August 31, 2008

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Back Cover:
Eleven thousand years ago a god was born. Cursed into the body of a human, Acheron endured a lifetime of hatred and spent a lifetime of shame. However, his human death unleashed an unspeakable horror that almost destroyed the earth. Then, brought back against his will, he became the sole defender of mankind.

Only it was never that simple...
For centuries, he has fought for our survival and hidden a past he never wanted revealed. Until a lone woman who refuses to be intimidated by him threatens his very existence.

Now his survival, and ours, depends on her and old enemies reawaken and unite to kill them both.
War has never been more deadly... or more fun

Ever since I finished this book I have been wondering how to set about with the review. Should I review both parts separately? Should I make a summary of the stories?
Would I even be able to write a decent review that portrays my feelings on this book?
I decided to wing it and start typing and I would see what the outcome would be. So here this is me winging it.

Though many readers were anticipating this book something fierce, I didn't catch the fever until the book was actually in my hands and I read the Author's Note by Kenyon in the book. True, Ash has always been a fascinating character in the previous books but for me there was too much mystery surrounding him and I don't connect to characters until I know what makes them tick and why they are as they are. Well, Kenyon delivered big time on this for me. I was touched to the depth of my heart by Acheron's past and by his journey to find that one person he could love and trust unconditionally and I'm so glad he found her in Tory.
I remember when I heard how many pages this book would be, I though it was a lot of pages but now that I’m finished I feel I could have gone on reading Ash’s story endlessly.

After reading part One I understood so much of his comments to the Dark-Hunters and his attitude towards the world in the previous books. I really and truly understand Acheron now. However, I still can't grasp how he dealt with being rejected, abandoned, abused, tortured, degraded and humiliated the way he was in his human life and still came out of it the person he is. Every event, every meeting, every interaction formed Acheron into the man/god he would become in the future.

Unwanted and rejected he still held on to his dignity and took his suffering in stride.
The way he was treated in human life can only eat away at one's humanity but he still bounced back from every form of hurt and betrayal.
How much can a soul take before it gives up?
Well apparently Acheron's can take a lot and still he is compassionate and loyal and always looking out for others, making sure his actions don't hurt them.

I also understood his reluctance to interfere in the Dark Hunters' destinies. He knows firsthand what interference, as well meant as it might be, can do and how it can deteriorate things. Ryssa's POV (point of view) of Ash's youth in the form of her journal in Part One was heartbreaking. Her determination to save him from harm only made things worse, even in the future she inadvertently causes trouble for him, but she was also the first person to show him love.

This book blew me away! Part One was marked by tears with a tiny, tiny hint of the Kenyon humor, Part Two was marked by laugh-out-loud wit and banter Kenyon style, spliced with emotional, heartrending moments. It took me a while to get through Part One but this had nothing to do with the writing style because it was as fast-paced as Part Two and read easily. The delay was because of the many times I had to put it away because I couldn't bear to read about Acheron's suffering and had to get a grip on my emotions. And even in those moments I wanted to go on reading the moment I put it down.

Kenyon found the perfect way to tell Ash's story. In the other books he was the unreachable, untouchable and detached godly leader of the Dark-Hunters, surrounded by mystery and I couldn't quite empathize with him, or get where he was coming from. But in Part One she made him human, both literally and figuratively speaking, less untouchable and I was captivated by the strength in him. This prepared me for how he dealt with Tory in Part Two. The way he accepted and relished her attitude towards him.

Tory was a delightful mix of sarcasm, brains and clumsiness. She was the perfect match for Ash. Any other woman or personality just wouldn't do. The chemistry between them was sensual and endearing. The way they reacted to each other was so much fun to read. I loved the running gag of with the hammer comments and savored how Tory wasn't at all intimidated by Ash. The romance between them made my romantic heart burn with passion.

My opinion of Appolymi has changed totally. She had already started to grow on my in DEVIL MAY CRY, but in Ash's book she truly earned my respect and admiration. I got why she wants to destroy the world and the other Gods so much better now. She will do anything to save her son and those he loves. Her actions haven't always been the most sensible ones but she always had Ash's interest in her mind.

Contrary to my newfound admiration of Appolymi, Artemis has lost any credit she ever could have gotten from me, which already was very, very little. There is no way that goddess can ever redeem herself in my eyes. I understand her actions also made Ash into the man he is now but she is one cold-hearted, selfish, malignant being, not capable of loving anyone else but herself. I don't think she's ready with Tory and Ash but I can't say I'm anticipating her antics. She was the character that irritated me most in this book and she was linked to the one small thing I thought wasn't cleared up in the book and I hope this will be done in future books, preferably in the next, ONE SILENT NIGHT.

Part Two was also kind of a homecoming, seeing all those former Dark-Hunters and other familiar characters (Talon, Zarek, Sunshine, Tabitha, Nick, Julian, Valerius, Wulf) make an appearance. I was thrown back to the feeling I had with the first Dark-Hunter books I read and I loved that feeling.

Where Kenyon didn't enchant me with DEVIL MAY CRY, UPON THE MIDNIGHT CLEAR and DREAM CHASER she has more than made up for it with what I see as one of her best (if not the best one) books yet! This book was so much more than the sum of its two parts. It was the only way to deliver Acheron's story and do him justice.

Ryssa and Acheron:
"Will you not speak to me?"
"And say what, Ryssa? I think my actions speak loudly enough for even a deaf man to hear. But no one ever listens to me either."
"This is so unfair to you."
"Life isn't about being fair," he breathed. "It's not about justice. It's all about endurance and how much we can suffer through."

And an illustration of the relationship between Artemis and Acheron:
She leaned down to kiss his cheek. “You always make me feel so special."
And she always made him feel like shit.

Rating: 10 out of 10
August 26, 2008

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Back Cover:
Gorgeous flame-haired Cynda Flynn knows fire—its heat, its power, its magic. A fully trained Sybil warrior priestess, Cynda’s weapon is flame. But she’s unprepared for the passion ignited by Nick Lowell, an undercover cop in the NYPD’s Occult Crime Unit. He’s half human, half demon, and hotter than hell, with fathomless black eyes that ignite something buried deep inside Cynda, making her melt in all the right places.

Luckily, Nick has found a way to control his dark side, but he’s done it old-school—through steel-willed self-control. And after five years working secretly within the deadly Legion cult, he’s unbreakable. Or he was, until Cynda came along. Now it’s personal—and even his big bad love may not be enough to halt a terrible new evil snuffing out fire Sybils like Cynda. It’s nasty. And if it can’t be stopped, they’re all going to fry.

