March 30, 2010

Back Cover:
T.J. Wilder is the perfect package of breathtaking adventure and raw sex appeal. Even better, he’s about to reconnect with the one woman he’s never been able to forget…

Get Your Pulse Racing

To Harley, the landscape around Wishful, California, is exhilarating, untamed, and more than a little dangerous. The same could be said for T.J. Wilder, who’s invited himself along on her trek to study a rare coyote. Harley’s career is riding on this trip, and she doesn’t need a stubborn, incredibly sexy
distraction. But T.J. is a professional guide who knows when to stay back and when to provide invaluable expertise–just like he’s done since they were in high school. And Harley, as usual, is torn between throttling him and giving in to the raw attraction that’s been smoldering all these years.

T.J. knows how proud and capable Harley is, but he’s damned sure not letting her put herself at risk when there are illegal hunters in the area. She needs him, with the same soul-stirring urgency that he’s always craved her. And here, in this beautiful place days from civilization, he’ll finally have a chance to prove it–over and over again. . .

TJ Wilder is the eldest Wilder brother. The calm, cool and collected one with all the answers. A tragic loss in his past made him close himself off for emotions to avoid getting hurt by a woman ever again. He is levelheaded, direct, honest, solid and steady.

Harley Stephens is a complex woman, tough on the outside and soft on the inside. She's a part-time car mechanic and research biologist after she put herself through 6 years of night school to get her degree in wildlife biology. A lone responsible one in a family of moochers. She's also at crossroads in her life. Choosing the right path proves to be linked to the sexy TJ Wilder she's had a crush on since her high school years.

Harley has a hard time making ends meet. TJ finds out and offers her a job at Wilder Adventures. A day and night together in the mountain brings some serious smooching, a trip down memory lane, sharing of body heat which only leads to creating some fondling and a lot more body heat, soul searching and serious talks creating a bond between them. They are clearly in love but since both of them aren't very forthcoming with expressing their feelings it takes a while before they can enjoy their HEA.

The scenes in INSTANT ATTRACTION and INSTANT GRATIFICATION where TJ and Harley were both featured already hinted to both the off-the-charts chemistry and the animosity between them. I found out the reason for Harley's animosity pretty soon (chapter 1) and got why she was determined not to fall for TJ again. I couldn't blame her for it but I could also see TJ's side of it.

I loved the brotherly banter and bond between the Wilders. It came back in each one of the books and the scenes with the three brothers together are both hilarious and endearing. The bond they share and the deep love and concern they have for each other shines clearly through their teasing and bickering. Same goes for Harley and her younger sister, Skye. I also liked that all three books in this series are straight up contemporaries, no distracting suspense plot to take away the attention from these fabulous, witty characters, their emotional and sexy stories and Jill Shalvis' wonderful writing

Jill Shalvis writes some of the most beautiful romances, the most wonderful characters and the hottest loves scenes I've had the pleasure of reading. And she made me laugh out loud so many times, I lost count. One thing, Jill: I loved the building of sexual tension with the teasing lovemaking interruptus scenes but it did take a long time TJ and Harley to finally put the raw passion between them into action. This being said, when they finally did I was just as revved up as Harley and TJ were and I thought the pages were going to spontaneously burst into flames. But it needs to be said that I was very sympathetic to TJ's pain and his blue balls...And what's with these Wilder men and making out in closets? Not that I'm complaining because it made for some memorable and hot, very hot, love scenes...

INSTANT TEMPTATION was a great mix of wonderful true to life characters with pasts, strong points, insecurities and troubles, witty dialogues and a sexy romance with a healthy amount of raw and passionate lusting.

Choosing the quotes to include in this review was so hard! I could've quoted almost the entire book. I picked so many moments and phrases that were either touching or funny that cutting them down to the quotes below was pure torture.

He still had one rubbing up and down her back, the other low on her belly, holding her upright, which was ridiculous so she smacked it away, doing her best to ignore the fluttering he’d caused, and the odd need she had to grab him by the shirt, haul him close and have her merry way with him. This was what happened to a woman whose last orgasm had come from a battery-operated device instead of a man, a fact she’d admit, oh never.

At the first touch of his mouth on hers, her bones completely dissolved, and that was it, she was his for the taking. Please take me . . .

Yes, just looking at him turned her from an educated biologist into a drooling imbecile. It wasn’t her fault, he’d been blessed by the gene Gods.

Today’s apron [Annie's] said it all: K*SS MY *SS --would you like to buy a vowel?

9.0 out of 10

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March 25, 2010

In Instant Attraction, Jill Shalvis introduced Cameron, Stone, and T.J.—the sexy, daredevil brothers who run Wilder Adventures. And for Stone Wilder, the thrill of a lifetime is about to arrive in a surprising package. . .

The Doctor Is In Deep
Wishful, California, is 3000 miles from Dr. Emma Sinclair's last job in a New York City ER. It may as well be another galaxy. Here, running her father's clinic for a summer, Emma treats bee stings, stomach flu, and the occasional pet cat. Plus, she has to contend with patients like Stone Wilder: gorgeous, laid-back, and irritating beyond belief. The man laughs at her. A lot. And Emma loathes him. All except that tiny part of her that wants to throw him on her examining table and break every doctor-patient rule in the book. . .

When Stone tries to help Emma learn to loosen up a bit, he pictures white-water rafting or scenic mountain hikes. Not a mind-blowing affair that shakes them both to the core. Emma's sure she has no place in a town like Wishful, but Stone knows different. Emma belongs here—in this town, in his life. And convincing this strong-minded, stubborn, sexy woman of that fact will be a challenge no Wilder man could resist. . .

Title: Instant Gratification
Author: Jill Shalvis
Series: Wilder Adventures, book 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Brava
Year of release: 2009
Format: eBook
Source: Bought
First line: Hot and bothered, and not in the good way, Dr. Emma Sinclair switched the sign on her father’s medical clinic from CLOSED to OPEN.

Ingredients/Summary: Emma moves to Wishful to temporarily run her father's small town clinic after he has a mild heart attack and needs to recover. Coming from a swamped New York ER, she has a hard time adjusting to life and work in a small town. She longs to go back to her life in the big city. But little by little Wishful and its people, and especially one big, bad Wilder brother, start to creep into her heart and she wonders how much she really wants to return to her old life.
Hero: Stone Wilder (32), seems laid-back and easygoing. He is the charismatic caretaker and peacemaker of the family, the one who keeps them all together and makes sure they can all realize their dreams at the expense of his own. He likes Emma from day one but gets turned down flat on every attempt to get to know her better. Though he loves running Wilder Adventures and working with his brothers, his heart and passion lie in renovating and restoring old, rundown buildings.
Heroine: Dr. Emma Sinclair (30), professional, tough as nails and blunt. She's stubborn and an all work-no play kinda woman. She sees Stone mainly as a mountain bum and slacker at first but slowly she starts to discover there's much more to him than that.
Writing: Every time I read a Jill Shalvis book I'm amazed and pleased how easily I get through them. They are written in a wonderful, clean, crisp writing style that oozes humor and her characters aren't picture perfect but people with their faults and day to day problems. The way Jill Shalvis builds up the sexual tension between the characters is done with ease and sprinkled with a lot of humor. She makes it a joy to read her books and connect with her characters.

