May 31, 2009

Jacket Copy:
In Las Vegas, Jason Cage is known as "The Beast Master." But his onstage feats of magic are nothing compared to the abilities he keeps hidden from human eyes. Jason is Prime of his vampire family, and once used his telepathic skills to tame wild werewolves. It's a talent that leads him to beautiful, sensual Sofia Hunyara, who instantly triggers all of Jason's primal urges. Sofia is destined to be his bondmate, but keeping her alive long enough to convince her of that fact will not be easy.

Sofia has no reason to trust Jason, or to believe his story about her family's secret history as Wolf Tamers. The only thing she's sure is an overwhelming attraction that quickly develops into a scorching affair. If Jason's claims are true, can Sofia embrace her legacy - when it means walking away from a soul-searching desire that's deeper than any she's ever known?

Jason Cage, the star of a magical animal show and known as the Beast Master, is summoned to an unknown location to repay an old debt to a family he hasn't seen in over sixty years; the Hunyara.
The Hunyara family comprises werewolves who aren't naturally born but turned by having been bit instead. This makes them outcasts in both the mortal and the supernatural world. However, a threat to both these worlds have lead to needing the help of the Hunyara's Wolf Tamers, the only ones, human or werewolf, who can control the feral, bitten werewolves. Sofia Hunyara is the next great Wolf Tamer of her people but she is not aware of it. Jason is brought in to train her for this task and help her save mankind, both human and supernatural.

Sofia is sassy, stubborn and outspoken. She is yearning for a harmonious life and a family, a sense of belonging. Her dislike for dogs, wolfs and those alike is rather ironic since she is supposed to be a Wolf Tamer and the one to train her to do so, Jason, is known as the Beast Master. Sofia is very hesitant at first about all that is happening to her, especially about her newly discovered werewolf family and her role in it and her blossoming feelings for Jason, a vampire of all things. Despite her hesitations, once she accepts things, she becomes very dedicated in both aspects.

Jason is a true Prime: cocky, self-assured and a bit arrogant. In short, he's alpha to the core and doesn’t apologize for it. I really liked his character. He had just enough of that self-deprecating humor I like to see in my heroes and his attitude towards Sofia was endearing despite the little bouts of cockiness now and then, but well that comes with being a Prime.

When I was looking at the TBR-mountain for books for the reading challenge, PRIMAL DESIRES was one of the first ones I picked because it really had been a while since I left the Primes' world and I did enjoy the previous books. I read Susan Sizemore's first five books in the Primes series a very long time ago and liked them. It was when I just started reading English romance novels and when I first discovered the paranormal romance genre. I didn't do reviews back then so there are no reviews of those first five books. (Maybe one day...but I wouldn't count on it). Now, having read PRIMAL DESIRES and ready to review it, I must say I am a bit disappointed with the book. I can't recall having these feelings with the other books but this one really didn't do it for me. It wasn't that I didn't like the book or the plot; it's just that I wasn't overwhelmed by it either.

It's difficult to name exactly what bothered me but I will give it a try. For example I would have loved to have a more in-depth look into Sofia and Jason's characters and lives and the Hunyara's background instead of the extensive general and repetitive descriptions of the Clan and Family's customs and traditions. The story was entertaining and definitely had potential but especially in the plot and main characters it stayed too much on the surface of things, never diving deep into the intriguing world it seems to be.

Also, the focus on Jason and Sofia is often interrupted by storylines and POVs of two other, secondary characters in the book. Admittedly the two side stories are tightly linked to the main plot and they were definitely interesting storylines leaving me curious how they will work out in future books but still I would have liked to see more focus on Jason, Sofia and their story. Related to this was the fact that the build-up of the relationship between Sofia and Jason was too shallow for my liking. They went from total strangers to feeding and lovemaking in roughly 60 pages and Sofia was dealing with a lot of other stuff besides her attraction to Jason. Not that I mind instant chemistry and attraction but it was just a bit too much to be believable and more importantly I didn't feel it fitted the rest of the story.

Finally, there were parts of the book that just couldn't hold my attention, especially the parts where Sizemore fills the pages with lengthy descriptions of the hierarchy, customs and traditions within the Clans and Families. In those parts the pace slowed considerably from the faster paced action and love scenes, they took me longer to read and those were the points in the book where my mind would stray off and I'd stop reading and go do other things. This is never a good thing when I'm reading; I like to be enthralled by a book to the point of not being able to stop reading it.