Four months after the battle with the Legion members who were out to destroy the Sibyls, a carefully planned and coordinated attack with invisible demons takes out a big part of the Fire Sibyls all over the world. Afterwards the triads are faced with a challenge. They have to find out who is targeting the Fire Sibyls and why. In New York City they have the help from the Occult Crime Unit (OCU).

Cynda Flynn, the Upper East Side Triad's Fire Sibyl is paired up with Nick Lowell, her triad sister's brother in law.
They face an enemy other than the Legion trying to destroy the Sibyls and as if that isn't enough they also find themselves fighting the attraction they have for each other because while Motherhouse Russia was lenient in allowing Creed to marry Riana, Motherhouse Ireland doesn't accept a half-demon as a partner of their most promising Fire Sibyl. But Cynda and Nick follow their hearts regardless of the severe threats from both their enemy and their friends.

Cynda learned at a young age that she could only rely on herself and she's very picky as to who she loves and trusts. Her Sibyl Mother Keara and her fellow Sibyls are the only ones worthy of her affections. Until she meets Nick and though she fights it with a vengeance, she can't deny her feelings for him. They confuse her at first but when she acknowledges them, she is willing to sacrifice everything for his love.

The chemistry between Nick and Cynda is flammable and I mean that in the literal sense too. Cynda is a Fire Sibyl so any emotion; anger, joy, pleasure, sorrow, causes her to burn both herself and others. Nick's boldness has cost him several pairs of boots and items of clothing. But Cynda's clothes also need to be made fire resistant.

Actually Nick is the only one who has some measure of control over her explosive character. It's small but it's there. He can absorb her flames and he has the ability to calm her down. Nick accepts the attraction between them better than Cynda does. But he understands that Cynda has to be the one to make the first move in their relationship, that's the only way she can accept it fully.
And when she does she has a terrible choice to make. The choice between her loyalty to her Sibyl family and her love for Nick.

The most important secondary characters are Cynda's triad: Riana and Merilee. Their bond is strong and their love for each other is unconditional. They stand behind each other no matter what.
But there are also Nick's brothers Creed and Jake. Jake a minor but crucial character in book 1 and he is the hero of the next book but in this book he won my heart with his actions. Of the three brothers he is the one who has gone through the most and his story is yet to come.
And of course Andy, Creed's partner, is a recurring secondary character. I really can't wait for her full story, especially after the revelations in this installment and her sarcastic wit just cracks me up! Though it was missing for the greater part of the book, for a very good reason, it returned at the end and I had a few laughs courtesy of Andy.

In this book the Legion who are the Sibyls' archenemy, played a slightly smaller role than in the first book. There is another enemy out to destroy the Sibyls, Fire Sibyls in particular. At the end this enemy is used by the Legion to deliver a blow that could change the balance between the Sibyls and the Legion. But luckily reinforcement from unexpected allies comes to the rescue but this it is far from over. This battle was won but the Legion isn't done with the Sibyls yet.

After BOUND BY SHADOW I couldn't wait to throw myself back into the world of Sibyls, demons, the OCU and the Legion again and BOUND BY FLAME appeased my craving in the most satisfactory way. From the prologue to the last word I was captivated yet again by Anna Windsor's writing skills and her creative imagination.

With this installment of the series she provides a deeper look into the world she created. She takes it up a notch, giving more and specific information about the Sibyls and the Legion. She expands the initial world and plot by delivering a layered and extensive novel that appeals to readers who like action-filled urban fantasy as well as emotional paranormal romance.

Against a background of battles between Sibyls and demons, Anna Windsor also manages to create a beautiful and intriguing love story between Cynda and Nick. The romance build-up is natural, even-paced in the midst of a thrilling and action-packed plot. I did have a feeling that for me it was less emotional and more action-driven but this doesn't take away the quality of the book or its place in the series. It fits the main characters that are very different from Creed and Riana from book 1.

Again Windsor does a great job with the storylines. She combines small and enticing side stories with the main plot, setting them up to come together in a grand finale with a undeniably heart-stopping battle of battles.
Along with the suspense, action and steamy sensuality the book is sprinkled with wit, from subtle sarcastic banter to playful, laugh-out-loud humor. And it's this combination of and balance between these components that makes it a great read.

If I go by what I'm used to in romance novels, relatively speaking, there aren't many love scenes (only three) but Anne Windsor makes them count. Each one is fiery (literally), steamy and intense and they fit Nick and Cynda's personalities and the development of their relationship.

Anna Windsor sure knows how to light my fire because this book is flammable and explosive, both in figuratively and literally. I was melted to the pages, taking it all in like sweet candy. I am really enjoying this new voice in the paranormal genre and she has made her way to my favorite list after only two books. My anticipation is cranked up sky-high waiting for book number 3!

"," she said through her teeth.
Nick's smile was so sensual it sent ripples of liquid desire through her entire body.
"If that's what you really want," he murmured in that unbelievable sexy bass, "make me."

After everything they'd just been through at the Sweetbriar house, if Nick's inner demon was going to hurt her, then let it show up and swallow her whole. She hoped she gave the friggin' thing indigestion.

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August 22, 2008

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Back Cover:
Think working for a leading international shoe company sounds like a dream job? Not if you're Amelia Parker, an overworked, downtrodden temp working for Bellagio, Inc.'s grand dame, Lillian Bellagio. But things are looking up for Amelia. She's just been given the assignment of accompanying Ms. Bellagio to her estate in the Keys. Trading pumps for flip-flops and a cell phone for a conch shell—could be worse, right?

Especially when life on the island includes her very own mystery man—one Jack "The Shark" O'Connell, dashing venture capitalist. He dares Amelia to use this time to do something wild: drink a hurricane, go skinny-dipping...have an affair with a dangerously attractive man. Now Amelia will have to decide whether to step into that glass slipper.

They meet on the Keys where Jack O'Connell is combining a vacation with business he wants to conduct with the grand dame of Bellagio Inc., Lillian Bellagio. Amelia Parker has temporarily been sent to the Keys as Lillian's personal assistant. She uses this assignment to get over the breakup with her fiancé.
Amelia has always accommodated her ex in everything: school, career, behavior, and appearance. She constantly put his wishes first but when he breaks up with her for the second time in a few weeks and tells her he has fallen in love with someone else, something inside her breaks and she's determined to never fall in love again.
But what starts as a holiday fling, soon becomes more and they realize that they have feelings for each other that go much deeper than some holiday affair.

