.”

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September 22, 2007

Country bred Lucy Craddock-Hayes is content with her quiet life. Until the day she trips over an unconscious man—a naked unconscious one—and loses her innocence forever.

Viscount Simon Iddesleigh was nearly beaten to death by his enemies. Now he’s hell-bent on vengeance. But as Lucy nurses him back to health, her honesty startles his jaded sensibilities—even as it ignites a desire that threatens to consume them both.

Charmed by Simon’s sly wit, urbane manners, and even his red-heeled shoes, Lucy falls hard and fast for him. Yet as his honor keeps him from ravishing her, his revenge sends his attackers to her door. As Simon wages war on his foes, Lucy wages her own war for his soul using the only weapon she has—her love…

The Prince Trilogy absolutely stands out in the world of historical romance. With it’s depth, it’s superwitty humour, bordering on sarcasm, it’s superb character building, it’s wicked sensuality and last but not least it’s wonderful lovestory both actual and metaphorical. With the third book in this trilogy, Hoyt has won me over forever! She started taking me in with the first one, lodged the hook deeply with the second one and this third one slowly but surely finished the job. The title as in the other two refers to a fairytale that’s a methaphor for the lovestory between hero and heroin.

Simon is a man of contradictions, wanting to be a good man but at the same time giving in to his dark side and trying to conceal his true feelings and thoughts by being witty. Especially when he feels unworthy of something or in this case someone: Lucy. Lucy is loveliness in it’s purest form. Straightforward, goodhearted, honest and strong. He stirs in her the longing for a life she never knew she craved until he came along. She stirs in him his desperate need for redemption, salvation from the evil, dark man he believes himself to have become. A salvation he also never knew he craved until she comes along. Lucy sees the good in Simon he tries so hard to deny.

The story builts up gradually, cresting ever so slowly to a wonderful climax that left me breathless at the end. It’s both endearing and sensual, both tender and exciting. Reading this books was like peeling an onion, removing layer after layer after layer until at the core you find what it always comes down to: true love survives everything and saves even the most darkened of souls. The difference in status this time was less the focuspoint than in the other two books. But still the difference of their backgrounds, -one rural, the other urban- lingers throughout the book.

The love-scenes were so sensual and erotic they made my skin crawl, in a good way of course! They were so intense, so fitting the story and the characters. And again without being raunchy she describes the act of lovemaking in such a beautiful and classy way without unnecessary embellishments or odd-sounding analogies.

There also must be praise for the secondary characters. They were wonderful, well-written and a true addition to the book. All of them, both good and bad. Without them something most definitely would have been missing. Lucy’s dad, her friend Priscilla and Simon’s niece “Pocket” were secondary characters that really brought something extra to the already exquisite characters of Simon and Lucy.

The only thing that had me in a more of less ambiguous state was the plot. Or rather some of Simon’s actions. At first I had a bit of trouble accepting him proclaiming himself judge, jury and executioner the way he did. Later in the story I totally understood it underlined Simon’s character and motivation. It was his way of punishing himself for things that weren’t his fault but which he had seen as such for a long time. And it was needed so he could recognize Lucy’s love and acceptance as his salvation.

And so the Prince Trilogy ends here and I truly hope Ms Hoyt continues delivering more of these exceptional books that rise above the genre!
To this mistress in writing historical romance I bow in awe and admiration.
Without a doubt her books (will) have a special place on my bookshelf and in my romanceloving heart because it’s the only way to treasure them and give credit where credit is due.

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September 21, 2007

The most important thing in Amanda's life is negotiating a successful merger between her company and Brant Computers, a family-held competitor. It should be a done deal: Company president Eric Brant is on board with the idea. But when Amanda arrives in Eric's office, it is his cousin Simon Brant who greets her-and Simon is anything but agreeable. He's not about to give up control of the family company or lay off loyal workers. Squaring off against the sexy, brilliant, sexy, obstinate, sexy, eccentric, not to mention sexy Simon is completely frustrating-and a total turn-on. And when he walks out on her presentation, sidetracked by another one of his brilliant ideas, Amanda is shocked...and, furious!...and...and...and so attracted she can barely enter data into her Palm Pilot...