When I combine all of the above with the little plot and character inconsistencies I found, I can only come to the conclusion that PRIMAL DESIRES is an nice addition to the Primes series but didn't blow me off my socks, not by a long shot.

Sofia and Jason:
"It actually happened --sixty years ago."
"Over sixty."
"How old are you?"
"Obviously over sixty." He flashed a bright white smile at her. "Well preserved, aren't I?"

Sofia and Jason talking about Tolkien/LOTR:
"The council is actually my favorite part of The Lord of the Rings."
"Mine too," he answered. "I was never fond of Tolkien's anti-technology stance but I love his world-building and the history and mythology--"
"Keep talking sexy to me like that, and I'm going to throw you on the bed and have my way with you." She grinned.

May 27, 2009
Jacket Copy:
Marcus Helios was a member of the Shadow Guard until one reckless act changed it all, bringing him to the edge of madness. His hope for salvation lies in a cryptic message contained within two cryptic scrolls he believes to be in the possession of an enigmatic beauty named Mina. And Mina is not about to hand over the scrolls' secrets to a total stranger.

But someone else has designs on the mysterious relics, and on Mark: Jack the Ripper's jilted bride. Her malevolent embrace will trap everyone within reach, and her dark plans will challenge the powers of all she is destined to destroy.

In SO STILL THE NIGHT we pick up the story about 6 months after the end of NIGHT FALLS DARKLY, in which Mark Helios, Lord Alexander, sacrificed himself to the dark side by going into Transcension (the state of the soul where it is possible to cross to the Inner Realm and destroy the Immortals) in order to defeat the soul of Jack the Ripper and save his fellow Shadow Guard, Archer Black, and his beloved. Mark is now banished and the Primordial Council of the Amaranthine Inner Realm has ordered his capture and execution. The only way for Mark to save himself is to find a few ancient scrolls that hold the secret to the reversal of Transcension. These scrolls are in the hands of Mina Limpett, whose father is in search of the secrets of Immortality. Mark has managed to keep from succumbing to the madness of Transcension but time is definitely running out, not only his time but also that of the entire mortal and immortals population.

Mina is an adventurous woman. She is independent, intelligent, sassy and caring. Her father's quest for everything linked to immortality has left her penniless when she is confronted with the enigmatic Lord Alexander, who is trying to seduce her into handing over her father's discoveries. She seems immune, or rather she wants to think she's immune to Mark's seductive charm but soon she is unable to resist his lure.

Mark is a real charmer; he has no trouble enchanting the ladies and has no scruples about using them for his own benefit. He is also ambitious and determined to be the best at what he does. The fact that he has been banished from the Shadow Guards consumes him and he'll go to any length to redeem himself. He starts his seduction of Mina with only the much-needed scrolls in mind, and the fact that he is also physically attracted to her is an added bonus. But before long the mutual attraction intensifies to something deeper and more profound.

This was another great installment in the Shadow Guards series. It's refreshing, original, suspenseful and romantic. I have to admit I quite liked Leeson (the servant to Archer from book 1 and Mark’s helper in this book), he brought a touch of dry humor wrapped in all-knowing wisdom that I absolutely appreciated and welcomed. In this installment I learned more about the Amaranthine world as Kim Lenox is expanding the world slowly providing more rules, knowledge and background about the Council and the Shadow Guards. There's also an introduction of a new group of Shadow Guards whom I suspect will be playing an important role in future books: The Raven.

Comparing SO STILL THE NIGHT to NIGHT FALLS DARKLY I must say that NIGHT FALLS DARKLY wins the favorite title but it's very close. The end of the first book was rounded up neater than this one. SO STILL THE NIGHT ended a bit more confusing and with a major cliffhanger that raised a lot of questions that will no doubt be answered in the next book. However, overall the plot in SO STILL THE NIGHT was more elaborate and more intriguing. I am very curious as to where Kim Lenox is taking this world of the Shadow Guards. I have faith she is taking us to a good place and I have the feeling that there is so much more to this world than has been displayed in these first two books. I really love the world building, the characters and the overall plot arc that is continued throughout the separate books, with a partial conclusion in each one, adding to the whole.

With SO STILL THE NIGHT Kim Lenox brings her readers back to the gritty London scene at the end of the 19th century. She mixes that vivid setting with an impressive and unique paranormal world, which she builds up thoroughly and consistently, and the cherry on the pie is the romance between Mark and Mina. I am ready for Selene’s story now.