Jack is a self-made man. He has worked himself up to the man he is now, driven to escape his sad and difficult childhood. He yearns for a sense of belonging, even if he has a hard time acknowledging this desire.
His connection to the Bellagio family is a surprising one and one I didn't see coming until it was revealed in the plotline.

Professionally Amelia can plan and organize everything and anyone without batting an eye but arranging her own personal life proves to be more of a challenge to her. After Will she has trouble finding her own individuality and making her own choices again.

Jack challenges and inspires Amelia to come out of her comfort zone and do things she normally wouldn't. I loved the chemistry between Jack and Amelia. They were perfect together. They both start a little on the negative side because Jack is using Amelia for information on Bellagio. Jack's motives for chatting up to Amelia aren’t quite without ulterior (business) motives when he finds out she works for Bellagio. And Amelia is a little bit too hung up on her ex. But throughout the story they redeemed themselves magnificently. They both grew emotionally during the book.

The dynamics were a bit different than I’m used in the romance novels I read. For a change it was Jack who is first to realize that his feelings for Amelia were more than some vacation fling. Usually it's the heroine who is aware of this first and tries to make more of the relationship but Amelia was determined at first to see Jack as her guilty pleasure to get over Will and nothing more than a passionate past-time during her stay on the Keys. Even when they continue their affair at home she wants to keep it under wraps and doesn’t want other people, especially her colleagues at Bellagio, to know they are an item.

The supporting cast is a mix of previous main couples and recurring secondary characters from the two previous books in the trilogy. But a few new secondary characters also make an appearance. I liked Amelia's mother and sisters and there's a scene concerning Amelia's sister's bachelorette party that's really hilarious.
There are slightly bigger secondary roles for Marc Waterson (hero book 1) and Brooke Tarantino (the runaway bride from book 1). We get acquainted with Brooke again and she is still the quintessential spoiled, selfish and irresponsible brat. She is used to getting what she wants and attracts trouble like a magnet.

I'm sad that the trilogy has ended because I enjoyed the Bellagio books and would have been happy to see more stories in this setting.
But I'll have to make do with Leanne Banks' other books, which will hopefully provide as delightful reading as these ones did.
I can't decide which book I liked better, this one or book 2. They were both wonderful reads with many laughs but also heart in the throat-moments. Each couple and their story is unique and a combination of fun and emotions. This book was a bit more sensual than the previous two. I think this was because of Jack's character. He was a different hero than Walker and definitely different from Marc. He was more spontaneous and less inhibited. He really brought out Amelia's sensual side too.

I haven't read much contemporary romance but I know Leanne Banks is going to be one of my favorites. Every book has its own vibe and feel. The connecting factor is the Bellagio shoe company. In this trilogy she combines fun, emotions and every-day situations into fast-paced and enjoyable books.

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August 19, 2008

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Back Cover:
Bellagio, Inc. public relations genius Trina Roberts had been a bad, bad girl when she'd gone to bed with a recently jilted groom and wound up pregnant. She knew Walker Gordon wasn't looking for forever—at least not with her. So when he took a job overseas, she sort of neglected to tell him about the baby on the way.
Well, now he's back... and he's just figured out the truth.

Walker had been reeling from a very public breakup when Trina had offered solace he couldn't deny. He'd never expected the result would make him somebody's daddy! Trina claimed not to need anything from him, but he was determined that his child have a father; he just didn't know if it should be him. Because a father's shoes...well, those he wasn't sure he could fill.

This book starts where book 1 ended: Walker Gordon being dumped at the altar. Walker was about to marry Brooke Tarantino; great-niece of the owners of Bellagio and Bellagio designed her wedding shoes. At the last minute Brooke decides to do the runaway bride-act and literally left the groom standing at the altar.

Trina Roberts, who works in the PR department at Bellagio's, has had a crush on Walker but he was off-limits because he was engaged.
After an alcohol-induced one-night-stand between them on the night of the cancelled wedding, Walker goes to Europe to recover from the embarrassment and Trina finds out she's pregnant. She knows Walker never wanted to be a father so she keeps it from him.

Then Walker returns to secure the Bellagio-account for his advertising company and finds out he has a daughter. He accepts his financial responsibilities but he also offers Trina to help find a man for her who will also be a good dad to their daughter. He has more trouble executing this offer than he anticipated and they find out Walker is more daddy material than he would have thought.

I loved Trina in this book! She is a heroine who knows she can't change her situation so she makes the best of it. She was witty and independent. I loved the scenes with her and Maddie, her daughter.
Walker is caring, responsible and a goal getter. He was practically invisible in book 1 but really stepped up to the plate in his own.
The chemistry between them is tangible throughout the entire book and I loved the way they grew toward each other. They went from a one-night-stand to two people who genuinely cared for each other.

The people surrounding Walker and Trina were lovely secondary characters. They complemented both them and the storyline perfectly.
I loved Walker's uncle Harry and his brother BJ and the little storyline concerning BJ and his girlfriend. Trina's mother was a bit of an annoying character at first but she quickly redeems herself by doing something very unexpected and nice.
And I got to "see" how Jenny and Marc from book 1 were doing which was a nice extra treat.

I liked book 1 in this trilogy but I loved this one. Both the storyline and the characters suited my taste and spoke more to me than the previous book.
It was funny and fast-paced but still it followed a believable pace considering the storyline. I had laugh-out-loud moments, but there were also some scenes that had me teary-eyed. The end was great. It had the emotions I seek in romance novels so I was fully satisfied after turning the last page.

I love Leanne Banks' writing style. It's fluent and easy-to-read. She creates characters you can't but like and empathize with, characters that have their flaws like we all have. It was a very nice read and I'm diving right into the third and last book of this trilogy. In this book the heroine of that one is introduced as a secondary character and I like her already.

If you like contemporary stories with a hint of chick-lit, Leanne Banks is the author to have on your bookshelves. I know that when I need a light, fun and recognizable read, I can grab one of her books anytime.

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August 17, 2008

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Back Cover:
They were once orphans from London's roughest slums. Now they are students of Mrs. Merlin's Academy for Select Young Ladies, learning the art of spying and seduction. Bold, beautiful, and oh-so-dangerous, they are England's ultimate secret weapons...