  • Again the humor was there right there from the start. Big badass Stone being afraid of needles cracked me up and was just one of the many examples of the humor this book oozed with.
  • TJ, who in INSTANT GRATIFICATION really made up for his absence in INSTANT ATTRACTION and is just as yummy as his younger brothers.
  • The banter between the characters (the Wilders, Stone and Emma).
  • The secondary romance between Serena (Cam’s ex-girlfriend) and Spencer (Emma’s co-worker and best friend)
  • Aunt Annie's antics. She is one of the characters I like the most in this series.


  • Couldn't find anything that didn't like or that bothered me in this book.

Verdict: After the wonderful read that was INSTANT ATTRACTION with it's tiny preview of the chemistry between Stone and Emma I couldn't but dive straight into their story: INSTANT GRATIFICATION and I was not disappointed, from the first paragraph I was thrown back into the delicious world of the Wilder brothers and the people who surround them. And again Jill Shalvis treated me to a great read with hot men, witty, independent women, genuine emotions and spine-tingling love scenes.

Rating: 9.0 out of 10:
March 23, 2010

The first in a sensational new series, Jill Shalvis introduces Cameron, Stone, and T.J. Wilder—three bad-boy heroes who effortlessly mix breathtaking adventure and scorching sex appeal...
Get Wild...And Then Get Wilder...

Accountant Katie Kramer is a quintessential good girl—working hard, recycling diligently, all the while trying to ignore the feeling that she doesn't fit in anywhere. That's all she wants. Well, that—and amazing sex, and the kind of daredevil escapade she can look back on when she's crunching numbers in a dusty cubicle. Which explains why she just took a job in Wishful, California, working for Wilder Adventures and Expeditions. Waking up to find a magnificently built stranger towering over her bed—that part defies explanation...

After wandering the planet for months following a life-changing accident, Cameron Wilder has come back to the only home he knows. Under other circumstances, he might be thrilled to find a gorgeous woman sleeping in his cabin, but now, while he'll risk his body taking clients on adrenaline-drenched excursions, his heart is off limits. Still, Katie's killer smile triggers something deep in his gut...among other places. Showing her how exhilarating it can be to stop balancing her life as if it was a checkbook is the biggest rush he's ever felt—and an adventure Katie's wishing would never end. . .

Title: Instant Attraction
Author: Jill Shalvis
Series: Wilder Adventures, book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Brava
Year of release: 2009
Format: eBook
Source: Bought
First line:“Live life balls out,” Katie Kramer told herself every night, and even though she didn’t own a pair, she hoped the mantra would keep the nightmares away.

Hero: Cam(eron) Wilder is the youngest Wilder and former snowboarding champion, put out of commission due to a severe accident and beating himself up over it. He is deliciously sarcastic, brooding and tight-lipped.
Heroine: Katie Kramer, accountant. Decided to change her life after surviving an accident she easily could've died in. She's impulsive, feisty, talkative and open.
Writing: Humorous, easy and fast-paced. Jill Shalvis is a master at creating a contemporary vibe I've grown to love a lot.

  • The humor! I loved the vibe from the very start.
  • Cameron and Katie's witty dialogues. Getting to know Katie and Cam and what makes them tick. The believable, realistic way they explore the sexual tension and chemistry between them.
  • The other Wilder brothers: Stone and TJ.
  • The texts on Annie's aprons and the stuff going on between Annie and Nick!
  • No distractions from the characters and romance by some suspense plot!
  • Small introductory plotline for the next book: the chemistry and explosive interactions/sarcastic banter between Stone and Emma make that I can't wait to see more of those sparks.


  • Katie's fogging glasses. Do glasses really do that just looking at a hot guy? I think it is supposed to be a funny touch to the story but every time it was mentioned it took me out of the story a bit. Luckily it wasn't mentioned often.

Verdict: INSTANT ATTRACTION is hilariously laugh-out-loud funny combined with genuine emotions and insecurities. I just can't express how much I liked this book. All of it. It's a perfect example of my kind of contemporary romance! Hot and sweet!
Another winner for Jill Shalvis and I'm ready for the next Wilder brother...

Rating: 8.7 out of 10:
As announced yesterday in my review post of WOLF GAMES, today I welcome author Vivian Arend to my blog. She'll be talking about the differences between writing Paranormal Romance and writing Contemporary Romance. We'll each be giving away one ebook in each genre. Check the end of this post for details on how to enter.

I have always been an eclectic reader. Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery followed by the Number of the Beast by Heinlein. What Katy Did contrasted with Alas Babylon. If it didn’t move and had words on it, I read it.

So pop me into the world of writing and what do I do? Well to start, I write a young adult fantasy with elves and humans. Good and Evil. Tolkien and David Eddings and Piers Anthony primed me to take the plunge.

My first erotic romance slips more into the real world, but the paranormal/fantasy remains. The Granite Lake Wolves are of this world, but separate. A setting that I get to make minute adjustments to the realities around us to find my place. Whereas with the YA I drew maps, and created a world for them to wander through, the wolfies dwell in locations that exist. Places I’ve visited and enjoyed living and exploring.

And then I write another book and it’s set on a ranch in the foothills of Alberta and no one can switch their skin for fur. No one changes into sparkling lights or dolphins and all of a sudden I have to stop and consider. Because not only is the setting REAL, the solutions and people have to be real as well.

Paranormal verses contemporary. I write them both and I’ve very glad I do. Here’s why.

There’s a joy and a freedom in writing paranormal stories. If I want my wolfies to involuntarily change into their beast form when the full moon rises, I can make that a part of the world. If I don’t want it (nope—no involuntary shifts for my guys) then I take it out, no trouble. I’m in charge. In control of the rules and for an author with OCD—power!!

Here’s the bad side to writing paranormal. The rules I make up need to work and they need to stay consistent, especially from one book to the next. If mates can mind speak in book one, there had better be a very good reason they can’t in any future books, because readers will remember, even if I don’t. Also, if I make up science (like in a paranormal/sci-fi) it has to have at least a teeny tiny bit of logic in it. A reason it –might—work. In my futuristic, Claiming Derryn, there’s a furry little creatures called a sharysha that have pretty neat abilities. Is it possible, what they can do? Maybe…possibly? Good enough for a paranormal. Now they have to be able to do that all the time UNLESS I have a good reason.

I love writing paranormal works. My imagination gets to soar and the world is brighter and more shiny.

There’s a joy and a freedom in writing contemporary stories. There are no magic rules to remember. If you turn on the stove in a contemporary, it will get hot. Unless, of course, the electricity is off, or your characters have accidentally unplugged the power during a wildly passionate encounter. The ground is hard and the water is wet and we all know what coffee smells like in the morning.