Simon has never met a woman as passionate and driven as Amanda, or as devastatingly attractive. He can't decide if he wants to put her on the next plane home-in the cargo hold-or kidnap her and spend a long weekend showing her exactly the kind of negotiating he likes best. Come to think of it, if the lady wants war, maybe they should engage in full-on the bedroom...and see who will be the victor. But when intimacy leads to an explosive passion, it might be time to think of a different, more permanent kind of that's less about business and all about pleasure...

I was in the mood for a nice and sweet contemporary romance after having read some heavy and intense paranormal and erotic romance novels so I took this one, at the same time starting a for me new author having bought Monroe’s books based on excerpts on her website only.

The Real Deal is the story of Amanda and Simon. Both excelling in their professions but failing in the emotional department. Simon is an absent-minded genius inventor who can lock himself in his lab for days forgetting the world around him. Being a prodigy child he’s always felt left out by the rest of the world, never fitting in with the crowd. Disappointed by women because they don’t accept always coming after his work.
Amanda is a professional business-woman, disappointed and insecure because of a family that didn’t want her and therefore neglected and ignored her and a cheating ex-husband who’s only quest in life was making her feel bad about herself.
They meet because of negotiations for a merger between their companies and have their happy ever after with each other in the end after storyline that leaves you touched and breathless. In spite of the fact that sometimes you get this feeling they should just talk to each other in stead of assuming things that the reader knows are not the case, you also understand that they have these assumptions because they don’t know better…it’s the way they were taught to think because of their past experiences dealing with love. And in the end it makes their love stonger and more beautiful.

This book really took me by surprise. Starting it, thinking to read a few hours and then putting it in my bag to read while traveling to work, it wrapped me in it’s wonderful grasp and didn’t let me go until I turned the last page, hours and hours later.
And if you ask me what it was that had me entangled in it so much I cannot pinpoint it exactly.
It was a combination of several things: I adored the characters, both Simon and Amanda are so endearingly insecure of themselves. Both having different reasons for their insecurity and there’s attraction they feel pulling them together against their own will. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Amanda open up to the possibility that she could be loved and not criticized by a handsome and wonderful man. I cheered for Simon when he realized that after all there was a woman who loved him totally, including all his flaws, insecurities and peculiarities. A woman he, for the first time in his life, was able to put before everything, even his work in his lab.
I loved the writing style, flowing, fast-paced despite the fact that there is no real action or suspense but the book did not need it, well-written characters you can identify with. As I said: it must have been a combination of all these things.

With The Real Deal Monroe delivered a witty and touching romance novel that goes straight to every romance-loving heart and nestles there firmly. She does a great job of writing Simon and Amanda both strong and insecure at the same time, their strength overcoming their insecurities enough not to make the characters come across as some whining wimps, of building up the sexual tension between them in a very sensual but playful way. The way Simon finally “conquers” Amanda is the way I would give up any essential bodypart to experience that.

After reading this one, Lucy Monroe’s books certainly aren’t going to stay on the TBR-pile for long because I can’t wait to see what she makes of the paranormal, historical and romantic suspense genres.

Simon to Amanda: “Baby, how could I not love you? When I’m with you. I am whole. The shadows disappear; the frozen places in my soul melt.”

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September 20, 2007

All Atlantis seeks the Jewel of Dunamis,
which legend claims can overcome any enemy. Grayson James, human agent of the ultra-secret Otherworld Bureau of Investigation, has orders to keep it from the wrong hands -- or destroy it. What he doesn't know is that Jewel is a woman, not a stone! But once he meets this precious gem, destroying her is the last thing on his mind . . .

Jewel, part goddess, part prophet, is a pawn
in Atlantis's constant power struggles. She needs Gray's help to win freedom and uncover the secrets of her mysterious origins. Gray needs her wisdom to navigate monster-ridden Atlantis. But need blossoms into passionate love as they fight demons, dragons, vampires -- and a prophecy that says the bond between them could destroy them both.

Before I started reading this book I thought it was purely one in the Atlantis-series but as it turns out to be one that connects this series with the Imperia-series, the hero Gray(son) James being Katie’s brother. And Katie is the heroin in The Stone Prince (Imperia book 1).