The most skilled of Merlin's Maidens, Siena must unmask a traitor lurking among an exclusive club of book collectors. Armed with only her wits, her blades, and her sultry body, she joins the gentlemen at a country house party. But her prime suspect, disgraced ex-army officer Lord Kirtland proves as enigmatic as he is suspicious-and sinfully sensuous.

Kirtland's instincts tell him the enticing "Black Dove" is hiding more than a luscious body beneath her fancy silks. Yet as he starts to plumb her secrets, a cunning adversary lays plans to destroy them both. To live, Siena must end her tantalizing dance of deception and desire-and decide whether to trust her head or her heart...

Siena is a student of Madame Merlin's Academy of Select Young Ladies. A school that takes in orphaned girls from the streets with no future and train them in marital arts, use of all kinds of weapons and seduction.
When a traitor is smuggling information to the French with the use of rare, priceless books, Siena gets the chance to prove herself in her first assignment. She infiltrates The Gilded Page Club, a gentlemen's club of book collectors. She poses as a courtesan looking for her next protector among them but in fact she's looking for the traitor.
All the members of the Club are willing to undergo her challenges to be her protector, except Julian Henning, Earl of Kirtland. He is an officer who was court-martialed for insubordination and the victim of gossip from the "ton."
He suspects there is more to Siena than she is trying to make them believe and doesn't trust her.

Kirtland is dark and brooding, both in character and appearance. After his dismissal from the Army he has isolated himself from Society except for his book club. He has an almost obsessive love for (rare) books. He is headstrong, outspoken and convinced of the rightness of his actions and decisions. He's a man of principles and sometimes doesn't know when to compromise. He seems cold but Siena brings out the man behind the mask and thaws his stubborn heart.

Siena is a bit suspicious of other people's motives and intentions because of her past in the streets. She depends only on herself and her skills. Sometimes she came across as a bit insecure but she was a feisty heroine with a big heart.

There are many secondary characters who play a role in this book: Siena's fellow students, especially Shannon, Kirtland's fellow book collectors who are all suspects and the illustrious and mysterious Russian Alexandr Orlov. Sometimes some of them even took the focus away from Siena and Kirtland and this is something I don't applaud in books. I think the main characters should have centre stage. Also the set up for future books is made with the introduction of some of these secondary characters. You just know their books are lingering in the future somewhere.

I love historical romances set in this time period, the time of Napoleon. And I love female spies so this book should have been right up my alley. But unfortunately it wasn't that entirely. I absolutely liked it but I had expected more.

It starts very promising but somewhere along the story the dynamics change. It's as if the tension is being built up and then it just flattens out. In my opinion the cause for this is with Siena. She trusts and confides in Kirtland out of the blue while he is still a suspect. She has no reason whatsoever to believe he is innocent and still she trusts him with the truth about who she is and what she is doing.
This made the first part great but the second part of the book couldn't keep that same amount of quality.
Combined with the occasional dominance of some secondary characters it made this book a nice read for me instead of a great one.

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August 15, 2008

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Back Cover:
The youngest of the Satyr brothers, Lyon enjoys working in the family's Tuscan vineyards, caring for his menagerie of animals and bedding beautiful women. But he knows he must fulfill his destiny of taking the last daughter of King Feydon as his bride. And so he travels to Paris to wed the infamous Juliette Rabelais . . .

A celebrated courtesan noted for both her culinary--and carnal talents, Juliette is a voluptuous beauty with a body meant to tease. And with a full moon only days away, Lyon is quickly aroused. But after a night of intimacy, Lyon wonders if Juliette is truly a mistress of sensual pleasure or whether his sexual mastery will be her undoing . . .

Lyon is the last of the Lords of Satyr to find and marry the Fey daughter destined to be his bride.
Lyon has never envisioned his future with one woman only, he craves change and variety and the idea of tying himself with just one woman doesn't sit well with him. Still he travels to Paris to do his duty, like his brothers before him did theirs.
Juliette is a woman with a complicated history and convincing her to go with him to Tuscany and be his wife almost costs Lyon his life.
To summarize the story would spoil too much of it so I can only tell other readers to read it for themselves but despite family intrigue, a protector with plans for revenge, murders and a Nereid with her own agenda Juliette and Lyon find that true love is stronger than any past or the craving for variety.

I must be honest and admit that it took me a while to get in this third installment of the Lords of Satyr.
It was luscious and beautiful in writing weaving magic, emotions, historical scenery and plot together in a paranormal tale of love.
But where in the previous books the erotic scenes had me captivated, in this book they didn't until the second part.
I missed the emotional click I did have with the previous books and I think that was because of two things.

First my expectations of how the character Lyon would be were not met in the first part of the book. After reading about him in NICHOLAS and RAINE I had this playful, roguish image of him and I didn't find this in his story at all.
The whole setting of his book was a dark one where I had expected it to be playful. And for me, certainly the first half was less sensual and more carnal with even a violent vibe to it that I just didn't expect.
I had the feeling Juliette's character and story were dominant throughout the book. Which was understandable plot wise, but where I did find the balance between hero and heroine in RAINE, for me it lacked this in LYON. I just had expected to see more of Lyon. But once I resigned myself to the fact that Lyon was different than I expected, I really enjoyed his story and his journey to love and happiness.

Secondly, and this really has to do with personal preferences and taste, Elizabeth Amber managed to broaden my horizon in the previous books but with this one I couldn't be open-minded enough to accepts some of the characters' actions. There were some actions (both sexually and emotionally) I really was not comfortable with, for example Valmont, Sibela and the two male Shimmerskins. There were things, especially concerning Valmont that almost literally turned my stomach.

But despite the discomfort Elizabeth Amber still managed to fascinate me with an incomparable storyline and love story with mysteries that only fell into place at the very end. What I missed in Lyon's personality in the beginning was made up for in a satisfying way at the end of the book.

When I leave out my own expectations I can only say that she has provided each of the Satyr brothers with a satisfactory and fitting heroine and story. She combines the carnal and lascivious erotic scenes with enthralling and captivating dialogues and emotions. She sets up an intricate and well-written plot and rounds it off beautifully.

For me RAINE was the best book of the three and even if this installment didn't quite meet my expectations it is still a unique and original series that stands out in the genre, entwining history, eroticism and magical legends with ease and fluency.
It's a series I will treasure because it was one of my first encounters with exquisite erotic romance and they are all books that are more than just a sequence of erotic scenes. Everything between the erotic scenes is rich in plot, history, magical beings and emotions.

