August 20, 2009

What I would like most right now is time to read and review AND watch my favorite TV shows without compromising the "day job", quality time with hubby and fullfil the many social obligations (like birthdays, visiting friends and family, have sleep-over weekends with the nieces, nephews and god children, etc). This is wishful thinking and could only happen if the day had twice as many hours as it has now. Lately my standard phrase is: Too many books, too little time!! And we're not even talking about keeping this blog up to date, Tweeting and making my bloghop rounds on the blogs I follow.

Still I find myself seeking ways to do all of the above and more. On my (almost) daily rounds of the blogs I follow I sometimes see people reading 2 or more (have seen up to 5) books at a time and every time I stumble on this I turn green with jealousy. I just can't do that. I sometimes try to read 2 books at a time, deceiving myself by thinking it will make the TBR pile diminish quicker but it's just smoke and mirrors because reading 2 books at a time doesn't equal reading 2 books in the same time I would read 1 book. And even if it would, it'd just postpone the lack-of-time problem because I can't review two books at the same time. Have to write the reviews one by one, the one after the other.

I've been playing with the idea of not reviewing every book I read but can't do it! I really can't. Partly because most books I read are parts of series of which I have already reviewed the other books and can't justify to myself reviewing some books in a series and not the other ones.

Another reason I want to review every book I read is because of my main goal for this blog. For me this is not a book blog for others. Yes of course I love having visitors on my blog and commenters on my posts but if there were none, it would be okay too. Because in the very first place this blog is ultimately and selfishly for me and me alone. I use it as my storage place for reviews of the books I read because with the amount I've read I can't remember them all and browsing through the blog, reading my reviews I can evoke the feelings I had when reading the book.

I must be honest and admit that lately, influenced by some amazing blogs I have seen (I will have to do a favorite bloggers post soon!!) and Twitter, I'm starting to feel the itch to make my blog more than just a review storage space, but this doesn't have any solid form yet. This blog post is a very small start of it, though.

I really admire bloggers who have time to read and review 10+ books a month, watch and review movies, keep up to date with new releases, new bookcovers and other developments in the romance reading community, post opinion pieces, participate in social networks, not even mentioning a personal life with partners, kids, a household and a "day job" or in any combination of everything previously mentioned.

I work 4 days a week, have a husband who demands attention, sometimes I think he replaces any kid we don't have and next to that a wide circle of friends and family. Add to that my reading and TV series addiction. First step is admitting you have a problem, right? Well I am a TV show junkie! And have been since I was a little girl. My reading and TV addictions manifested at the age when other boys and girls would go outside to play with their friends and I could be found either with my nose in a book or glued to the television. This to the utter frustration of my parents who repeatedly tried and failed to get me outside to play and finally gave up and accepted their daughter was a book-addict and TV junkie...But I digress...

I think it's clear that I don't know where I would have to find the time to go to a movie let alone review it. I have trouble keeping up with the books I want to review and I really don't read that many books a month. Average of 4-7 a month. All time high was 13 and that really was an exception and due to spending 2 weeks sick in bed,with something that didn't impede me from reading. Mostly when I'm sick I don't read that much, for example I had a serious bout of the flu end of July and beginning of August but was not able to read a letter during those 2 weeks. Spent it sleeping and watching DVDs of CSI. "If you can't feed one addiction, sate the other one" is my motto!

Lately I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed again by the many balls I'm trying to keep in the air in my life as have described earlier in this post and everytime I feel that way (I have these spells about once or twice a year), hubby's standard phrase regarding the reading and reviewing is: "Remember, it is still a hobby, something you do for fun, not to torture yourself." And this is exactly what I need to keep in mind. But a little more time to indulge myself in this hobby I like so much would be most welcome...

What would you do if you could magically create more time?


Book Chick City said...

I'm one of the lucky one's and I do not work regular hours so I have quite a lot of time on my hands. But I do understand as reading and reviewing and blogging and tweeting etc etc takes a lot of time. I hope you find a balance as it's horrible if it becomes stressful as it's meant to be fun and enjoyable. :)

Marissa said...

Hon, you read my mind, this is exactly how I feel too, every time I visit other great blogs I cannot understand how they can juggle so many balls in the air, I want that too but can't get it done without taking away quality time from the kids and I won't do that. And I am already jealous of you because you do have more time than I have and read so many great books and write the fab reviews! If only there were more hours in a day!

Big hugs xxx!

Patti said...

I totally understand! I started my blog for the same reason, to keep track of what I've read so I can remember it (and so my SIL could get reading ideas). I've got a huge stack of books I've read but not reviewed and I keep looking over at it feeling guilty!

Donna (Fantasy Dreamer) said...

I know how you feel to letter! I always have a guilty attack if I don't go through my reader everyday and visit my blogger friends. Right now, I'm feeling your pain to Nth degree - so much going on at home. I just hope I don't burn myself out, because that is my biggest fear. If you find a solution let me know -- quick. :)

SusiSunshine said...

Exactly the same question I ask myself: How do people have enough time to blog so much? I'm really jealous here!!! I just have a part-time job. In school time only 15hours and in the summer break I work 25hours a WEEK. And that's really not much. But perhaps I spent to much time with other things like TV and movies. I know I only do it for the fun of doing it but I hate it to have a goal and not reaching it. But that's life I think.
Hope you find a way to solve this problem...LOL
Have a nice weekend.

Mandi said...

I feel ya!!

I don't work so I don't know how you all do it! I do have two preschool age boys, so I never read during the day. I am able to sneak time to do my google reader and set up blogs though. Fortunately, my husband works on his computer almost every night, so we sit together on the couch - both of us reading and typing away :)

Leontine said...

Hey girlfriend,
I hear you, loud and clear. And then they say women can multi-task but even that has a limit! I think it is trying to find a balance for yourself as best possible to keep enjoying what you do or else you spread yourself thin (((hugs)))

I feel like I am in a luxury position of staying at home, have only hubby, dogs and household to look after so I can hardly complain here. I have time to set up a post, read a book in the afternoon or dabble a bit with other interest.

But I do get you in seeing various bloggers who have so many things at once going on without hardly breaking a sweat - or so it seems. Even I don't get it how some read around 15 books, write up reviews, see movies, talk about it in a post, keep up to date with book news, MEMES, blogland and the latest buzz on everything.

I think it will always be a challenge and at times frustrating when you have so many balls up in the air and not enough time. If I could share a bit of free time with you girls I would've done it a long time ago!

Nice to meet you!

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