With this book Showalter shows me once again why I love her books so much. She mixes an action-filled plot, witty characters and sparkling sensuality and paranormal magic in a way that doesn’t fail to hit home with me. It’s a perfect blend of the normal human world and the magical world of Atlantis.

Jewel and Gray are bound to meet and answer to a bond that was pre-destined for them a lifetime ago. Jewel has had visions of Gray for as long as she can remember and Gray has had dreams of Jewel not knowing who or what she is.
Given this fact, you feel their bond from the start. A bond that Jewel accepts from the start but Gray fights because he’s convinced there’s no place for love in his life.

Gray is the star of the show, the stronger character, carring the story for the most part, but Jewel is a pretty good side-kick who stands her ground firmly, both against Gray as against their enemies. Gray is so funny he’s downright adorable but still very alpha and manly. He has a cocky arrogant streak that is more endearing than it is annoying. But Jewel is the perfect woman to bring him to his knees. She’s a character who’s a joy to read. Strong, willful, brave, loving and as lovely and innocent as heroins come accepting her life’s destiny but not without a fight knowing she’s supported by her mental bond with Gray.

The secondary characters were very intriguing too. I was introduced to a number of magical creatures and beings unknown to me but I was most intrigued by the Nymph King Valerian and the Vampire King Layel. Valerian already has his own book and it’s waiting to be read in my TBR-pile. And Layel will have his own book in 2009 (The Blood King).
And off course it was a pleasure seeing Darius and Grace again, playing pretty important secondary roles in the book.

In short, Gena Showalter didn’t fail to sweep me of my feet on a magical and witty journey through the heart of Atlantis, revealing a bit more of this intriguing world beneath the waves of the sea.

Jewel: “There will be no dying on your part, promise me.”
Gray: “Off course there won’t. You might have missed the memo, but I’m invincible.”

Jewel: “Everytime you touch me, I feel flames licking me, burning me.”
Gray: “It’s my job—no, my privilege—to make the fire become an inferno.” As he spoke, he traced his name on her thigh. She was his, that’s all there was to it. Only his.

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September 14, 2007

She didn’t know what she wanted until he made her beg for it…

Morgan O’Malley has seen a lot of kinky things as the hostess of a cable sex talk show. But she’s never met a man like Jack Cole before. A self-proclaimed dominant, he’s as alpha as a male can get - and good for Morgan to have around when an obsessed stalker ratchets up his attempts to get to her.

Though Jack is a bodyguard, Morgan feels anything but safe in his presence. Because slowly and seductively, Jack is bringing her deepest fantasies to the surface. And when he bends her to his will, what’s more shocking than her surrender is how much she enjoys it - and starts to crave his masterful touch. A willing player in Jack’s games, Morgan knows that his motives aren’t pure, but she has no idea how personal they are…

“Have you ever wanted to put yourself in the hands of a man whose sole purpose is to give you pleasure?”
This first sentence of the book combined with the first sentence of the blurb on the back of wound my expectations up to a sensual high. This could only be good!
And believe me it was! It was good, compelling, tantalizing, breathtaking, intense and not to mention sizzling hot!

Jack is an ex-soldier turned bodyguard. The ultimate alpha male: arrogant, dominant, controlling, bossy and powerful. Plotting revenge and intending to use Morgan to do this, not knowing that things aren’t what they seem his feelings for Morgan really take him by surprise.

Morgan is a sassy, strong and brave talk-show host with secret sexual desires but fighting them and her natural self for the sake of propriety, because of her upbringing and her disappointing previous relationships.
But Jack slowly makes her accept her true self and her wishes to fulfill her needs and desires, every last secret one…

And despite her desires Morgan doesn’t give into Jack demands and commands without a fight. She no brainless twit just falling for the first man able to give her what she’s been longing for and she’s fiery enough to put up some defiance in dealing with uber-alpha Jack.
Both Morgan and Jack have complex layers to them which are peeled of by each other little by little revealing their true wishes and desires
They are characters you can’t but love.
And then there’s secondary character Deke…another ultimate alpha getting his own book with Decadent! I can’t wait to read his story.
He was as intriguing in this book being an important secondary character as Jack or Morgan. So him being the hero of a book promises good times…