Here’s the bad side to writing contemps. They are about ordinary people. Can you saying boring? My life isn’t all excitement, even the exciting parts! If I write about a Greek Billionaire who’s looking for a virgin secretary to make into his pregnant kidnapped mistress (best seller material, BTW)…he’s still a guy who probably forgets to put the toilet seat down. People act like people—good, bad, indifferent. As a writer, it’s my job to make something you might have done a million times exciting. In Rocky Mountain Heat the heroine cans peaches on a sultry fall day and the hero turns the routine farm chore into an encounter any woman would love to experience.

I love writing contemporary works. My heart and mind get to work together to lift out from the ordinary and change this world into something extraordinary.

Thanks so much for guestblogging with such a great post, Vivian! 

And now for the giveaway:
 I am giving away one ebook in the Granite Lake Wolves Series: WOLF SIGNS or WOLF FLIGHT or WOLF GAMES - paranormal (winner's choice) and Vivian is giving away ROCKY MOUNTAIN HEAT - contemporary. 

The winners will be drawn randomly from the commenters who answer the following question:
Which do you prefer Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance or both?
Depending on your answer I'll enter you in either or both giveaways.

Please leave a way to contact you if your email is not included in your profile
Contest is open to all worldwide and I'll pick the two winners on Sunday, March 28th

March 22, 2010

This ebook releases with Samhain Publishing on March 23rd

Back Cover:

After seven years of total denial, Maggie Raynor’s body—and her inner wolf—are in full revolt. Weak and shaky, she literally falls into the very large and capable arms of the Granite Lake Beta, Erik Costanov. The last thing she wants is a mate, particularly when just looking at another wolf scares her to death. And one as big and sexy as Erik? Really bad idea, no matter what her libido says.

Erik expected to meet Maggie in Whitehorse to escort her to the home of her sister, his pack’s Omega. Sheer chance puts him in the right place at the right time to catch her, but the realization that hits him with the force of a full body shot is no accident. She’s his mate. An even bigger shock? She wants no part of him—not until she resolves her issues.

She’ll have to work fast, because they’re both selected to represent the pack during the premier sporting event for wolves in the north. Not only will she have to work as a team with Erik, she’ll have to face down her fear of wolves. Especially her own.


Warning: Contains uber-sexy werewolves of Russian descent, reluctant mates and exotic travels through the Yukon wilderness. Includes sarcasm and hot nookie under the Midnight Sun.

After reading the first two books in the Granite Lake Wolves series, I couldn't wait to dig into WOLF GAMES! And it proved to be just as great a read as the other two books were!

WOLF GAMES is the story of Maggie Raynor. Maggie is Missy's sister (heroine book 2) and from the moment she was mentioned in the second book of the series I was hoping she'd get her own story too. Maggie is strong, bold and stubborn. She's also straightforward and courageous. Despite her fears, she tries to face the things that terrify her head on. I loved that about her. She wants nothing to do with her wolf heritage, doesn't want to be in the confinement of a pack and most definitely doesn't want a mate, no matter how yummy he may be. Her reluctance towards her fellow wolves is caused by something in her past.

Maggie's mate turns out to be Erik Costanov, the beta of the Granite Lake pack. Erik is gentle but firm, a bit bossy, protective and powerful. He has the patience of a saint patient and is a sweet giant of a man. He is also determined to claim Maggie as his mate and show her that life in the pack isn't that bad.

This book takes place about 2 years after book 2, WOLF FLIGHT and I was intrigued to find out what exactly Maggie's problem/secret was. The need to find out kept me reading and made me read faster. When I did find out my heart broke for Maggie and what she went through. I cannot explain what she went through but it really made me understand why she didn't want to be around wolves and didn't want to let her inner wolf out. Little by little Erik and his love showed her though that not all wolves are bad and she can trust him and his pack. And gradually Maggie comes to accept herself and Eric's pack. The sizzling chemistry and love scenes between Erik and Maggie were an added bonus to a fun and very enjoyable read.

As secondary characters I was thrilled to see Keil, Robyn, Tad and Missy again but there are a few secondary characters I must honor with a special mention because they livened up the story which wouldn't have been the same without them: Pam, Maggie's human friend, and Jared, a wolf in the Granite Lake pack. I hope both of them will have their own story someday too, not necessarily together but wouldn't mind it, if they would end up together...

Once again TJ (Keil's brother) made an appearance, being his clumsy self. I really have a soft spot for him and I can't wait to read his story and see if there's a woman for him who's able to curb his clumsiness. It would be a hoot if she turns out to be a klutz too. Now that would make one heck of a funny book! I have it from the source (Viv Arend) herself that she's working on his book as we speak and that makes me a really happy woman!

Vivian Arend's description of he Arctic Wolf Games, around which this book revolves alongside the romance between Maggie and Erik, made me want to be able to attend games like those with all those wolves gathered to show their wit and power. I felt it gave the book a nice touch and it made my enjoyment of the book even greater.

I have fallen in love with this paranormal werewolf shifter series by Vivian Arend. With her humorous writing style, the off-the-chart chemistry and love scenes and the endearing and wonderful characters this series has become auto-buy and I can't wait for the next installment of the Granite Lake Wolves!

Lordy, how was she supposed to stay angry with him when every time she gave him hell, he did nothing but smile? It wasn’t just any kind of smile, it was a do-you-want-to-crawl-into-bed-with-me-now kind of smile. The expression had a lot of impact when you placed it on his six-foot-five frame and added in his gorgeous features and his dark sparkling eyes.

He pulled off his shirt and her mouth watered. Firm muscles tempted her. Distracted her from the emotional rollercoaster she’d just raced over. The urgent desire to run her tongue over his body chased away all other thoughts. How had they resisted completing their mating until now? It was another stone to cast at the feet of her tormentors. Then he was naked, every glorious mile of him spread out like a banquet before her.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10

Make sure you come back tomorrow to check out Vivian Arend’s guest post on what it’s like to write both Paranormal and Contemporary Romance. And…to celebrate the release of WOLF GAMES, Viv and I are giving away 2 books: 1 Paranormal and 1 Contemporary.
March 21, 2010

In My Mailbox is hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren

It's been a month (to the day) since I posted my last IMM...sad fact is that since then I have only received 5 books, 2 of which are for review...This book-budget is KILLING me!!! :(

Author: Alyssa Day
Title: Atlantis Redeemed
Series: Warriors of Poseidon
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Release date: March 2010
Bought (via The Book Depository)

Poseidon’s warriors have learned that the battle to protect humanity produces unexpected enemies--and alliances. But none more unexpected than the bond between a cursed Atlantean warrior and a woman whose sight surpasses any lie…

Doomed by Poseidon millennia ago to live life bereft of feelings, Atlantean warrior Brennan’s curse is shattered when he meets Tiernan--a human with the ancient Gift of Truth Telling. Attraction turns deadly when the woman he could never forget becomes the woman he can never remember. With the fate of Atlantis on the line, will a warrior’s uncontrollable desire destroy the world?