"Don't," he said, correctly reading her expression. "There's no room for shame between us. We have no one else to please in carnal matters. They are private. For us. For pleasure. We hurt no one if we follow our desires. We hurt only ourselves if we refrain."

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August 12, 2008

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Back cover:
They are a new breed, a new race. Engineered rather than born, trained rather than raised, and their unique genetics have created more than one surprise…
Jacob left Faith six years before, unaware that the mark he left on her also left her in an agony of sexual heat that never dimmed. Now Jacob and Faith are together again, but surprises lurk around every corner and dangers as dark and deadly as their very creation surround them in more ways than one.

Six years ago Faith was given to Jacob in the Council labs. Jacob had always had feelings for the young Faith but knowing the scientist could use any weakness against him he did not show his feelings. Faith is drugged with a powerful aphrodisiac that brings forth an arousal that causes a need deep within Jacob to dominate her. In the process of their mating and after he marks her, the Labs explode and the Breeds, including Jacob and Faith, escape.

Since then Jacob has been avoiding Faith giving her time to grow and forgive him for that night but he is not aware that the mark he left on her has left her in an agony of need for him until she is sent to him and danger threatens her.
Marked and then abandoned for over six years by her mate, Faith welcomes him with anger and defiance when he finally returns to claim her.
And who can blame her, she's been in heat for six years and Jacob has left her hanging.

At first it wasn't clear to me why Jacob did this and why he waited so long to claim Faith as his mate but later in the story it was made clear that he felt extremely guilty about what he did to Faith in the Labs. He is afraid his animal instinct to dominate will prevent him from being gentle and tender with her and he is afraid that being with him will bring her life in danger because the Council is still hunting the Breeds they have lost control over.
But Faith never felt that way and always waited for him to come back. She became bitter and angry towards Jacob for leaving her.

In this Breeds book I was introduced to a new combination: two Breeds who mate instead of a Breed and a human.
Both of them want the other but they have their reasons for resisting. Jacob because of his guilt. Faith because of her fear he will leave her again. However, this resistance doesn't show in the sexual aspect of their relationship. They go at it like rabbits, and normally this doesn’t bother me but in Jacob and Faith's relationship it just didn't fit with the emotional struggle they were having with themselves and each other.
Faith challenges and taunts Jacob until he stops seeing her as the fragile and delicate girl from the Labs. She has grown into a strong and independent woman who knows how to handle him and his primal desires. But Jacob keeps pushing her away, claiming he doesn’t want to hurt her.

I had trouble getting into the story in the first half of this book. There was just a lot of sex scenes and very little plot and Jacob kept annoying me with his guilt and the denial of his feelings towards Faith under the cloak of not wanting to hurt her, but it just came down to the fact that he was afraid of his feelings and he was acting like a coward. He didn't see that he was actually hurting her more by abandoning her and pushing her away every time.
I kept this feeling of detachment throughout the whole story despite the fact that I did like Faith's character. She was feisty, mouthy and didn't let Jacob get away with his behavior. But I did not experience the searing emotional highs I normally do when reading an installment in the Breeds series. It just felt off somehow.

I think the Wolf Breeds are not my cup of tea. I can't relate to their stories and characters as much as I do the ones of the Feline Breeds. It just didn't click with me like the Feline books do.
It seems like a totally different world, both in characterization as in writing. Of the Wolf Breeds I've read the focus is mainly on the heat between the hero and heroine and there is a small, but very thin, plot. In this book this was also the case.

But there were also positive things about the book. It's still of high quality within the erotic romance genre even if the focus was a little towards the erotic side this time around.
The second part of the book was much better than the first. Jacob started behaving more like the mate he was supposed to be and he opened up to Faith and let her into his heart. His concern and protectiveness were still there but it was dosed in a more acceptable way.
The verbal sparring between Faith and Jacob certainly kept me entertained. Faith doesn't keep quiet because Jacob is an Alpha Enforcer. She defies and negotiates for what she wants and gives as good as she gets.
The plot was thin but with intriguing revelations about the Council and a new kind of Breed besides the Wolves, Felines and Coyotes. Also in this book I got more insight as to what actually happened in the Council's Labs and the effect that has on the Breeds. This is something that isn't covered as extensively in the Feline books so far.
And again the end of this book holds promise for the next book. The epilogue can be read as an introduction of the hero and heroine of the next book and again it offers potential but I'm careful in saying that because so did Jacob and Faith at the end of the previous book and for me their story didn't answer that promise.

Some lowlife in a bar and Faith:
"You readee to play, leetle gurl?" He asked her in halting English.
Faith barely managed to keep from rolling her eyes. Oh yeah, she really wanted to play, her life's ambition was to play with a King Kong wannabe with the brains of a gnat.

Her voice was soft, so gentle and sweet it destroyed him. And in it, he heard her love. As though her soul had opened and from it the nectar of an emotional banquet poured. It washed over him. It seeped into scars and wounds he never knew he had, deep within his own soul.

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August 10, 2008

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Back cover:
Designing footwear is Jenny Prillaman's life, so getting the plum assignment to create a socialite's wedding shoes is a dream come true. Dealing with the heiress is another story. So is staying away from her dreamy new boss, a man too hot to deny for long, despite Jenny's best intentions of keeping her business away from his pleasure.

Making Bellagio, Inc. and international success is executive Mark Waterson's career ambition. But his life's desire is to find the right woman and settle down. Too bad Jenny would rather follow in his corporate footsteps than try on the glass slipper of a company wife.
At least Mark's got one thing going for him--the way to a woman's heart is through a really great pair of shoes!

Jenny Prillaman is the assistant for one of Bellagio's main shoe designers. She has a secret crush on Bellagio's Vice-President and dreams of being a real designer some day. When her boss is incapacitated by circumstances she gets her big break in designing wedding shoes for Atlanta's high society wedding of the year.

Bellagio's VP Marc Waterson is happy with his life but he does want to settle down with a wife and family. In order to find said wife he has drawn up a plan to find the perfect woman. He has a whole list of rules and requirements and Jenny certainly doesn't meet any of them.
But when Jenny and Marc are thrown together working on the big wedding, one thing leads to another. They decide to have a secret affair, but both didn't count on the affair growing into something much more than that.