The book explores the BDSM and D/s scene and Black does this masterfully, mixing this scene with suspense, eroticism and well-written characters into a blend that’s absolutely more than some sexscenes held together by a plot.
It’s filled with emotion, sensuality, thrilling suspense and interactions that shake you to the core.
It’s absolutely sinful to write erotic novels as good as this one. My senses suffered temporary overload , rumbled and tossed around not only by the erotic scenes but also by the characters and their development during the story. And she has a way of describing sexual acts, even ones you’re not really familiar or comfortable with, that leaves you stunned and breathles and wishing you had an huge A/C-unit to keep you from combusting into flames...or grabbing dear hubby and do some exploring myself...
The book gripped me from the very first sentence to the very last and never let me go, holding me tightly in its sensual and emotional grasp. From the cooling element needed with the eroctic scenes right up to the tissues I needed at the heartbreaking end of the book.

Jack was her mind’s nightmare – arrogant, demanding, difficult. But he was her psyche’s fantasy – hot, untamed, determined to have her and force her to experience every naughty fantasy her fevered mind had ever conjured up.

The wicked, burning pressure had Morgan pounding her fist on the table. Pleasure and pain. Forbidden and fabulous.

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September 12, 2007

He was known as “the crazy one.” And Leda Stowe could see why after finding the stunning half-naked warrior in her lion’s pen—unarmed and completely unafraid. Though he could somehow soothe the temperamental beast, nothing could calm the desire that sparked through her body at his touch. She wished they could hide away together on her island forever, but the world thrummed with danger. Before Leda could claim Hunter for herself, they would have to join the other Immortals to face the greatest trial yet:
The Gathering.

What an amazing conclusion to a wonderful and magical set of books!
And lucky for us readers who have closed this series into our hearts the end is nowhere near yet since there are at least 3 more books and an anthology planned for the future starting with Taine’s story in September 2008.
But for now let’s get back to the book at hand.

After reading the Awakening the rollercoaster ride slowed down considerably but luckily Ashley took me for a serious spin with this one.

Leda and Hunter are great characters, made for each other and destined to save each other from the hurt and loss they’ve suffered in the past.
Leda is a practical and down to earth air-witch. Touched by death magic in her past, she keeps to herself, isolated on her island with her animals.

Hunter is the Immortal with nothing to lose and living by the moment. He doesn’t waste time on subtleties or words. He wants something or in this case someone (Leda) he goes straight to the core of business without delay or smalltalk. He is crazy, but in a good way and not to mention hot and adorable too. You feel his grief and loss shimmering subconsciously but at the same time you feel his lust for life. He drives the grounded Leda, who’s his perfect mate, crazy with his protectiveness. Although he maintains he can’t come close to anyone out of fear of losing them, his actions towards Leda prove he does care for her even though he doesn’t realize it at first.

Ashley does a terrific job of joining the previous books together and creating a conclusion to a magical quest to save the world of an evil doom. Especially in the final part when every main character and every important secondary character from the previous books gather together in an action- and magic-filled, exciting fight against the Old One (Kehksut-Amadja-Culsu). In this part you also get the answer to many questions raised in the previous books. With every turn of the page I longed to know what it really was Tain and the demon wanted, why certain things were happening, wanting to know how it was going to end.
And of course the humour I missed in books 2 and 3 was back in full force. Hunter is extremely funny in his “don’t-care-about-a-thing” way and the banter between the brothers even in the midst of the grand fight is delicious to read.

In short, a satisfying and truly well written closure to this part of the series. My expectations for this book were certainly met and new expectations are being created for Tain’s book!
Because next to the lovely story of Leda and Hunter and the great fight to save the world, he was the one who I really felt the most for. He broke my heart. His hurt and feelings of abandonment. The way he forced himself to survive and endure the torture by the Old demon. It all motivates him to become the person he had become, had to become. It was necessary for him, the only way to cope with what the demon had done to him. And the way his brothers saved him…this was one of the most intense parts of the whole series up till now.