Tiernan’s job as an investigative reporter is perfectly suited to her unique ability to see through any falsehood. But when she discovers human scientists conducting hideous experiments on humans and shape-shifters alike, only a wildly sexy Atlantean can help protect her from the those determined to see her fail—and die. When the future of the world is at stake, can she overcome death itself so together they can protect mankind?

When truth and passion collide…Atlantis is redeemed.

Author: Pamela Clare
Title: Naked Edge
Series: I-Team Series, book 4
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Release date: March 2010
Bought (via The Book Depository)

The day Navajo journalist Katherine James met Gabriel Rossiter, the earth literally moved beneath her feet. Nearly killed in a rockslide while hiking, she found her life in the tall park ranger's hands. Although she can't forget him she thinks she'll never see him again. She is crushed when she recognizes her rescuer among the law enforcement officers raiding a sweat lodge ceremony one night, throwing her and her friends off Mesa Butte, land they consider sacred.

Gabe long ago swore he would never again lose himself to a woman not even one with long dark hair and big eyes that seem to see right through him. But from the moment he first sees Kat, the attraction he feels is undeniable. Appalled by what he has been ordered to do, he's determined to get to the bottom of recent events at Mesa Butte and to keep Kat safe.

But asking questions can be dangerous almost as dangerous as risking one's heart. And soon Kat and Gabe's passion for the truth and each other makes them targets for those who would do anything, even kill, to keep Native Americans off their sacred land.

Author: Saskia Walker
Title: Rampant
Series: Unknown
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Format: Tradesize Paperback
Release date: April 2010
Received for Review from author

Possession is only half the fun...

The moment she arrives at her rented vacation cottage nestled in Scotland, Zoë Daniels feels it--an arousal so powerful she's compelled to surrender to the unusually forceful carnal desires...with nearly anyone who crosses her path. Crawford Logan, the boat builder with the wayward grin. The devilish restaurateur Cain Davot, who seems to know more about Zoë than he lets on. And even her sexy neighbor Grayson Murdoch, whose eyes delve deep into her soul as he explores every inch of her body.

Yet there's something unsettling about the way the locals watch her, something eerie about these overwhelming encounters. Zoë knows she's not quite in control of herself and begins to wonder if there's any truth to the legend of Annabel McGraw, a powerful, promiscuous eighteenth-century witch who once owned the cottage, and whose spirit is rumored to affect anyone who stays there. Zoë doesn't believe in anything that even hints at the occult, but now strange visions are turning frightening...and only one man's touch can bring her back to earth.

Author: Jaci Burton
Title: Bound, Branded & Brazen
Series: Stand Alone
Genre: Erotic Romance
Format: Tradesize Paperback
Release date: March 2010
Bought (via The Book Depository)

In the wilds of Oklahoma, three sisters have a hot date with destiny. Valerie, Brea, and Jolene McMasters reunite on the family ranch that should have been called the Bar Nothing…

When Valerie left for the big city, she kissed her foreman husband, Mason, goodbye—along with the best sex she ever had. Now, seeing him brings back sizzling memories. But their rekindled fire threatens to burn them both.

Watching Gage wrangle untamed horses with a gentle but firm touch leaves Brea hot and bothered. But can she live out her fantasy with a man who may ask more than she’s willing to give?

Ranch hand Walker Morgan can’t afford to lose his job by getting too close to his new boss, Jolene, no matter how much she tempts him. But Jolene’s prepared to take the first step, because what Jolene wants, Jolene gets. And Jolene wants Walker.

Author: Christie Craig
Title: Shut Up and Kiss Me
Series: Unknown
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Release date: June 2010
Won from Dorchester Publishing (via Twitter) and sent to me by publisher for review

Photojournalist Shala Winters already had her hands full bringing tourism to this backward, podunk little town, but her job just got tougher. Pictures can say a thousand words, and one of Shala’s is screaming bloody murder. Now she has to entrust a macho, infuriating lawman with her life—but she’ll never trust him with her heart.

Trusted or not, Sky Gomez isn’t about to let a killer get his hands on Shala’s Nikon—or any of her more comely assets, for that matter. Her mouth might move faster than a Piney Woods roadrunner, but all he can think about is how good it must taste…and how she’ll never escape true love.
March 20, 2010
My entry for Diana Rowland's Demontastic Contest to Hell!!!

Waking up, still a bit fuzzy...

Brushing the teeth

Taking a shower

Getting dressed

Working out with Zumba

Doing some blog stuff

Trip to the grocery store

Getting groceries

Getting cozy with the groceries

Making some music with hubby

Reading Craig Robertson's RANDOM in the reading chair.

Having lunch with the hubby

Doing laundry...blegh

Ironing...double blegh

A much needed manicure

Enjoying the 0-calorie diet

Reading on the iPhone before sleeping
March 19, 2010
An untriggered werewolf. A runaway Omega. It’s not easy fighting destiny.

Tad Maxwell’s workaholism serves to keep his bush pilot company in the air, and his inner werewolf in check. In the two years since he discovered his heritage, he’s resisted the longing to test the power of his wolf side. It would mean compromising his human principals.

Then Missy Leason re-enters his life. Ten years ago, their teenage attraction never went beyond hand-holding. Now their chemistry is off the charts, pushing him closer to the step he’s not sure it’s safe to take, especially with a human.

But Missy is more like Tad than he realizes. She’s wolf too, and a wolf pack is a dangerous place to have secrets. Missy’s alpha has sniffed out her carefully hidden Omega powers. Her first response: run from the corrupt alpha’s plan to make her his mate. Step two: get to Tad, and hope like hell his untapped powers are strong enough to negate her own.

Every touch with Missy is hot, hot, hot, but even finding out she’s pure wolf doesn’t solve Tad’s dilemma. Is she using him, or are they truly destined mates? Only one thing is certain. He will defend her to his last breath—on his terms. Even if it means losing his life.

Warning: Contains nasty Alphas, secret Omegas and werewolves acting raunchy on the dance floor. Sarcasm, wilderness cabins, and hot nookie back by popular demand.

Title: Wolf Flight
Author: Vivian Arend
Series: Granite Lake Wolves, book 2
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Year of release: 2009
Format: eBook
Source: Bought
First line: The Whistler pack house was crowded after dinner, with small groups gathered around the room talking among themselves.

Ingredients/Summary: A creepy Alpha packleader who knows the heroine's secret, a hero who is isn't chomping at the bit to let his wolf come out and play, a heroine who gets the surprise of her life when she discovers who and what her childhood crush really is.
Hero: Tad Maxwell, romantic, caring, struggling with his inner wolf, stubborn
Heroine: Missy Leason, strong, stubborn, inventive
Plot: As the widow of a high-ranking wolf within her pack Missy is the target of power hungry packmembers, trying to raise their standing within the pack, including her brother-in-law Doug, the Alpha. She thinks she's found a way to outsmart Doug by using Tad.
Writing: Easy, fluent, down-to-earth. Getting into the mood of the story from the very beginning was no problem at all. I really like Vivian Arend's humorous and sexy writing style.
  • Liked that Tad's story takes place simultaneously with Robyn's (WOLF SIGNS). Makes both books easier to read as stand alones.
  • The humor in the teasing between the characters.
  • The end was great, perfect end to a wonderful novella.