Jenny and Marc are the proverbial opposites that attract.
Marc is orderly and has a plan of action for everything he does, both in business and in his personal life. He is the textbook control freak.
Jenny is the total opposite. Spontaneity rules her life and she doesn't plan. She goes through life winging it and taking it day by day.
But as different as they are, they both are attracted to the qualities in the other that they don't have.

Both Jenny and Marc are down-to-earth and lifelike characters. They have their flaws like everyone has and are very easy to identify with and relate to.
Jenny was like a fresh breeze throughout the book. She was funny, realistic, kind and compassionate. She lacks any presumptions or pretentions and I liked her best.
Marc annoyed me a bit in the beginning, for instance by constantly not remembering Jenny's name and calling her all kinds of variations to her name (Jenna, Ginger, Jerri, Jill, Gena). This was funny in an endearing way the first two times but after that it started to bother me. Fortunately it stopped after a few chapters.
And Marc's plan at the end to win Jenny's heart really salvaged his character and made up for the annoyance in the beginning.

The focus of the book was on Marc and Jenny. But there were some secondary characters that were fun to read. They supported both Marc and Jenny in their blossoming relationship but didn't poke their nose in everything.

This was an easy and light read. For me it was a nice change to some intense books I've been reading lately. It was fun and endearing with recognizable situations. Things that could happen to you and me and everyday issues we all deal with.

I did like the second half better than the first because that was where Marc stepped to the plate, let go of his find-the-perfect-wife plan and gave Jenny a real chance.
It's hard to describe why but the book didn't wow me. It's a nice book when you don't want some heavy reading and you’re in the mood for some relaxation. This was the right book to wind down with.
Nothing more and but certainly nothing less either because even if it's simple and not mind-blowing it's still a very well-developed and well-written story with believable contemporary characters whose flaws make them very likeable.

The perfect book when you want an uncomplicated and warm story to spend some pleasurable reading hours with.

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August 6, 2008

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Back cover:
Shannon McKenna creates characters readers never forget--and in her latest novel, Sean McCloud must protect the woman he has never stopped loving: Liv Endicott. Years ago, Sean had to send Liv Endicott away to save her life. Now he has to keep her closer, very close--for the same reason . . .

On the very day an arsonist burns down Liv's bookstore in a small town in the Washington mountains, she finds fate has another shock in store for her. Amid the smoke, rubble and tears, Sean McCloud appears, calling her name. He's every inch the man he always was--the man she kept on wanting. But wanting is not the same as trusting, and she doesn't dare let him get too close. Yet a ruthless killer is gunning for Liv, and she'll die unless they join forces to unearth a chilling truth--and come together in a blaze of searing passion . . .

I was only able to write this review after picking myself up from the melted puddle I turned into while reading this book. Sean McCloud’s story didn't just tug on my heartstrings; it ripped them out with the force of a heat-seeking missile. This is one of the few times a book leaves me in total awe, not able to get my brain cells to form a coherent thought. It was an experience I won't soon forget.

It had all of the things I like about McKenna's books and then some more just to dazzle me. And she really took me by surprise this time. Toning things down in Davy's book (the one preceding this one) just to deliver the fatal blow with Sean. Easygoing, womanizing, bantering, provoking and teasing Sean who turned out to be one heck of a hero. He had me laughing and crying at the same time.
And he had a heroine to match because Olivia “Liv” Endicott rocked it! She's my favorite McKenna heroine to date.

I'm really enjoying the change and development McKenna's heroines have gone through compared to the first two books in this series. While Raine and Erin had to grow throughout the book into the strong and determined women they were deep down, Margot and Liv kick right into gear from the very start and don't take any nonsense from their McClouds.

Liv was the fierce, sassy and brave heroine who knew how to save herself when needed. She doesn't let anyone get the better of her and takes everything in stride: her parents, her life, her stalker and even Sean. She is the only woman who could turn Sean into a caveman going for his woman with the subtlety of a rabid bull. If I hadn't been sitting down while reading, I would have gone to my knees at these scenes.
But it was so much more than Sean and Liv.

It was the plot which was so fast-paced and action-packed I couldn't let go of the book until I finished it. And when I was finished I felt both satisfied and sad. It was an amazing read, but it was over. No more Liv, no more Sean, no more Tam, no more Davy and Connor, no more Miles and Cindy. No more blood chilling evil mad scientist and his crazy assassin.

McKenna is a master at plotting. She moves, shuffles, spins and turns secondary plots and characters until they form a perfectly connected whole, coming together with the primary plot in a heartrending, nail biting and tear jerking concluding climax. There were so many scenes that touched my senses. Whether they were funny, sad, antagonizing or just plain scorching hot, every scene did something to me and that's exactly how I like my reads.

To say I loved this book is the understatement of the century. This ultimate combination of erotic romance and suspense was the best McCloud book for me yet! The characters (both primary and secondary), the dialogues, the interactions and dynamic between the characters, the love scenes (Man! The love scenes...), the suspense plot, the secondary storylines, it all fit together like pieces of a perfect puzzle. The plot twist at the end has me confused and curious. Could it really be? No! McKenna is really not going there, is she?

And it was the secondary characters that complemented the plot and main characters to a tee.
The McCloud brothers were plenty present in this installment, giving Sean the backup he needed, but also putting him in his place when needed. It was great to have a look in the lives of the McClouds with their wives. The verbal fights, I can hardly call it conversations, between Sean and his brothers and Miles were hilarious and had me laughing out loud. McKenna knows how to do brotherly bantering, teasing and lecturing like no one else. But you could also feel the love between them. It oozes from practically every scene with more than one McCloud in it.

The secondary storyline of Cindy and Miles that started in Connor's book (STANDING IN THE SHADOWS) takes a nice turn in this one and I hope it will be continued in the following books of this series. Though I still think Cindy is a bit too shallow and superficial McKenna has done an excellent job in giving her more depth but it's doubtful she will turn out to be heroine material. Hence the secondary storyline I guess.

But you never know, who would have guessed Tam was going to have her own book when she first appeared in the series? Not me.
Speaking of Tam. All the secondary characters were great but she was amazing. Where in the previous books she just made brief but memorable appearances in this one she caught and really held my attention. Tough as nails but you feel the hurt and vulnerability underneath. I can't wait to read her book to see who is going to be the man able to tame her alpha, take-no-prisoners, and cynical personality.

