August 10, 2009
Jacket Copy:

The war between otherworlders and humans changed Earth beyond recognition. It also saved Bride McKells’ life. Before, the gorgeous vampire was a target for every fanatic with a stake and a crucifix. Now she’s free to roam the streets—and desperate to find others of her kind. One man claims to have the answers she seeks. Devyn, King of the Targons, is a warrior and a womanizer, and he makes no secret of how much he wants Bride—and how dangerous he could be to her in every way.

An avid collector of women, Devyn easily seduces human and otherworlder alike. Until now. Not only does Bride resist him, but she leaves Devyn feeling something entirely new . . . a bone-deep need bordering on obsession. Her blood is the key to curing a vicious alien disease, but helping Bride uncover her origins will compel her to choose between electrifying passion and a destiny that could tear her from Devyn’s side forever.

It seemed like forever since I was blown away by SAVOR ME SLOWLY, the book preceding SEDUCE THE DARKNESS and so when it fell on my doormat I couldn’t finish the book I was reading fast enough so I could dive into Devyn’s story. Devyn intrigued me from the moment he made his appearance in the second book of the Alien Huntress series and I was anticipating his book something fierce. One thing I am extremely happy about is the fact that Gena Showalter has continued in the third person narrative. Even though she was the first and one of the few authors who made me appreciate first person narrative I prefer books written in 3rd person. I liked the first two installments, which were in 1st person, very much but loved SAVOR ME SLOWLY and SEDUCE THE DARKNESS more because of the preferred narrative.

SEDUCE THE DARKNESS is a paranormal romance in a futuristic setting. Earth has survived a great war between humans and otherworlders and is now populated by both of them. The otherworlders come in all races, forms and shapes. However, disaster is looming when a deadly disease that turns humans in raving cannibals reaches Earth. The infection is initiated by a race called the Schön and they must be stopped. AIR (Alien Investigation and Removal) agents captured one of them once but he has escaped and now he must be found and imprisoned again before the Earth suffers an epidemic that could destroy it. Devyn, King of the Targons, works for AIR and is trying to find the escaped prisoner. In their efforts to capture the Schön again Devon and his AIR colleagues run into Bride McKells, a vampire who proves indispensable in the battle against the disease that’s threatening Earth.

The prologue immediately set the tone for a book I just couldn’t put down. I got acquainted with Devyn in the previous 2 installments of this series and was intrigued by the bits of information given in those books and by the raw and in-your-face sensuality he exuded. I also wondered back then, who would be the heroine to catch his devotion and tame him by taking down his arrogance a notch. In the prologue I met her and knew she would be the perfect woman to match him in every way.

Devyn is a formidable warrior; he has skills that come in handy with his job at AIR. He is shamelessly sexy and flirtatious. He collects women as other men would collect objects like stamps or cars. He is the embodiment of seduction and he doesn’t even have to work for it, it comes to him as naturally as breathing. This also makes him cocky and arrogant. He truly thinks he’s God’s gift to women. Fortunately meeting and falling in love with Bride changes this. As I’ve described Devyn here, he might seem unlikable but for me that really was not the case. I loved him! He may seem self-serving and narcissistic but it comes from the way he was brought up and how he vowed to do as he pleased once he had the freedom to do just that. Despite his arrogance he genuinely cares for the people he considers his friends, like Dallas and the other AIR agents, even if he doesn’t acknowledge the emotion.

As I’ve said before Bride was perfect for Devyn. She doesn’t melt into a puddle at the sight of him and gives him hell every time he pulls the arrogance card on her. She definitely falls for him from the start but she does not let him in on that. He’s cocky and conceded enough as it is. She is straightforward, loyal and smart-mouthed. She is used to being a loner even though she doesn’t like to live that way. She covets family and to belong, to have someone who cares about her and takes care of her. Bride is more than a simple vampire. Soon in the book it is clear there is something special about her but I will not reveal what that is. Those who read the book will want to find out for themselves.

There were quite some secondary characters that played their part in SEDUCE THE DARKNESS. Some played big and significant parts, some just had a very small cameo appearance. And those who haven’t had their own book yet are definitely in the running for it, especially AIR agent Dallas Gutierrez, but his fellow-agent Hector Dean has some things up his sleeve as well.

SEDUCE THE DARKNESS was both character and plot driven. The characters that are important to the story are compelling and engaging. They are fleshed out exactly right with enough background to get to know them, but not taking away from the pace or the plot, a plot that started in SAVOR ME SLOWLY and was expanded in this installment. And even though there was a partial wrap-up of the plot in this book I am sure it is definitely ongoing in the next books. I am sure of that, especially after reading Dallas’ plotline. He is the other character, next to Devyn, that has intrigued me since the beginning of this series and some things happen around and with him that make me want his book right now. I can’t wait!

Romance and plot are nicely balanced, neither taking over the book. That’s how I like it best. There were two things in the plot I saw coming very early in the book but still the way Gena Showalter had them play out in the course of the story was mind-blowing and refreshing. I don’t like seeing things coming in a plot way in advance but if the author manages to surprise me with how she works them out, I cannot object to it.

It’s no secret I am a big fan of Gena Showalter’s books and with SEDUCE THE DARKNESS she nailed it again with the humor, the fast pace, the great plot, the interesting secondary characters and the undeniable attraction and heat between the hero and the heroine. Her writing style is one that is hit or miss. If you like it, it captivates and enthralls and if you don’t you will not enjoy her books. Fortunately for me her writing resonates with me in a very big way, which is why I welcome everything that comes from her with great enthusiasm and SEDUCE THE DARKNESS was no exception.

SEDUCE THE DARKNESS is the kind of book you can’t stop reading but at the same time you don’t want it to end. This meant that I wanted to read it really fast because of its compelling plot and appealing characters but at the same time I wanted to savor it and read it very slow, wishing it would never end and I could go on reading it forever. But I did and now I am willing to confess that I’m not too proud to beg Gena Showalter for Dallas’ story next.

(No quotes with this review because there were just too many good ones to choose from. I couldn't do it and will post a Quote-Blogpost soon instead)


Smokinhotbooks said...

Hi Peal,

This is one of those books that blew me away with how utterly awesome it was. I laughed, I snorted, and I snickered most of the way through this book. Glad to read you liked it was, good call on the quote, really there were too many to just pick 1!

Tweet you later.


SusiSunshine said...

Hey Pearl,
great review! I totally agree. I always have this problem with Gena's books: I read them as fast as I can but don't want to reach the end. Can't wait for you Quote Blogspot.

Nice to meet you!

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