  • The conflict and pace of the story. Missy should've told Tad sooner she knew he was a wolf and that she was one too. It would've moved the story along a bit quicker.

Verdict: Another wonderful book by Vivian Arend but liked WOLF SIGNS just a tad better.

A while back I promised Moira Rogers-Bree something special for her birthday. Because time flew by and suddenly it was her birthday I apologize for this poor attempt, creatively speaking, of putting some of her favorite males together. But it's the thought that count right...

So no pics of birthday cakes, balloons or other birthday stuff, no especially for Bree, here's a little something to look at today.

And just because we both love Henry so much, here an extra birthday bonus for you.

Have a great day full of joy, happiness, health and laughter, surrounded by your loved ones!
March 18, 2010

Back Cover:
BLOOD TIES...What do they mean?
How far would someone go to serve…or protect them?

Julie Collins is stuck in a dead-end secretarial job with the Bear Butte County Sheriff’s office, and still grieving over the unsolved murder of her Lakota half-brother. Lack of public interest in finding his murderer or the killer of several other transient Native American men, has left Julie with a bone-deep cynicism she counters with tequila, cigarettes, and dangerous men. The one bright spot in her mundane life is the time she spends working part-time as a PI with her childhood friend, Kevin Wells.

When the body of a sixteen-year old white girl is discovered in nearby Rapid Creek, Julie believes this victim will receive the attention others were denied. Then she learns Kevin has been hired, mysteriously, to find out where the murdered girl spent her last few days. Julie finds herself drawn into the case against her better judgment, and discovers not only the ugly reality of the young girl’s tragic life and brutal death, but ties to her and Kevin’s past that she is increasingly reluctant to revisit.

On the surface the situation is eerily familiar. But the parallels end when Julie realizes some family secrets are best kept buried deep. Especially those serious enough to kill for.

Julie Collins moved back from Minneapolis to Bear Butte, South Dakota, when her half-brother was found murdered. She wanted to find out who killed him and why, so she took a secretarial job at the sheriff's office to get better access to the information she needed. But now, after three years, she's still stuck were she began. Julie is also a part-time PI, working for her childhood friend Kevin Wells, and when he wants her help on a case very similar to her brother's she grabs the chance to finally get a step closer to finding out what happened. But instead of answers, the investigation brings up stuff from Julie's past, stuff that she had locked far away in her memory and by putting herself in the middle of the investigation she also attracts the attention of the killer.

Wow! Just the first page of the prologue set the tone for this gritty, dark mystery in every sense. The way it described Julie's past with a dead mother, abusive father and murdered half-brother, I knew I was in for something else. My love for Julie's character had to grow but I liked her voice from the start. She's snappy and tough as nails with her sarcastic wit and in-your-face-personality. I know gritty mysteries aren't suppose to be funny but this one plastered a smile on my face regularly, due to Julie's dark sense of humor and spot-on remarks, both aloud and in her thoughts, on the people in her life.

Julie is a beer drinking, chain-smoking, woman who is anything but sweet and loveable. Julie has her moments where she made me smile with her sharp, sarcastic remarks but I can't say I found her to be a sympathetic character in the beginning, as I said: she had to grow on me because at first I felt more sorry for her than that I felt a connection. Later this changed, mainly because she is a woman of contradiction: the badass, mad-at-the-whole-world woman has another side too. Despite her harshness and attitude, deep down she has a sensitive and caring heart. Injustice and innocent people suffering are things that gnaw at her and get to her and that showed me she is not that cold, cynic, insensitive woman she seemed to be in the beginning.

This book is written mostly in 1st person narrative, Julie's POV but I very much liked the few short chapters that were written from the killer's POV and that were in 3rd person narrative. BLOOD TIES is gritty, violent and not for the faint of heart. It was also very slow-paced and took me a while to get into, so much that in the beginning I was not very compelled to pick it up to read once I put it down for a moment. But after the slow start there was a point where it all turned around and I started to really like the story. I think it was the point where I started to like Julie as a character. From that point on despite the slow-pace and the 1st person narrative, which isn't my favorite to read, I started to love this book. Mysteries have always intrigued me: Who did it? Why? How? And BLOOD TIES gives the answers to these questions in a believable and realistic way. Slowly and gradually the clues and facts are revealed, leading Julie, Kevin and the reader to the answers and the killer.

The way Lori Armstrong describes the scenery you feel like you're right there in South Dakota and you know the places she's talking about. She has a vivid imagery to her writing, which I love to read and which for me is a sign of a talented writer. BLOOD TIES was never boring or too descriptive despite the slow pace. It's weird and hard to describe but even with the slow pace there was a lot of exciting action, which didn't interfere with the pace but still made it action-packed. Once you're near the end it's not hard to guess who the killer is but still it was suspenseful till the very end as motive is explained and the question is whether rescue will arrive in time for Julie. And that ending was very surprising.

With BLOOD TIES I have tasted a bit of Lori's Armstrong's work and as with the work of her alter ego Lorelei James, she has once again ensnared with brilliant writing skills and a story that, once I got into it, kept hold of my attention right to the very last page. I am definitely ready for the next Julie Collins mystery.

"Knock it off, Julie. Sheriff hears you moaning like that, he'll think we're doing it on your desk."
"Al," I said lazily. "If I thought you could find my G-spot as quickly as you zeroed in on that knotted muscle, we would be doing it on my desk."

"Kevin Wells," he answered with that knock 'em dead smile that made women seriously consider disrobing.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10

  1. The image above links to the International Heat blog, it will take you to the beginning of the tour where the prizes and the links are also listed.
  2. In order to be eligible for a prize, readers must leave a comment on every blog on the tour, you can find the list our all the participants below my review.
  3. The winners of the prizes will be announced on the International Heat blog by the evening of March 18 and also on our Heat Wave yahoo group.

My contribution to this Global Warming blog tour is a review of the Cougar Challenge Series. I'll tell you: if these books don't warm you up a little, nothing will...

Why this review and this series?
When I was approached to participate in the International Heat-Global Warming Blog Tour, my contribution to the tour was supposed to be a review of a red-hot read. I thought a long time about what to review. As I didn’t have the time to read a new book by one of the International Heat authors and the books of International Heat authors I had read, were already reviewed on the blog, the only thing that came to mind was the Cougar Challenge series that I read in January because A) some of the authors are members of the International Heat Blog and B) This series defines red-hot read!!

Before I start my review of the Cougar Challenge I must make a confession first: I once was sort of a cougar. I was a 26-year-old dating an 18-year-old. At that age it didn't work out. The guy was sweet and all and the sex was hot!!! But we were at very different stages in life and no amount of sweetness or hot sex can make up for the fact that it's annoying when your working your but off trying to make ends meet, your boyfriends' only concern is that his college hours are interfering with his time to play videogames. With this in mind I was very interested in reading the Cougar Challenge books when I stumbled over the series, mentioned on Mari Carr’s website.