Tain’s book is in the making and I can’t wait to get it into my hands so I can delve into this delicious world of Immortals, witches, demons, vampires, sidhes, werewolves and all the other magical creatures.
From this book you get a pretty good idea who Tain’s HEA will be and I’m looking forward to reading their story.

“Immortals.” Leda ground her teeth. “They should be called Insufferables.”

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September 9, 2007

Rory McLeod is a bold and powerful Highland Chief with only one allegiance, to his clan. He vows revenge against the rival MacDonald caln, though duty demands a handfast marriage to Isabel MacDonald, a bride he does not want and has no intention of keeping. But Rory couldn't have anticipated the captivating woman who challenges his steely control and unleashes the untamed passion simmering beneath his fierce exterior.

Blessed with incomparable beauty, Isabel MacDonald is prepared to use every means possible, including seduction, to uncover her husband's most guarded secrets. Instead Rory awakens Isabel's deepest desires and her sweetest fantasies. Now Isabel has found the happiness she's always dreamed ofwith the very man she must betray, and discovers that passion can be far more dangerous than revenge.

What a wonderful book! History and romance mixed into a classical scottish story.
The story of Isabel and Rory is based on true historical facts and McCarty really knows how to write a compelling and lovely story able to pull you in to Scotland in the beginning of the 17th century.
Mingled beautifully with an intense and emotional love-story you discover a lot about the ways and customs of the Highlanders during that time-period. Reading this book made me long to go explore the Highlands myself and maybe stumble upon one of the scrumptious McLeods.
I felt really trown back into the rugged Highlands at the time of King James.

Both main and secondary characters complement each other, all of them being crucial to the plot.
Isabel tries to be demure and sweet but her true self, feisty and quick-minded has to come out and those were the moments I liked her the most!
Rory is a true Highlander: a tough, raw, manly and dominant warrior. Loyal to nothing but his clan. But little by little Isabel warms his cold heart.

The book is character-oriented, focusing mainly on Rory and Isabel and their feelings and emotions. I haven't read many of these and found it a pleasant change compared to the action-/plot-driven books I've read lately.
But this definitely does not mean there is no plot in the book, there absolutely is and it's a good plot but the feelings and emotions have the upper hand.

You can almost feel the impact Rory and Isabel have on each other at the first glance and this feeling just keeps building and building towards a climax both literally and figuratively.
McCarty really does a great job of describing what they feel in a very intense way.
She also has a way of building up the sexual tension between Isabel and Rory in such a magnificent way it blew me away. It's incredibly intense and sensual. Beautifullly written and emotion stirring in a major way!

I'm really glad this trilogy is being released back to back because I can't wait to read about Rory's siblings and their love-matches.

Her response turned his mind to black. The swift kick of pure lust hit him hard, and desire gripped him like an iron claw as he descended in the realm of no return.

Rory overwhelmed her senses, rendering her limp with desire, unable to form a coherent thought other than hunger for the man holding her.

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September 4, 2007

When Cloe Boscastle is caught indiscreetly kissing a man in a park, her brother Grayson – the protective patriarch of the Boscastle family – sends her off to a country manor to stay until the scandal in town subsides.
Soon after Chloe’s banishment begins, she is shocked to learn that her neighbour Dominic Breckland, the devilish Viscount Stratfield has been killed in his bed. But she is even more stunned to discover the dangerously handsom “victim” taking refuge in her lingerie closet one night. By some miracle Dominic has survived his attack and wishes the world to believe him dead.
Can the alluring Lady Chloe keep his secret ? Dominic uses all his masculine charm to persuade her as the work together to unmask his enemy. Of course, being caught sheltering a seductive scoundrel could further mar Chloe’s already tarnished reputation. But, really, what’s a little scandal to a lady in love?

A scoundrel who's presumed dead hiding in an exiled troublemaker's chest of underwear. A book starting like this can only predict lots of fun and this second installment in Hunter's Boscastle-series turned out to be a true treat in the Regency-genre.

Chloe is brazen, independent and quick-minded. A true Boscastle, nothing less than the male ones...
Her brothers and sister thought they had her neatly tucked away in the country with her aunt and uncle, where she can do no more harm to her already damaged reputation. For social-minded Chloe this is the worst punishment possible but little did they all know that she would find true love hiding in her underthings.