Was it possible she'd grown lovelier since he'd last seen her? His eyes narrowed. Perhaps it was simply the fact that she'd shot him. He'd always admired women who handled their weaponry confidently, and well.

Leeson and Mark about seducing Mina:
"So what is your plan to seduce the girl?"
Mark flinched. Were his methods so predictable? So clich├ęd?
The old man prodded. "Come on now. We're not tow rascals telling tales. This is strategy. Have you managed to bed her yet?"
"Don't be shy, boy. Have you danced the horizontal polka or no?"

May 25, 2009
Jacket Copy:
What happens when the girl next door isn’t so innocent?
Molly Jennings might look like the girl next door, but she has one naughty little secret: her job. Molly is a very successful writer of erotic fiction. Until her inspiration runs dry—thanks to a creepy ex—and she decides it’s time to move back home to tiny Tumble Creek, Colorado.

Tumble Creek doesn’t have much going for it, but one look at luscious chief of police Ben Lawson, who starred in her girlhood dreams, and Molly is back in business. But while her fantasies are pouring out on paper, the town gossip is buzzing at her door and, worse yet, a stalker seems to be watching her every move. Thankfully, her very own lawman has taken to coming over, often. The only problem now is that Molly may have to let the cat out of the bag about her chosen profession, and straight-laced Ben will definitely not approve…

I start this review by apologizing to Ms. Dahl for not reading her work sooner. If TALK ME DOWN is an indication of her writing skills and talent, I am really looking forward to reading the historicals.

The story of TALK ME DOWN centers on Molly Jenkins, who inherits her aunt’s house in her small hometown, Tumble Creek. Molly left Tumble Creek a long time ago and has made a life for herself in Denver as an erotic romance novelist. A profession she keeps secret from everyone around her. The inheritance comes at an opportune moment since she's experiencing a case of writer's block and trying to find a way to get away from her obsessed ex-boyfriend. Besides, going back to Tumble Creek entails she can try to rekindle the feelings between her and Ben Lawson, the town's chief of police and the man who she had her very first crush on. Molly's return to the small town of Tumble Creek causes a lot of turmoil especially with Ben, who hasn't forgotten the inappropriate feelings he had for his best friend's little sister. The spark between Molly and Ben lights up immediately and Molly's secretiveness about her profession creates a challenge for Ben but when a stalker threatens Molly’s life and scary things begin to happen, keeping Molly safe and alive becomes Ben’s main goal.

I loved the characters, their interactions and dialogues. Molly is feisty, outspoken and has a sassy personality. There are moments where her self-consciousness and childhood insecurities come to the surface but she always bounces back from it. She's a product of her upbringing. She always had to compete with her smart and perfect brother to get noticed or appreciated by her parents for the individual she is. But her attempts mostly backfired and she has accepted that she will never be what they want her to be. This makes it hard for her to open up and reveal her secrets and feelings, even to Ben. And Ben...well there's nothing I didn't like about him. A rough diamond. He is practical, reserved, rugged and serious in an utterly sexy way. The way he went about to find out Molly's profession was fun to read. His contradictory feelings whether to pursue a relationship with Molly were endearing and his protective side made my heart melt.

I discovered Victoria Dahl when her debut historical novel TO TEMPT A SCOTSMAN was mentioned on the old ROOB-message board as a release in August 2007. At the time I was like a drug-addict in my book-buying habits: always looking for the next fix and I bought it immediately. As I bought like crazy then, the book arrived and disappeared to the bookshelves, unread. The next historical novel by Dahl followed the same path. Then I found out she was writing contemporary novels too and decided to buy TALK ME DOWN, still without having read a single letter by her hand. It's becoming repetitive now but TALK ME DOWN also didn't make the TBR-pile and went straight to the bookshelves. Until a few weeks ago. I had been reading some intense paranormal books and wanted something lighter to vary because variety is the spice of life! My eye caught the cover of TALK ME DOWN, I remembered some funny comment Victoria Dahl had made on Twitter and that sealed the deal.

Reading chapter 1 I knew I had made the right choice and by chapter 3, I was totally hooked on Victoria Dahl's refreshing and down-to-earth writing. With a little childhood scandal, a bit of stalker mystery and a lot of hotness this was a book straight up my alley. It was fast-paced, filled with delicious humor and great characters that had a nice chemistry going. It read smoothly and the mix of humor, sex and a little suspense made it a novel that really stands out in my collection of contemporary reads. Lovely sweet moments alternated with laugh-out-loud fun and sensually scorching moments.