Premise of the series (taken from Ciana Stone’s website):
The Cougar Challenge
They went to the RomantiCon convention because they loved erotic romance. They left as friends. Seven women who will challenge each other to break away from the drudgery that holds them captive, to walk away from the past and into a new future.
Come join these seven women as they discover that there's still a lot of living - and loving to do. And see what happens when they find themselves smack in the middle of some sizzling hot situations with younger men who remind them that there's still plenty of fire in the furnace.

So without further ado, find below my review of this hot series!

Play it Again, Sam by Samantha Kane

Cover Blurb:
Monica Allen is one cougar who isn’t ready for retirement yet. She’s always been attracted to younger men, even married and divorced one. She thought she was through with them for good. Then she meets a group of like-minded dies at Romanticon, and they form a blog celebrating younger men, Tempt the Cougar.
After another lonely Friday night, Monica challenges her friends to find a younger man to make their fantasies come true. Why shouldn’t she have a younger man if that’s what she wants? She doesn’t have to marry him—been there, done that, threw away the tee shirt. But for a night of hot sex? Hell yes.
Sam Lincoln refuses to be just a fantasy. He’s a graduate student with a yen for older women and he may have just found the one to make his own fantasies come true. With a little help from his roommate Josh, Sam fulfills Monica’s deepest desires. Can he convince this sexy cougar to give him a chance at happily ever after?

Tells the story of Monica Allen (38), an assistant director HR and Sam Lincoln (26), a grad student/bartender.

This was a very hot story with a threesome theme. The story is told from both Monica and Sam’s POV and the only true secondary character of importance was Josh, Sam’s roommate and best friend and the third in the threesome.

In this first installment of the series Monica sets out to find a one-night stand with a younger man and after a wild night with 2 of them finds a keeper in Sam who has always had a thing for older women. Sam allows Monica to have the night of her life with both him and Josh but soon it’s clear that Sam wants exclusivity with Monica.

If you like one confident woman, two hot younger men and a wonderful story with scorching sex, look no further: PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM is the one for you.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Beauty of Sunset by Lynne Connolly

Cover Blurb:
Edie Howard is facing the public for the first time in years, and it’s crisis time. She can’t compete with her former self, top supermodel Sunset, so she visits a plastic surgeon. It’s time for a change. John Sung takes one look at Edie and knows he can’t operate on her. He signs off as her doctor and makes her a bet – if he can make her love her body as it is, she won’t have the operations.
John’s bet involves close examinations—and torrid, sleepless nights. Their passion is far more than either expects, and John begins to wonder if he’ll ever get enough of this woman. Edie just counts her blessings. She knows it won’t last long. Why would he want her when she’s ten years older than he is.

Tells the story of the English Edie Howard (45), former model: Sunset/Adelaide and Dr. John Sung (35), a famous plastic surgeon.

In this installment Edie, a former model is not satisfied with how she’s starting to look at age 45, so she seeks the help of a plastic surgeon. However when John meets her for her first consultation he is convinced she doesn’t need any surgery because she is gorgeous the way she is and they make a deal that if he can also convince Edie that he likes her body the way it is, she won’t go through with the surgery.

This was a more emotional story with no elaborate sexual themes. As the majority of the story is told from Edie’s POV, I did miss having more of John’s POV but despite that I felt John’s intensity and passion. He made both Edie and me shudder. Underneath the intensity there's insecurity lingering, left over from his past and when he thinks Edie's hurt him, he lashes out, pretending their affair meant nothing to him.

If you’re looking for a story that’s both emotional and hot, Lynne Connolly knows how to deliver that and just with one-on-one, mostly vanilla, sex scenes.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Winters' Thaw by Dalton Diaz

Cover Blurb:
Forty-one and divorced, Elizabeth Winters is determined to figure out what the big deal is about sex. Research brings six incredible women into her life, and a blog challenge is born. She’s going to meet all of her needs with a younger man, if she can let her inner feline out to play.
Thirty-year- old Kevin Springer loves solving puzzles, and “Elle” has him aching to fit the pieces. She’s hiding something, and he’s determined to get it out of her. Especially when he realizes he wants more than her offered no strings attached wild night.

Tells the story of smart and straightforward Elizabeth Winters (41), an OR nurse and sexy, laidback Kevin Springer (30), and engineer who plays bass in a band in his spare time and has a wicked sense of humor,

In this installment Elizabeth takes up the cougar challenge when she decides to visit a bar to see the band of her co-worker's husband play. The bass player catches her attention and vice versa. They set out for a no-strings-attached we'll-see-how-long-it-lasts fling as Elizabeth is only out for a good sexual experience and Kevin wants to stay away from heavy commitment. But no-strings isn't an option when they also connect on a non-sexual level.

Again this was a pretty vanilla story told from both POVs. With the easy and light writing style it was very fast read and not only because of the modest page count. Diaz's writing reads very easily. Too short, wanted more on Elle and Kevin. Felt like an extended prologue. A very good one at that!

Dalton Diaz delivered a novella filled with subtle humor alternated with sizzling, beautifully written sex scenes.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Hot to Trot by Desiree Holt

Cover Blurb
Buying a ranch on eBay was the wildest thing Autumn Kelley had ever done. Past forty, she’d pretty much written excitement out of her life. But then she discovered the ranch came with a foreman who made every pulse in her body pound and who could give her an orgasm just by looking at her. As if that weren’t enough, he had a friend equally as mouth-watering, and the two of them took Autumn on an erotic trip that outdid any fantasy she could every have imagined. If sex with one hot boy toy was fantastic, then sex with two at the same time took her over the top. But what will she do when she comes down from the orgasmic high?

Tells the story of inhibited but not shy Autumn Kelley (41) and the quintessential cowboy Mitchell Brand (32)

In this installment Autumn decides to start a new life by buying a ranch, on eBay no less, a rundown ranch in the middle of nowhere, Texas. She wants to go from old, boring and conservative to adventurous, wild, sexy and impulsive. And wild, sexy and impulsive is what she finds on the ranch where Mitch introduces her to some hot nights with the help of his friend Randy. To Autumn and Randy it's a roll in the hay but Mitch develops feelings for Autumn and wants commitment.

This was a very explicit and hot story with a threesome/ménage theme, which was told from Autumn’s POV exclusively. I really missed Mitch’s POV because now I only got to know him through Autumn’s POV and their dialogues and that kind of made the story a bit one-dimensional.
I liked the story but I also wanted a bit more on the emotional level. Do not get me wrong, it was hot, absolutely, however for me, the story kept at the surface with the focus more on the sexual part of erotic romance

If you like your erotic romance red-hot, a cowboy who has the dirty talking part down pat and you’re not looking for deep emotions than you will love HOT TO TROT!