Dominic possesses a witty kind of sarcasm that had me grinning at some of his remarks towards Chloe in the beginning and laughing out loud at his interaction with Justin, Chloe's country suitor. This scene was extremely funny, but everything about this book was a delight: hero, heroin, secondary characters, the interactions, the plot.

I enjoyed this book even more than book 1 and I really loved that book too. But in this one the chemistry between Chloe and Dominic was really the cherry on the cake. Their interactions were sparkling, witty and they were both able to deliver smart quips and comebacks as good as they received them from each other. They fall for each other hard and deep and the intensity of their blossoming love is breath-taking.

It was a delight to meet those delicious Boscastle men again. Supportive, loving, taking care of each other in their own bossy and medling ways and always in for a bit of pranking and teasing. And of course it was lovely to see Jane being her magnificent self in this book accepting no nonsense from Grayson and the other siblings.

If he was going to die, for a second time this month, he might as well go out on a rousing sexual fantasy.

Chloe was his world, the flame that had given him hope in darkness. She was also a strong, earthy woman with a passionate nature, and the thought of spending forever with her left him breathless.

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September 2, 2007

Ever since that moment his status as a god was revoked by Artemis, Sin has done nothing but plot his revenge. He kidnaps a woman he believes to be the goddess, but she's Artemis' servant, Katra. And instead of imprisoning her, Katra captures him and refuses to release him until he promises not to seek vengeance on her mistress. Despite himself, Sin finds himself intrigued by Katra, who is nothing like the goddess she serves. She's fierce, true, but she's also compassionate and loyal. However, Sin is not the only enemy Artemis has and it quickly becomes apparent that he must help Katra save her mistress or the world as we know it will end. What's a wannabe god to do?

After having read the last page of this book I was balancing on two thoughts:
It was a nice and entertaining story and it was absolutely not a Dark-Hunter story.
Something essential to the Dark-Hunters was missing and did not feel right in my opinion.
Were there too many new creatures being introduced?
Was the romance between Kat and Sin a bit forced together for the sake of it?
Why did I get this uneasy feeling with the way the relationship between Ash and Artie is portrayed in this book?
Was it the love and bonding of the Dark-Hunter and his heroin that I missed?
This last thing was totally overshadowed by so many other aspects and storylines in the book that for me it was really disappointing because I was expecting a Dark-Hunter novel to blow me of my feet and leave me breathless at the end.
In stead I get a Sumarian God and an Atlantean/Greek godess and a storyline as remote as possible from the Dark-Hunters I've known.

For me the ambiguity of the book lay in de fact that it was dissapointing on the one hand for not being a true Dark-Hunter novel but satifying on the other for answering some of the questions left unanswered in previous books. But there were really more things I liked.
The intense emotional interaction between Kat and Ash.
The humour and sarcasm of Kat, Xypher, Kish, Damien and even Ash.
Simi was her true hilarious self and an steady anchor in the midst of all these new creatures and pantheons being introduced.
I liked the storybuilding and the humor in the book which was the typical Kenyon-style we all know and love.

Kat was everything I expected from her after reading about her in the previous books she played a part in: intelligent, strong, brave, caring and loyal. The perfect match for any Dark-Hunter.
And Ash, he just broke my heart, to read about his suffering, his relationship with Artemis, the way he tries to do the right things and his perception of what love is...these were the moments that really saved the book from a far lower grading than it's getting now.
Sin was the character I found most dissapointing in this book. He just wasn't powerful enough to capture my full attention.
He was overshadowed by not only the Kat but also by some secondary characters!
The interactions essential for the book were not the ones between Sin and Kat.
For me Kat and Ash were the ones who carried the story with assistance of Kessar, Kish, Damien and let's not forget Xypher whose story I'm really looking forward to!

To be honest if the book had been marketed as something else than a Dark-Hunter novel and in consequence not creating expectations I would have said it was a great book, judging it's entertainment-level...but as a book in a series of books like Night Embrace, Night Pleasures, Dance with the Devil and Seize the Night it didn't live up to the expectations set by those books.

In short: a entertaining story of trust and betrayal, love and deceit but for me a preparation and introduction for Ash's books, nothing more....nothing less.

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