For me the way Victoria Dahl combined witty fun with sultry passion and just the right amount of suspense made it a contemporary romance as it should be: sharp and witty. The unexpected explicitness made it a sizzling hot treat I find hard to say no to. I can't wait to read the erotic story Molly wrote during this book and I am looking forward to the second Tumble Creek book: START ME UP. It can't get here soon enough because I'm ready and willing to go back to the small town of Tumble Creek any time!

So if you're looking for a fun read with plenty of red-hot sensuality and a pinch of suspense? Pick Victoria Dahl’s TALK ME DOWN! It would be my first choice from the bookshelves if I ever need a pick-me-up read.

A sudden metallic screech interrupted, terrifying her into a scream. She sprang up, flinging the vibrator across the room. (...)"Oh.My.God." She thought she'd electrocuted herself with a defective sex toy. Her heart was still trying its best to escape from her chest, jumping ship at the first sign of danger.

His hair was slightly damp and it clung to his nape. Molly bit back a groan, trying to fight the urge to walk over and run her tongue down the back of his neck. She'd never even kissed the man, but right now she wanted to eat him up, swallow him whole, ditch Lori and this bar and drag him home with her for mindless, sweaty, dirty sex. He looked young and hot and delicious.

May 22, 2009
Jacket Copy:
Caldwell, NY, has long been the battleground for the vampires and their enemies, the Lessening Society. It’s also where Rehvenge has staked out his turf as a drug lord and notorious nightclub that caters to the rich and heavily armed. His shadowy reputation is exactly why he’s approached to kill Wrath, the Blind King, and leader of the Brotherhood. Rehvenge has always kept his distance from the Brotherhood, even though his sister is married to a member. Because he’s a sympath, his identity is a deadly secret- the revelation of which will result in his banishment to a colony for sociopaths. And as plots within and outside the Brotherhood take their toll against Rehvenge, he turns to the only source of light in a darkening world- Ehlena, a vampire untouched by the corruption that has its hold on him- and the only thing standing between him and eternal destruction.

Since the blurb on the book itself summarizes the story perfectly and if I did one it would spoil too many events and I am of the opinion readers should experience them without any foreknowledge, I am not synopsizing the book in my review. The only thing I will say is that the book comprises 4 major plotlines: of course the story of Rehv and Ehlena. Secondly the story of Wrath, then there's the storyline of the Lessers with Lash in the spotlight and finally there's the complicated storyline of John Matthew and Xhex. Actually thinking about this, I also have to mention the tiny but important storyline with Tohr as the leading man. These 5 storylines alternate throughout the book and are all connected and interlaced in one way or another.

I find LOVER AVENGED difficult to review. There were things I didn't like about the book: the slang, the messy switches between POVs and storylines in the beginning, some actions by certain characters. There were things I loved about it: Rehv and Ehlena (especially on the phone), the bantering between the Brothers, the storyline with Wrath. Some things started out badly for me and improved considerably along the way: the romance element, both between Rehv and Ehlena as in some other plotlines. Elements that I disliked in other books of the BDB-series worked for me in this book: the Lesser/Lash plotline.

Nevertheless, one thing was constant throughout the entire book: my fascination with Rehvenge, a fascination I've sported ever since I first read about him in this series. It survived everything Ward threw at me in attempts to distract me from it and was kept intact. Without a doubt Rehv has rushed to the top of my favorite hero-list. In this book I learned more about him, his sympath side and his vampire side and every bit of knowledge strengthened my suspicions that he would be a male of worth, despite the shady life he has been forced to live. Yes, Rehv is cunning, cold, and ruthless but he is also loyal, powerful and honorable. Rehv's character is so contradictory. One the one hand he is a hardened, opportunistic drug dealing pimp, a half-sympath with nothing on his mind but his own gain and he’s involved in a sordid blackmail scenario. But his motives for doing all the nasty stuff he has too, are not selfish, they are to protect the ones he loves and keep them unknowing and far from harm. From the start his sarcastic and cynical outlook on his life and situation comes to the surface, however, in the course of the story his motivation and reasoning is revealed, making him into the hero I was hoping he would be. He is the epitome of the anti-hero. For me his good sides outweighed the nasty ones and I must praise J.R. Ward for pulling that off.