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

Assume the Positions by Mari Carr

Cover Blurb:
Damn Cougar challenge!
Rachel’s thankful for the new friends she met while attending an erotica-book convention. They instantly connected and began sharing the relationship woes unique to older single women on their Tempt the Cougar blog. Then Monica issues that challenge… How is Rachel going to convince a younger man to have sex with her? Hell, even she doesn’t want to look at herself naked. To control her growing angst, she makes a list of eligible men then… Nothing. It’s been too long and her divorce was too painful. She’ll never be able to do this.
Ethan, one of Rachel’s physical therapy patients, is pissed when he learns of the challenge. Not because he finds it silly—because he’s not on Rachel’s list! So he does what any self-assured young stud would do. The luscious police officer gives her a copy of the Kama Sutra then asks her to make a new list.
And assume the positions…

Tells the story of down-to-earth, modest and sensible Rachel Bridges (37), physical therapist and stubborn, intuitive and competitive Ethan Russell (28), police officer

In this installment it’s Rachel’s turn to take up the cougar challenge. Normally she’s the happy-go-lucky one but a bit down lately as she would like to be more adventurous and daring/wild. She's been dealt a bad marriage card with an ex who used her to get through medical school and then dump her for a young, blond nurse. They say Mr. Right just doesn't come knocking on your door but in Rachel's case he came walking into her office at the right time. The challenge Ethan lays down for Rachel involves more than just plain having fun with a younger man, she has to make a list of Kama Sutra positions she’d like to try out with him.

This story was again pretty vanilla, with just the Kama Sutra to spice it up, but let me tell you: it was definitely spiced up! Not in the least because of Ethan. I must say he’s the hottest cougar victim of the bunch, with Kevin (Winters' Thaw, Dalton Diaz) and Lee (Cam’s Holiday, Ciana Stone) a close second and third. Even though this story too was told exclusively from the heroine’s (Rachel’s) POV it bothered me less than in Desiree Holt’s installment because I got to know Ethan’s character really well through Rachel and the sense of humor they both had. I really connected with Rachel! Maybe it's the age (37 too) and her love for lists which I vehemently share.
I loved the pace and the humorous, light undertone in the writing. Mari Carr has an agreeable and easy writing style that reads very smoothly. ASSUME THE POSITIONS is one of my favorites of the series. I loved everything about it and could’ve read hundreds more pages of Ethan and Rachel.

This book makes you wanna get the Kama Sutra and check out some of those positions. If you’re looking for truly the sexiest and spine tingling sex scenes, ASSUME THE POSITIONS won’t disappoint!

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Sin on Skin by Mari Freeman

Cover Blurb:
Wild women do…
That’s the theme for the friends Stevie Jones found at an erotic-romance convention. But as the women share their experiences with younger guys on their Tempt the Cougar blog, Stevie discovers she’s the least wild of the bunch. Finding a younger man isn’t the problem; after a lifetime of unfulfilled desires, Stevie needs a younger ‘alpha’ man. In the meantime, getting a tattoo is an easy, safe way to begin ramping up her wild side.
Tattoo artist Errol knows instantly what Stevie needs, and it’s not just a bit of ink. He’s hot, young—and he’s just invited Stevie to his private BDSM club. Before you can say “green light”, Stevie is experiencing things she’d only read in her favorite erotic novels. Sinful toys, spanking benches and voyeurism are just some of the stops on what will become the wildest ride of her life.

Reader Advisory: This hot little number contains a scorching scene in which the heroine becomes a plaything for others—three others, in fact—including one very demanding Domme.

Tells the story of self-proclaimed science geek, independent Stevie Jones (44), head of a pharmaceutical lab and pharmaceutical project manager and charming, seductive and confident Errol (32), tattoo artist (Sin On Skin) and BDSM club owner (Sin City)

In this installment Stevie's idea of going wild is getting a tattoo, but she'll soon discover that getting a tattoo is just the start of a very wild ride into Cougar land when her tattooist is a skilled and intense Dom, taking Stevie step by step along the way to ultimate submission.

This is a BDSM - Dom/sub themed story told from Stevie’s POV only.
It was very well written and I was intrigued by the way Mari Freeman describes the D/s scenes. I loved the explanation of the nuances of the Dom/sub lifestyle.

However, the group angle (especially the f/f part of it) was new to me and not something I prefer in my erotica reads, it was on the fringes of what I'm comfortable with. Also, the usage of a certain word that I don't like kept pulling me out of the rhythm and intensity of the story. I understand the context within it was used called for it and it fit, but the word just rubs me the wrong way and that's MY problem, it doesn't affect quality of the writing.
That being said it was the novella in the series that in which I had the least emotional connection with the characters. When I finished I still didn’t have the feeling I got to know Stevie and Errol. Therefore I must conclude that it was the least favorite of the series for me.

SIN ON SKIN started very promising, hot and great but along the way due to some sexual topics that are not my thing it fizzled to an average read. Still if you are comfortable with these topics I think it will be a novella you can really appreciate and love.

Rating: 6 out of 10

Cam's Holiday by Ciana Stone

Cover Blurb:
Fantasies about being with a younger man? Before her husband left her for a younger model, they wouldn’t have crossed Cam’s mind, but now she has plenty. After meeting a group of ladies at RomantiCon, Cam and the women form a blog celebrating younger men—Tempt the Cougar. Then they challenge each other to find a younger man to make their fantasies come true. It’s not a husband hunt. It isn’t about love. It’s about a night of hot, steamy sex.
When Lee Holiday enters Cam’s life, he seems like the right man for the job. A personal trainer, he makes it clear he’d love to ring Cam’s bell. And ring it he does. Repeatedly. Cam’s found sexual nirvana. Only Lee’s not going to be happy with a short-term, sex-only relationship. He wants the whole nine yards and is out to prove to Cam that he’s more than just a holiday from her normal life. He’s the man of her dreams.

Tells the story of quick-witted and lonesome Camille "Cam" Stockton (42), events planner and seductive and masterful Lee Holiday (32), personal trainer

In this installment Cam’s ex-husband and his new trophy wife have left her with low self-confidence and lonely despite her work and friends. When her ex’s new wife taunts her once again, this time at the gym, she uses her personal trainer to prove she’s still attractive. What she doesn’t know is that Lee is very much attracted to her and what should be a obligatory date to a fund raiser Cam has organized, turns into much more. Because of fear and insecurity she doesn't want to accept that she's fallen in love with Lee and keeps pretending it's all about sex and having a good time while it lasts.

This story just briefly touched the D/s theme, with Lee being very masterful and a natural Dom. Not the one who lives the lifestyle fully but who is naturally dominant. The banter and flirting between Cam and Lee was the perfect counterpart to the hot and explicit love scenes. If you know my reading preferences, and me, you know I like a dash of humor in my reading and the scene where Cam receives the torc is very funny. I would totally do the same thing and be just as befuddled

This last installment of the series for now was told from both POVs. Something I really liked because it made me feel really connected to the characters again. And after an emotionally less intense installment with CAM’S HOLIDAY I was treated to the kind of erotic romance I prefer: hot AND emotional, leaving room for the development of feelings besides the sexual aspect. Ciana Stone has a smooth and easy writing, which I took an immediate liking to. She was the only author of these seven that made me wanna grab some tissues because of the beautiful and emotional ending. Felt the least like it was a prologue to me but more finished and well-rounded story.

