January 4, 2011

Tuesday’s child is full of grace…

Sky Mitchell is hiding out in Baltimore, seeking peace and solitude while he struggles with a career decision. Lead singer of popular rock group The Universe, he’s thinking of going it alone. Wandering into an Irish pub, he’s ecstatic to discover the breakout single for his solo album—but the songwriter doesn’t want to sell. He challenges the woman to a contest. Not only does he win the song, but also a songwriting partner to complete the rest of the album.

Teagan Collins is sure of her talent but she’s never aspired to fame and fortune. She’s content singing folk tunes in her family’s pub. Working on an album with Sky tests her patience…and her libido. The hot rocker plays her body like a fine instrument, their desire deepening with each song they write.

But someone doesn’t want Sky to go solo, and will stop at nothing to sabotage the couple’s efforts. Undaunted, Sky wants Teagan to join him onstage at his farewell concert to sing her original, “Maybe Tomorrow”…

If they make it through today.

virgin heroine, very light bondage, light spanking

First Line:
“Oh. My. God,” Riley murmured behind her.

- Exchanging clothes scene in the storage closet > Laugh-out-loud funny turned to sizzling hot in a second

Teagan Collins is the second daughter of the Collins family. She’s a Folk music singer/songwriter. Teagan is a little gypsy-esque and laid-back. But she’s also socially involved, compassionate and kind. She’s happy singing her songs for the customers of her family’s bar and restaurant and has no ambition to become famous.

Sky Mitchell/Mitch Adams couldn’t be more on the opposite scope of the musical world from Teagan. He’s a famous rock star, lead singer of rock group 'The Universe'. He’s a real charmer and tenacious as a dog with a bone. He’s also on the verge of going solo and working on his debut solo album.

Teagan and Sky don't get off on a good start when within minutes of their first conversation Sky insults Teagan's attitude towards her songwriting and Teagan insults Sky's music. This was the start of a lovely and intricate romance story.

RUBY TUESDAY is the second installment of the Wild Irish series and just as wonderful as the first. From the start I was pulled back into the fold of the Collins family and enticed by Mari Carr's smooth and humorous writing.

I loved seeing the main couple fall in love and knowing they were falling before they realized it themselves. And I also liked that Sky was the first to realize, however Teagan is the first to express her feelings. The progress from casual, sexy no-sex games to finally going all the way was one of the strong points of this installment.

There’s also a little bit of suspense embedded in the romance as someone is trying to sabotage Sky's attempt to go solo. Though it was a little predictable I really enjoyed the way it was written in the story, well balanced and subtle. And there was a little twist in the end that I didn't predict.

The secondary cast was made of the Collins siblings of course, but there were also a few new characters that were introduced. I’m pretty sure this wasn’t the last I’ve seen of these characters and look forward to getting to know them better in future installments of the series.

RUBY TUESDAY is about taking chances and leaving the known behind. Though it wasn't as heavy on the erotic side as the first book, I didn't mind this at all as I enjoyed Teagan and Sky's sweet love story. I think the little change of pace keeps the books unique, refreshing and lets them stand on their own and not look like carbon copies with different character names.

She reached up and grabbed his ear, twisting so hard tears sprung to his eyes.
“I’m only going to say this to you one time, rock star, so listen up. The only music you and I will be making is going to be on the page. If you don’t knock off the sexual innuendoes, you won’t have to worry about Ewan smothering you in your sleep because that’s something you’ll beg for after I cut off that protruding part of your body you call a brain. Got it?”

“Don’t look so scared, gypsy. I’m not the Big Bad Wolf and I’ll only bite when you beg me to.”

Sky stared at her, like the lost fool he was, his words failing him for the first time in his life. She’d done it, captured his heart, beaten down every crumbling structure he’d tried to erect against her.

“My real name. It’s Mitch Adams.” He wasn’t sure why he was offering her such a stupid fact at that moment, but all he could think was that he wanted her to know the real him. The normal man who wanted to live a normal life and love her until the day he died.


Mari Carr has graciously offered a chance to win copies of the Wild Irish books and the giveaway is simple and easy:
One commenter will be drawn from the commenters on each review (so daily from Monday January 3rd until Sunday January 9th) to win the book reviewed. The seven winners will be announced here on the blog Monday January 10th)


flchen1 said...

Nice way to start off Tuesday--thanks for sharing the review, Pearl!

Aurian said...

Sounds like a nice one Pearl! I first thought this series was not for me after reading your review yesterday, but I am swaying ...

Harlie Reader said...

Loved this book. And you are right, not erotic per se but perfect for the characters.

Cathy M said...

Mari's stories always make me smile, and that, combined with her sexy characters, always get her books on my favorite's shelf. I haven't had a chance to read this story yet, so thanks for the giveaway.

Ivelisse said...

I love Irish Accents *swoon*, I am pretty sure I will love this since I love everything else from you ;)

Billi Jean said...

What can I say? I absolutely love this author and her books make cold winter days hot! It's not just the hot sex, it's the way her stories unfold, and draw you in from the first line to the end. I always feel a little sad when I get to the end of a Mari Carr book -- like I've just gobbled up my chocolate cake too fast and there's none left over! :)

hugs Mari, keep writing lady!

billi jean

lisagk said...

I really need to read this series.


JenM said...

I love stories featuring music and rock stars so I'd love to win this.

Beth said...

I love this series. Don't have all of them yet though. Can't wait to get the rest so I can read them in order.

barbara said...

I'd love to win! Series sounds fantastic!


bimmergrlmd at gmail dot com

Nicole (Good Books, Good Coffee, Good Life) said...

I love rockstars as heroes! There aren't enough books with the whole rockstar theme.

Zina said...

It took me about 20 min. but I finally found out that I'm a Tuesday Child, so cool. I only have Mondays story in my library. I've bben wanting the rest but my hubby holds the purse strings along with the mortgage company so maybe I'll win one.

Lauren said...

Love the premise for this book. I've read several books in this series but somehow I missed Tuesday and Wednesday. Better get on that. LOL

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