Ehlena has had a terribly harsh life and still she takes everything in stride. She is sensible, giving, proud, intelligent and strong. She's very grounded and quick-witted. She is realistic enough to accept certain events in her life, good and bad. And when the time comes for her to show her strength she delivers splendidly and bravely. I couldn't have wished for a better heroine for Rehv. She is his perfect match, even if they come from totally different places and are true opposites. She is the light in his dark life. In the beginning of the book and their romance my heart broke for him because knowing who and what he is, his past and the blackmail he cannot embrace her and love her the way he yearns to. I truly loved the romance story between Ehlena and Rehv even if at first it took second place in the book which took away from the build-up but luckily it didn't take away from the chemistry between them and I loved the way Rehv courted Ehlena despite thinking he was not worthy of her and the way Ehlena falls for Rehv despite thinking he is way out of her league.

Whatever criticism I may have on Ward's vocabulary, the lack of focus on the romance or the way changes of POV/plotlines are picked, I really cannot say anything negative about her BDB world building. It is a mix of fast-paced action, witty sarcastic bantering and sublime multiple storylines. And I really must not forget to mention that the BDB is a tight Brotherhood again. I really missed that in LU and LEn and even knowing it’s because of the big role of Wrath's storyline in this, it was a pleasure to see the Brothers bantering and read the nice old-school sarcastic dialogues between Wrath, Butch, V, Thor and the Brothers' latest houseguest Lassiter.

One telling fact that this book really did something with me was the fact that the tissues, which have been laid to rest since LOVER UNBOUND, where brought out regularly during this book. Man, how does Ward come up with these heart-wrenching, cry-my-eyes-out scenes? Not only with Rehv and Ehlena but quite a few of the other characters too. Where in LOVER ENSHRINED the other storylines bothered me and took my attention away from the already little connection I had with Phury and Cormia, the storylines in this one were set up in a way that they entwined with Rehv and Ehlena's story perfectly. All the storylines came together in one amazing conclusion that sprouted out a cliffhanger that will keep me guessing for a long while. Well, at least until the next book comes out.

This truly could have been the perfect BDB-book for me. For the first time I didn't skip the Lesser parts to which I'm confessing having done in the early books. If it weren't for the annoying excessive use of popular slang, abbreviations and acronyms in Ward's writing vocabulary and the first third of the book where switches between the different primary storylines were poorly done in my opinion and therefore making it hard for me to get into the stories properly, this really could have been a 5 stars BDB book. Still, like Rehv was redeemed in the book, I will also grant Ward redemption because after two lesser (no pun intended) installments, she has managed to reel me back into the BDB and yearning for the next book. Off course the enormous cliffhanger at the end of LOVER AVENGED could also be a deciding factor in that.

“It’s simple. I don’t think you should date anyone.” Rehv moved in even closer, until he could see the flecks of gold in her eyes. “But I’m not just anyone.” (...) As Ehlena stared into Rehvenge’s amethyst eyes, she thought that was so right. In this quiet moment, with an explosive sexual vibe linking them and the scent of dark cologne in the air, Rehvenge was everybody and everything.

Lassiter to Tohr:
“So, what are we doing tonight? Wait, let me guess, sitting in morose silence. Or, no…you’re mixing it up. Brooding with soulful intensity, right? What a f*cking wild child you are. Whoo. Hoo. Next thing you know, you’ll be opening for Slipknot.”

“Man, flat ass is right,” Lassiter muttered. “You’re sporting a pair of deflated basketballs back there. Makes me wonder…Hey, I’ll bet Fritz has a bicycle pump.”

May 21, 2009
Jacket Copy:
She never planned to get involved with her ex again. Especially not in his murder…

But that’s just what happens when Celie Wells has an encounter with her former husband, and he turns up dead an hour later. Now, after working hard to distance herself from his crooked ways and shady connections, she finds she’s smack dab in the middle of his murder investigation. And it isn’t just the police who have their eye on her, but an enraged drug lord who is seeking payback.

The only person who seems to be on her side is old acquaintance John McAllister. But the sexy reporter has a nose for news, as well as a reputation as a playboy. Is he helping Celie out because he wants a story or a one-night stand? She knows John’s interest is potentially hazardous to her heart. But not accepting his help could put her life at even greater risk—and she can’t afford one wrong step.