Liv's mother annoyed the daylights out of me. Really she was so antagonizing I wanted to take that woman out of the pages and strangle her until she would just shut up. She is the classic example of the terrible, stuck up, interfering mother in law.
And the villains, I thought Marcus and Faris (from OUT OF CONTROL, previous book) were bad, well they were nothing next to Chris and Gordon, who literally made my stomach turn with some of their actions. McKenna’s bad guys are really frightening and I would love to pick her brain on where she comes up with them and their horrible intentions.

It was also the love scenes that were so steamy I'm considering using this book as my personal heater during cold winter nights. I thought with reading Elizabeth Amber and Lora Leigh I had broadened my sexual horizon quite a bit, but in comes McKenna and stretches it just a bit more
Now McKenna is known for her extremely hot and erotic scenes but there was one love scene with acts I haven't encountered anywhere else. Nothing depraved or weird, just new to me and totally different. Her books should come with a warning of spontaneous combustion.

I hate to use clichés but Shannon McKenna rules! She's superior in the erotic romantic suspense genre and leaves all others behind. She has been on auto-buy before I even read a single book by her hand, just her back cover blurbs and excerpts did it for me and that proves my book-buying instincts work splendidly and I should always trust them when I'm ordering my books.

Miles and Sean
"This might come as a shock to you, but some people actually do things for reasons which are not specifically aimed at obtaining sex."
Sean widened his eyes. "Really? It worries me to hear a healthy twenty-five-year-old male say stuff like that. Either you're ill, you're pathologically screwed in the head, you're a closet gay, or you're lying."

Davy to Sean
"If you get in trouble tonight, I'm going to rip off one of your arms and beat the shit out of you with it," he warned.

Rating: 10 out of 10
August 5, 2008

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This story can be found in print in the anthology PRIMAL HEAT

Back cover:
Hope believed Wolfe was dead, but he was only waiting for the right time to claim her. The scientist who created him, Hope's mother, has forced his hand. She wants her creation back, and she wants any children he may breed on her daughter.

He is a man whose DNA was altered, infused with the genetic code of the wolf. His unique genetic makeup has created a male unlike any other and will make itself known in the most surprising ways. Now Hope must convince her mate she hasn't betrayed him, and they must defeat the plans of a scientist gone mad.

In short Wolfe is a Breed in Hope's mother's Labs. They are mates and her mother discovers this and tries to use it to her advantage by breeding a new generation of Wolf Breeds. But Wolfe refuses and escapes the labs, leaving Hope behind. Hope thinks he's been dead for 6 years when he shows up and kidnaps her.
Her mother, the proverbial mad scientist, has tricked him into believing Hope has been with other men and is working with her to trap him.
But Wolfe has his own plans for Hope's mother.

This very, very short novella. With only 40 pages and being an erotic novella it leaves little room for a real plot, character development or intense emotions. Therefore this will be one of the shortest reviews I’ve ever written. There’s just not much to say about it. I started it, I blinked and I was at the end!

For me the Wolf Breed stories I've read aren't as good as the Feline Breeds and this novella is no exception. It's written in the same style as the Ellora Cave Feline Breed stories but it lacks the intensity and emotional build up those stories have. Not even the erotic scenes could do it for me.

Certainly after reading a few full-length stories in the Feline Breeds this one really doesn't compare even though I shouldn't compare a full-length with a short story. But still I've also read two Feline Breed anthology-stories in this series, who admittedly were a bit longer but the build up and characterization were absolutely there, where as in this story I really couldn't find it. But let's say I'm one installment closer to getting up to date with the series and it's another book I can take of my TBR-pile.

Maybe the next Wolf Breeds will convince me because consistent with all the books in this series there is a hint at the end about the next couple in the series: Jacob and Faith. It’s just one paragraph, but one with potential. So I'm still not giving up on the Wolf Breeds but for now I would have to say this is the least appealing installment in the Breeds Series up till now.

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August 4, 2008
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Back cover:
A one-time high-ranking member of the Genetics Council, Scheme Tallant's father will stop at nothing to see the Feline Breeds eradicated. Even if it means killing his own daughter...

After the Breeds' main base is attacked, Tanner Reynolds desires revenge -and knows just how to get it. In a bold move, he kidnaps Scheme Tallant and takes her deep into the Kentucky mountains. Yet when Tanner discovers that Scheme herself is a target in her father's ruthless mission, his vengeance must take a backseat to saving the life of the woman he hopes to claim as his mate. But can Scheme trust Tanner -or is she just a pawn of his passion and ploys?

Scheme Tallant is general Cyrus Tallant's daughter. The general is a Genetics Council member who used to run numerous Labs with a firm and torturous hand. General Tallant is bent on revenge on the Breeds and he's willing to do anything to annihilate them. Even sacrifice his only child. Especially when he discovers she has been betraying him when he thought she was helping him. Secretly she has been working for the Breeds, trying to sabotage as many of her father's actions as she can. When Tanner Reynolds, the Breeds publicity darling, kidnaps her in order to stop the General, she discovers that her father's torture was nothing compared to the agony of not being able to disclose her father's evil plans in time to stop him.

Tanner Reynolds is the Breeds' trump card in the battle against the Genetics Council. The people love him and the Genetics Council and the purist can't touch him because of the repercussions it will have on popular opinion. Tanner has been plotting to kidnap Scheme for years and it's not entirely about her supposed actions against the Breeds. He's obsessed and fascinated by her. But her kidnapping brings things to the surface that make it hard for Tanner to turn her in to Breed Law. Little by little he discovers that Scheme isn't what he thought she was. She is just as much a victim of her vicious father as the Breeds are.
But with betrayal, deceit and hostility between them claiming her as his mate and saving her and the ones she's trying to save, will involve more than Tanner might be willing to relinquish.

From the very first time he appeared in this series and in every following book he was mentioned, Tanner has captivated me and he definitely didn't disappoint me in his own book. He was portrayed as the playful, cheerful, easy-going and calm Breed. The spokesman for the Breeds with a playboy reputation and rumored sexual proclivities.
But his calm and easy to handle veneer is a very good cover for the merciless and cunning primal animal that lies beneath. He has always been able to control his animal side. It was imperative for him to do so because he never wants to return to being the animal he was forced to be in the Genetic Council's labs.
But in order to claim Scheme as his mate he will have to. She challenges his control to the fullest and can only be claimed and mated by the animal he is deep down.