Gyms and me don't go well together but this story made me want to run to the nearest gym and find me a Lee of my own. And I’m sure I am not the only one after reading this story.

CAM’S HOLIDAY was the perfect ending to the first stint of this series and one of my favorites of these 7 novellas.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Overall opinion of the series:

I thoroughly enjoyed these adventures in Cougar land.
I read the 7 books that are published at the moment back-to-back from the moment I started the first one and enjoyed the series and would recommend it to everyone looking stories within a series that are all different. Some are emotional, others humorous, other more erotic but they all are, without a doubt, hot and scintillating.
I loved these 7 books and am looking forward to further installments in this Cougar Challenge Series by some new and fresh contributors.

Overall Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Favorite Quotes:
“Exactly! You have nothing in common. What are you going to talk about?” Monica actually pulled the phone away from her ear and stared at it incredulously for a moment before she put it back to her ear and snorted. “I have no intention of saying much more than ‘right there and harder”.

“I love how you left that little bit of hair there.”
“It’s called a Brazilian.” He smiled. “I know. But on you it’s called heaven.”

There were a few single guys dotting the barstools but there were reasons they were alone. Like the guy who had to be approaching sixty who kept winking at a small posse of young women as he pointed to his chest. His T-shirt read, Free Mustache Rides. Not only was he gross, his lip was bare.

And then she caught sight of a hunk straight out of the wettest wet dream, the most mouthwatering specimen of manhood she’d ever laid eyes on, heading toward her from the barn.

Heat crept to her face at his question. Her ex-husband’s idea of dirty talk was wanting to know if she’d showered before coming to bed.

More than anything else, though, was the fact that Stevie Jones would never be able to let go like that. How could she be a strong, independent woman if she wanted to besubmissive to a man?

"Lee Holiday was, by far, the sexiest man she had seen in a long, long time. But it was more than his appearance. An aura of power and an unspoken promise of pleasure seemed to hover around him like an intoxicating cloud."

Blog tour (you don't need to go in order, but you do need to comment at all of them to be eligible for a prize.)

What are the prizes?
Prize one:
Waiting for Wednesday ebook by Mari Carr
Autographed print copy of Dream Machine by Jayne Rylon
Only Yours ebook by J.R. Patrick
Choice of backlist ebook by Rhian Cahill or ARC of Coyote Home
Prize two:
Choice of ebook backlist by Jambrea Jo Jones
Death, The Vamp and his Brother tote bag, plus winner's choice of Lexxie Couper ebook.
Choice of backlist title by Dawn Montgomery 
Autographed copy of backlist print title by Nicole Austin
Prize three:
Bath and Body gift bag courtesy of T
Choice of backlist title and a package of TimTams from Jess Dee
Rodeo Heat by Desiree Holt
 Prize four:
Choice of backlist title from Amanda Young
$10 gift card to Amazon courtesy of Valerie Tibbs
Choice of backlist ebook from Vivian Arend

March 17, 2010

Talk about getting your signals crossed…

Robyn Maxwell doesn’t care that her brother has to cancel out on WolfSigns300their backcountry ski trip. She can do it alone. The fact she’s deaf doesn’t make her survival skills any weaker. The chance to get away from it all and relax in the Yukon wilderness is just what she’s been craving.

Meeting wilderness guide Keil at the cabin starts cravings of another kind. Keil’s one hot hunk of ripped, tasty male. Now she has to deal with raging hormones as well as strange questions about wolves and mates and challenges to the death.

Keil was trying for a nice reflective retreat before challenging for the Alpha position of his Alaskan pack. He wasn’t planning on meeting the woman destined to be his mate, or finding out she’s not aware she has the genes of a wolf.

Between dealing with his accident-prone younger brother, a deaf mate with an attitude and an impending duel to the death, his week—and his bed—is suddenly full.

Far from the relaxing getaway any of them had in mind…

Warning: Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘talking with your hands.’ Includes dangerous use of sarcasm and hot nookie in a remote wilderness sauna.

Title: Wolf Signs
Author: Vivian Arend
Series: Granite Lake Wolves, book 1
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Year of release: 2009
Format: eBook
Source: Bought
First line: 6450 calories stared up at Robyn.

Ingredients: a deaf dormant werewolf heroine with a great personality, a sexy werewolf hero who knows how to use his hands with a challenge for Alpha leadership awaiting him and a clumsy werewolf who is just too cute.
Hero: Keil Lynus, compassionate, fierce, serious,
Heroine: Robyn Maxwell, dormant werewolf, deaf, independent, feisty
Plot: When her brother Tad can't accompany her on their usual trip in the mountains, Robin decides to go alone and it turns out to be a trip that will change her life forever, when she meets two strangers who turn out to be werewolves and one of them is her lifemate.
Writing: Vivian Arend has an agreeable, crisp, down-to-earth writing style that makes it easy to quickly get enthralled by her writing, no matter what the genre is. She combines sweet, hot chemistry with humor and pace into a fun fast-paced read.
  • TJ, he was so funny and clumsy in a cute way. Loved the humorous tone he brought to the story.
  • The sweetness of Keil and Robyn's first kiss. The attraction between them is spine-tingling. 
  • That lovescene in the shower? Scorching would be an understatement. My advice is to have something handy to cool down with when reading that one

  • Robyn's very easy acceptance of everything. Being a werewolf, being mated to Keil, the challenge for pack leadership, the mindspeak. I expected a little more hesitation

Verdict: A wonderful read that got me hot and bothered AND put a smile on my face. Vivian Arend is quickly on her way to my auto-buy list, regardless of what genre she writes in.

Nice to meet you!

My Photo
39, married to my real life romance hero, addicted to TV shows, reading romance novels and Twitter. I'm a chronic (e)book hoarder and my absolute favorite genres within romance fiction are contemporary romance and romantic suspense, but I don't shy away from historical, paranormal or erotic romance either. Even the occasional (urban) fantasy romance, futuristic and sci fi romance may make it to my Mount TBR. This is my corner of the world wide web where I let you know what books I'm hoarding, reading and reviewing.
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  • Captive Spirit - Anna Windsor
  • Chosen by Blood - Virna DePaul
  • Rebel - Zoe Archer
  • Stranger - Zoe Archer
  • A Taste of Desire - Beverley Kendall
  • Mistress by Midnight - Maggie Robinson
  • To Desire a Devil - Elizabeth Hoyt
  • To Tame a Dangerous Lord - Nicole Jordan

Digital TBR Next

  • Driven - Jayne Rylon (reread)
  • Shifting Gears - Jayne Rylon
  • Beg Me - Shiloh Walker
  • Tempt Me - Shiloh Walker
  • Jazz Baby - Lorelie Brown
  • Playboy Prankster - Pamela Britton
  • Just Like That - Erin Nicholas
  • Sweet Inspiration - Penny Watson
  • Breathe - Donna Alward
  • My Gigolo - Molly Burkhart
  • Scent of Persuason - Nikki Duncan

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