John McAllister is a reporter who is the embodiment of the charming playboy who can talk any woman into his bed. He is confident and enjoys the company of women. That is until he crosses paths again with Celie Wells, his former colleague's (Feenie from ONE LAST BREATH) best friend. She evokes feelings in him he has never experienced before and trying to stay professional while he writes a story on her ex-husband's murder proves to be difficult.

Celie is resilient and brave. She is compassionate and an open book for everyone. Before she found out the trouble her ex-husband was in, she had the life of a perfect suburban housewife. Now she's divorced, longing for a family and a suspect in the investigation of her ex' murder. And on top of that she has to deal with her attraction to John, the reporter out to get the dirt on her.

The attraction between Celie and John is apparent but they both fight it. John doesn't want to commit himself to a woman in that way. Celie fights the attraction the most because she thinks they're only compatible on a sexual level. She literally tries to keep her distance physically but about half way through the book there's a change in her feelings. She makes a U-turn and suddenly stops fighting the attraction and gives in. The suddenness of this change of heart is the only little (very, very little) thing that bothered me in character development, but I soon forgave Griffin because the love scene that followed it was by far the best and hottest one I've read in Griffin's books so far. It was beautifully written, sweet and sensual. McAllister definitely scored points in that scene.

Essentially this story sort of continues from ONE LAST BREATH that's why it I think it's important to read these two books in sequence. Celie's ex-husband who was involved in some shady business in book 1 ends up dead after a strange visit to Celie, who has moved on with her life. Both Celie and John were secondary characters in the first book. When I met them in that book I was immediately intrigued by John and Celie also definitely caught my attention.
But even though many aspects of the storyline of ONE WRONG STEP find their origin in the other book of the duology, still it is anything but predictable.

The first few pages of the prologue of this book had my heart pounding in anticipation of another great Laura Griffin story to come. And my anticipation was met yet again. It was realistic, fast-paced, undiluted, the humor was subtle and the suspense was superb. I can't praise Laura Griffin enough for the way she writes suspense plots. It was thrilling, unpredictable and perfectly set up, keeping me reading and wanting to know the next development in the story. Players are introduced, clues are revealed, pieces fall into place and even though I received a lot of information along the way, the wrap-up was still surprising and original. As I've grown used to from her, with ONE WRONG STEP she has delivered a book with a lovely romance, excellent suspense, great characters and a wonderful ending. At a certain point I thought the plot had been wrapped up but because I still had about 80 pages to go I knew that couldn't be it. And luckily it wasn't. The last 80 pages were action-filled and extremely fast-paced, tying loose ends and the book ended with a lovely and tear-jerking epilogue.

The combination of the blossoming and touching love story and the compelling suspense is one that Laura Griffin masters skillfully and she has delivered on it with every book I've read by her hand. This combination is the backbone of each story and yet at the same time every story is amazingly unique. The dynamics between the main couple are different in every book, which is logical due to their different personalities. It gives each book its own vibe even when they're linked.

Combining brilliant suspense with romance that is excellently put together emotionally and the slightly more sensual tone proved to be a winning formula for me. ONE WRONG STEP is my favorite Griffin book to-date. WHISPER OF WARNING comes really close and I've rated them equally but this one definitely tops the list. And with this book my stack of Laura Griffin books has been read and I'm eagerly awaiting her next masterpiece. News of a new series starring two secondary characters from WHISPER OF WARNING has reached me and I can't wait.

He had that long, tall Texan thing going on, and even in a state full of Texans, he stood out. He was well over six feet, athletically slender, and had just enough drawl in his voice to charm the pants off of even the most clear-thinking woman.

She took a deep breath. This was crazy. She was crazy. She was going to spend the night with him in his cozy little house and have incredible, decadent, no-strings-attached sex. With her luck, she'd probably fall in love with him before the burgers came off the grill.

May 19, 2009
Today NOT QUITE A HUSBAND by Sherry Thomas releases. I've had the pleasure of reviewing this book for ROOB.

My first taste of Sherry Thomas' writing has left me mesmerized. I like intense emotional stories and this book gave that to me in a very satisfactory way. Everything was intense, the characters, their interactions, their passion, the animosity between them, their desperate longing for each other. It was a mix of intense storytelling and historical facts and a heartbreaking story of two people grown apart for reasons that derive from miscommunication but at the same time their situation is understandable from both their points of view. Next to the intensity it was also sprinkled with little moments of subtle humor that broke the tension at exactly the right spots in the storyline.

Click HERE and go to the "Recently Updated" page to read the full review!

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