Scheme doesn't know the words quitting or giving up. She's tenacious; she has to be in order to survive. Her father has tried to break her both physically as mentally but her resilience and tenacity have managed to pull her through every ordeal her father has presented her with.
She lives up to the name she was given. Working as a double agent she has perfected the art of deception and manipulation. She can fool anyone. But she hasn't counted on Tanner. His senses are so highly developed he can smell and sense things no other Breeds can. And he knows how to get to Scheme.

Tanner and Scheme are the perfect match. They are the first couple in the series that really start out as opponents at the two sides in the battle. This sets a unique and tense dynamic between them despite the fierce attraction and the fact that they are mates.
Their erotically charged dialogues sizzle with smart bantering and witty challenge from both sides. Though they are extremely strong personalities they are each other's biggest weakness. It seems contradictory but they have the ability to destroy the other, yet can't because that would destroy themselves.
They both love and crave control and don't pass an opportunity to make their mark with one another.
The journey to their happiness is a difficult one. A variety of complications and misery is thrown their way and even the mating heat doesn't manifest in the way it has with the other mated couples.

The supporting cast of characters as always is divers and colorful. In this book Callan's pride makes a bigger appearance as in the previous ones. Which is logical because Tanner is a member of that pride and they are close to him. We see Callan, his son David who is a lovely young boy and a true alpha Breed in the making, Merinus and a very quick mention of Roni and Taber. But Sherra, Kane and Dawn also make a quick drive-by.

But the one who really impressed me in this installment was Cabal, Tanner’s genetic twin. He is Tanner's mirror image. They form two halves of a whole with Tanner being the light and likeable one. Cabal is the dark, brooding, complicated one. I for one can't wait to see how he will deal with the mating heat. As much as I was anticipating Tanner's story, I now have another agonizing wait ahead of me, the wait for Cabal's story. The little revelations about him are very, very intriguing.

Jonas' role in this book was more subtle than is previous books but he is still the one manipulating and controlling many events and the pieces on the game board of the battle between the Breeds and the Council. The only one who has a bit of insight in him is Jessica Warden, the Breeds' attorney and his bed partner. She isn't his mate and I'm wondering if she is destined to be a Breeds' mate. If so who it will be and how that's going to play out?

Scheme's father was a secondary character that really repelled me. He is a horrible man. The things he's done to Scheme are truly appalling. He is cold-hearted and cruel. He's a villain who really believes his actions and torments are for the greater good. He believes he's doing the world a favor by wiping out the Breeds and doesn't care who he has sacrifice in order to do so.

All my favorite elements were present in this installment of the Breeds: the intense and erotic mating game and battle of wills between Tanner and Scheme, the manipulating Jonas Wyatt, the characters from the first Feline Breed books and the ongoing storylines. One of these storylines seems to be solved and wrapped up in this book. I say "seems" because with Lora Leigh you never know. I though I had the mating stuff figured out by now, after reading 8 books in the series, but man Lora Leigh ambushed me again by giving it yet another different twist. She just keeps surprising me, showing me I don't get to relax and sit back. I have to stay alert for her inexhaustible imaginative skills. The thing I like so much with her writing is that she takes recurring elements like this mating heat or erotic scenes and uses them differently in every book, creating a stories that keeps enthralling me and pushes me to the next book just to know what she's cooked up for the next couple.

Yet another Breed book that has taken me through the entire scope of emotions. I laughed, I feared, I cried, I was furious and I was turned on! Lora Leigh knows how to make you feel anything and everything reading her books. Especially the ones in the Breeds series.

It was all he could do to keep the mocking amusement on his face rather than go to his knees and drool like a cur dog as she walked past.
Bengal Tigers did not drool.

He grinned, a shiverlicious kind of grin that made a woman want to just eat his lips up. Not to mention other parts of his body.

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August 1, 2008
July again was a terrific reading month with 10 own books and an ARC and a requested read for REALMS. The reading frenzy from June fortunately has continued.
This month started when I was on holiday. We went to Tuscany Italy and I had a wonderful time with plenty of sight-seeing but also enough downtime to read some terrific books.
If you want to know more about my reading habits before and during the vacation you can read about it in contribution to the Bookaddicts in the City column at the RealmsOnOurBookshelves Blog

At my arrival home I found a nice surprise: The ARC of the first book of Cindy Gerard's new BLACK OPS Series: SHOW NO MERCY. Look for the review sometime in September on RealmsOnOurBookshelves
I read Cindy Gerard's first BODYGUARDS book: ON THE EDGE on holiday and she is truly on of the best in the romantic suspense genre.

And romantic suspense was a recurring theme this month when Laura Marie Henion requested reviews of some of her books and I was picked to do one. LILLIAN'S LOVE was a very nice read and it's review will be posted on the REALMS-website shortly.
And during the vacation I also read Shannon McKenna's OUT OF CONTROL which essentially also falls under that genre.

But it wasn't just romantic suspense I read. I had a nice return to the historical romance with two Gaelen Foley books: LORD OF FIRE and LORD OF ICE. I read the first book in this series (Knight Miscellany) last year and loved it but other books and newly discovered authors got in the way so it took me a while to get back to this series and I can't wait to continue because she has become on of my favourites in the historical genre. She writes the books I love to read: emotional and character-driven combined with an excellent plot. What more does a girl want???
Well maybe another book from a favourite historical romance author? Because I also read Jenna Petersen's new book" LESSONS FROM A COURTESAN and this was definitely a don't-judge-a-book-by-it's-cover book. I must say that covers are not leading in my decision to buy or read a book because otherwise I would never have bought this one. But as terrible as the cover is for my taste, the story was really, really good. So I'm glad I looked past the cover and read it.
Jenna Petersen has given me something just as good or maybe even better than her LADY SPIES to look forward to.

Of course Lora Leigh can't be missing! I do have to keep feeding my addiction...
I read book 6 and 7 of THE BREEDS and books 4 and 5 of THE BOUND HEARTS and with every book she pulls me deeper into both worlds although I must say the BREEDS have a small lead because there the intensity and intrigue are really mesmerizing me.

And then my new discovery for this month: Anna Windsor!
All I can say about her is: "Watch out, a new star has risen and she's here to stay!"
The first installment of her DARK CRESCENT SISTERHOOD Series blew me away! I loved everything about it and I can't wait for the next books, which should arrive this coming month.

I'm finishing July and starting August with my addiction: Lora Leigh - Tanner's Scheme

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